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New Years Forecast 2019 Each person comes into this life
with a unique energetic signature. With an essence. Inside that essence is embedded
everything that is unique about us. Our thoughts, our unique
purpose, our unique needs, our desires, what we’re
meant for in this life. The way that you
can imagine it, is like, this essence is a pearl
that is inside of a lotus blossom, that is tightly closed. Our life process is a
process of unfolding. If this was a process that
wasn’t interfered with, the petals of this lotus blossom
would open to reveal this unique essence,
that is within us. At which point that unique
essence could express itself out into the world, in the form
of what we call our life purpose. Alas, life isn’t exactly
like this today on earth. Instead, so much of what
we encounter in the world, is an impediment to that
process of unfolding. Instead of people becoming
a part of this process of our unfolding so they
can see what uniquely is the essence and therefore
the expression of us, most people look at us as
if we are a raw ball of clay which they can mold in
alignment with their desires. Or what they think
is best for us. What they tell us is that certain
things are acceptable and good, and therefore, if we are that
way, or we do those things, then we will be
accepted and loved and have all the good
things we want in life. To the opposite there are
certain things that are bad and not ok, and not
acceptable about us. And if we are any
of those things, then we will lose, we will be
pushed away from people, we will be rejected, and
all those things we want we won’t be able to have. So we begin this process of
splitting ourselves, fragmenting. We begin to push
away from ourselves those things that
will get us rejected. whilst simultaneously, only
exhibiting to the world those things which will
gain our acceptance. For this reason, we have to accept that
our personalities are in essence fake. It’s an amalgamation of whatever
aspects of ourselves met with acceptance,
made us safe. When we push away
parts of ourselves, they become delegated
to the subconscious. So, they become parts of ourselves
that we don’t even see about ourselves. Now, we can only be authentic, to the
degree that we currently know ourselves. We can only be authentic to the
degree that we are aware of ourselves. Now, obviously, this presents
a little bit of a problem. Most of us are living lives
that are not genuine. That are not a real expression of
our true and genuine essence, but we’re not even aware of it. Now, when you ask me:
“What is 2019 all about?” It’s about completing this cycle
and stepping a new one, relative to authenticity. This universe unfolds itself
in spirals that are coild. Each loop of these coiled spirals
can be seen as a cycle. The year 2019 is the end of one
of these loops in a spiral. And also therefore the
beginning of the next loop. A 10 year cycle that began in 2009. In each being’s life, in 2009,
the seeds were sown, for an authentic vision. Something that was
completely in alignment with what you truly wanted,
with who you really are. If you think back to 2009, think about
what happened during that year, And what started that year. It doesn’t matter whether it
was in the sector of finances, spirituality, relationships, career,
purpose, whatever it was, that year was the beginning of this
cycle of you stepping into authenticity. That means this vision
that began that year, That was a true reflection of your
desires, of your life purpose, of who you really are,
and what you really want, is now coming to a
space of crystallization. The point of crystallization was so
much about what last year was about. It was the year of stability. Now, those of you who have
been through the year understand that, that being
the year of stability didn’t mean that all of us would
feel wonderful and stable. No, instead what it meant
for most of us is that everything that was unstable about
our life would fall completely apart so that all that we would be
left with was, whatever is stable. kind of like when
an earthquake hits and the things that were stable are
obviously the things still standing. that’s what last
year was about. But so much of that is
about the crystallization of what is actually
real about you. Now, because the foundation
of what is stable is actually set, we can actually move forward. it’s almost like, now that
the foundation is set, you can begin to
build that structure. We can, from the space of,
what’s really stable, Begin to actually
take a step forward. We can move forward, we can
take steps towards improvement. And we can really come
out of the closet. 2019 is the year of stride. Just like last year was
the year of stability, this is the year of stride. So what exactly
does stride mean? Stride means, a considerable step
or stage in progress towards an aim. It also means to cross
an obstacle in one step. It also means large decisive
steps in a specific direction. And all of these definitions,
fit the frequency of 2019. In 2019 we will wee a second cycle of
the liberation of our own unique selves. To understand this I want
you to imagine a butterfly. The phases that a butterfly goes
through to become a butterfly can obviously be
seen as a progression in the direction of a butterfly
becoming a butterfly. So, just like the cycle that
we’re now in, right? One of these cycles that
a butterfly goes through is being inside of a cristalisson, basically dissolving
into primordial soup, at which point the caterpillar
is no longer a caterpillar, it is a butterfly. The next coil or
