Food For Thought – A Day in the Life of a Food Allergy Mom

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(music playing) I think about my son’s safety every second of every day. It is my top priority and I think a lot of parents don’t understand
how vigilant you have to be.Having a son with food allergies adds a level of
stress and anxiety. When he first got diagnosed it just rocked my world! In
addition to being a new mom, I now had the stress of dealing with a world that
has food everywhere! Ben is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts,
eggs, beef, fish, coconut, chickpeas, seeds, and mustard. It’s not something that just
causes sniffles or maybe a couple of hives. This is a life-threatening condition. Grocery shopping takes about two to three hours.You have to go through every
aisle and look at the labels each time you go. I actually have three
supermarkets that I go to because each of them has some of the food that I can
buy. Food allergies make the world a minefield. Everywhere my son goes there’s a chance that he could be poisoned by everyday
food. We had an episode where Ben ate a piece of taffy. He had a tiny nibble of
the top and went into full anaphylaxis. Immediately his tongue started to swell.He broke out in some hives so we found the nearest emergency room and took it
from there. Ben’s school has been phenomenal with his food allergies. We’re
very lucky in that respect. He has a 504 plan that covers the way that the food allergies could impact his learning.And
he also has an individual health plan. And the school health aide keeps an eye
on Ben and she’s aware of how severe his allergy is. My worst fear is that I will
not be with Ben when he has an allergic reaction. Every moment of the day, even if
he’s at school, it’s something that’s on my mind. I think that people need to
understand that food allergies are ever-present. This isn’t just a phase
Ben’s going through. His doctors are pretty certain that this is something
he’s going to have for the rest of his life. And so he’s had to learn to deal with it as a child; he’ll have to learn to deal
with the challenges of having food allergies as a teenager and then as an
adult. Food allergies are serious and life-altering. To learn more about food
allergies and anaphylaxis go to food allergy dot org

6 thoughts on “Food For Thought – A Day in the Life of a Food Allergy Mom

  1. I'm sorry to hear. I was diagnosed with a dairy and egg allergy a few years ago. I actually ended up starting a YouTube channel around it to help others like me/us. Thanks for posting this.

  2. You're doing a great job Mom. My son has multiple food allergies as well. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. I'm right there with you mama. I have multiple food allergies and my son is even worse. Over a dozen. Peanut, egg, walnut, pecan, red food dye, pork, crab, beef, dairy, wheat, oat, corn. No way I'm even putting him in school. Can't even put him in day care nor would I ever want to. I worry about him every second of every day even when he is with me.

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