loop in this cycle, is when the butterfly takes
flight for the very first time. So once it has emerged as a butterfly, now in order to actualize it’s essence,
and its purpose as a butterfly, it takes to the air. And what we’re
looking at for 2019 is a bit like that step
in a butterfly’s life. 2019 is the year for
making great strides. And those great strides
are gonna happen in alignment with what’s
actually true for us. In alignment with our authenticity. Now, obviously in order to
take those great strides, we have to not only be acting
from authenticity, but also integrity. Authenticity and integrity
go hand in hand. A lack of integrity should
be defined as the quality of not adhering to principles
communicated to you by your own conscience. And not living in a state of
wholeness in and of yourself. For example, if your
conscious tells you that honesty is right
for you and you lie, you’re demonstrating
a lack of integrity. Two parts of you are
split in that moment. And you will feel
bad as a result. Your internal guidance system
will be guiding you in the opposite direction of
where you’re currently headed. Some examples of
lack of integrity are saying you’ll do
something and not doing it. Telling a lie when the
truth is the opposite. Leading somebody to believe that they
can trust you and then betraying them. Hiding things about yourself and
keeping secrets about yourself so that the aspect of you that other
people see is not the real you. Being two faced,
self sacrificing, instead of adhering to
your wants and needs. And changing your
stories and opinions in order to bend
to public opinion instead of staying
steadfast in them. All of these things have
something in common. In all of them, two parts
of you are in opposition. One part of you says something
is right and good, and the truth, and another part of you adheres to
the opposite way of acting anyway. When we tend to
see lack of integrity is when we’re put in positions
of crisis or stress. That’s when we
tend to crack. This is why it’s so often said that you have to wait for a
crisis to see people’s true colors. It’s because when pressure
is put on our system, that’s when we start to see
ourselves step out of alignment with our authenticity
and thus integrity. It’s not until somebody
puts pressure on us to make a choice that’s
for their best interests, that we abandon our
own best interests. It’s not until there’s
a consequence for telling the truth
that we tell a lie. And the unfortunate aspect that
we have to look at about 2019 is, we will be given plenty
of opportunities to act out of alignment
with our integrity. You know that I
hate sugar coating. And I don’t like the idea of
sugarcoating in general, so without sugar coating
them, it must be said, that we can look at these… “places where we could
abandon our integrity.” As if they’re “opportunities” for us
to decide in favor of our own integrity. There will be many
surprises this year. There will be many completely
unforeseen changes, events and circumstances that
you can’t even comprehend from the place that
you’re in today. And the major question that
we need to ask ourselves relative to 2019 is: “How are we going to
use our free will, to make a conscious choice, when
faced with these circumstances?” These circumstances that will
arise in 2019, these curveballs, They’re gonna put us in a position
where we get to ask ourselves, whether we’re going to use our
free will, and thus not fragment, or fragment, which is the way
that physical humans cope. The way that we tend
to cope is to polarize. So, I’ll just give you
some examples; With a lot of these scenarios,
one polarization may be that some unforeseen circumstance
comes up that is really exciting and so we jump on
it instantaneously without even considering that
not all of us is in alignment with that thing that
we’ve just decided to do. So, we’re basically acting
in a state where we’re bulldozing parts of ourselves,
very important parts of ourselves, in order to make that decision. Another example might be,
that instead of us really choosing with our free will how
to respond to a situation, we will just allow ourselves
to be sucked down into the muck and mire of a hole where we feel like
we’re completely powerless. Another thing we might
do which is unconscious and not to act
with our free will, is that when we’re faced
with these circumstances we might choose to bypass or
deny, or completely escape out of whatever
situation that we’re in. You know that if you’re
into spiritual subjects, you tend to be
at risk for this. In the spiritual field it’s quite
common for people to just explain something away,
instead of really look at the difficult things that
are there for us to look at. We need to use our free will to not allow
this polarization to occur within us. For example, we need
to use our free will to make sure that all parts
of ourselves are aligned when we take a step forward
in a particular direction. We need to use our
free will to acknowledge and face the muck
and mire of our lives consciously and by choice,
instead of avoiding it or believing in our
own powerlessness. So, that we allow ourselves
to sink like quicksand. I have to mention something,
that’s really worth mentioning when talking about 2019. There is a massive difference
between consciously choosing to go down a black hole, and allowing a black hole
to simply suck you into it. And that difference is free will. It’s choice. Instead of allowing ourselves
to become polarized or even to try to
achieve balance, what we have to do is
to consciously choose to expand wide enough,
expand our horizons so as to become the highest
expression of all polarities. All of this simply said,
is 2019 is calling you into a very specific kind of mastery,
and that mastery is free will. 2019 unfortunately is not going to
be a year that is absent of tension. Tension is going to be a
common theme this year, but this is what’s important
to understand, that tension is calling
your attention to the places and the
areas of your life that need you to bring your
conscious will to them, in order to create progress
in that area of life. So use the tension
that you’re feeling, to indicate to you that
progress needs to be made, and progress specifically
where your free will needs to be an additional ingredient
to that area of your life. In order to create any kind of
forward movement there. That being said, because
of the curveballs that are gonna
happen this year, because of the tension of progression,
and because of the pressure, let’s just say that 2019 is going to be a
difficult year for the immune system. When you look at
the energies of 2019 the immune system is
the part of the body that’s gonna be the most
impacted by all of this. So it is very critical that in 2019
you be thinking about what you need to do in order
to create a sensation of stability, within your physical system. How can you support your
immune system, especially? What kind of lifestyle? That includes the food you eat,
the people you spend time around, the places that you are. All these types of things that go into
the lifestyle choices that you’re making. How can you make
those choices, in alignment with a
healthy immune system. Pay special attention to your senses
when you are considering this. This year is a very important
year to think about: “What nourishes my senses?” Security is going to
come into question because of the
nature of this year and the curveballs
that are happening. And anytime we make a
massive move forward, like take a stride, there’s a little
bit of a destabilizing effect. Security is going
to be up for you. You’re going to be worried
about how secure you are financially, how secure
your relationships are, how secure you are emotionally,
how secure the world is in general. Security is going to
be a major theme. The more clearly that you
can define what security is in all these different sectors,
for you specifically, and take steps to
actualize that security, the easier it will be for you to
really make a movement forward. Economy is also something
which will be greatly impacted and destabilized by
the energies of 2019. The consciousness of mankind will be
reevaluating energy exchange in general. And money is a
big part of this. There will be pressure on finances
and curveballs relative to finances and potential recessions
in finances, and changes to our entire
approach to finances. That means, and this
is really important, 2019 is a year to be very
real and very practical and very intelligent about the
way that you are with money. This is not a year to wildly spend. In 2019 no matter who you are, you’re going to make
strides no matter what. But as you know, if you’re
on this train with intentionally getting on board
with the energies of 2019 and you wanna capitalize on them, than you have to do
so with your free will. Now, free will, you can’t take it
apart from authenticity. Can you? Because, authenticity is about what
uniquely defines you. Remember? It’s about: “What I really want.” “What I think. What I feel.” “What my unique purpose is.” Right? Now, obviously, choices, which
is what free will is really about, are all about choices in alignment
with what you really want. What you really think.
What you really feel. So, authenticity and free
will go hand in hand. Purposeful living is the
result of acting in alignment with those things that uniquely
define your true essence. You need to choose the liberation
of your unique self. And choose to come out of the closet.
And choose your direction. In order to make strides that are in
alignment with your authentic truth. Don’t isolate yourself this year. Obviously this epidemic
of loneliness is gonna be coming up more
and more and more in 2019. And even in the years to follow. But here’s the thing, you’re in
the process of really birthing your unique self
out onto the world. And surrounding yourself
with people with whom you can have a authentic
emotional connection, is a bit like hiring a doula
for that birth process. Trust me, it makes
it much easier. Be mindful as you move into
2019 that it is possible to be fully aware of and
admit to your limits, which are a part of
your authentic truth, without being limited. You are meant to blast off. You are meant to realize
this vision that you had. The one that began in 2009. And when I say realize it, I mean
realize it without limitations. Realize it without boundaries. You are meant to
create this thing, and create it here
tangibly in the world. 2019 is the year of making strides
in alignment with that vision. You are now at that
next level of vision. Congratulations for leveling up. It is time to expand your horizons. 2019 is that year where you’re
gonna take all those seeds that were sown in 2009,
that are beginning to crystalize, to a whole new phase. And you’re gonna do
that with your free will. And your free will is going to be
in alignment with authenticity, because this new phase is
a new phase of authenticity. So it’s time to take a stride. And to take things in stride. Have a wonderful 2019. Transcribed by: Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the community

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