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Hi, my name is Heidi and I’m a Fairview pharmacist and we’ll be talking about the Handihaler When using your Handihaler, first remove the outer cap. This will expose the mouthpiece. The Handihaler itself does not have any active
ingredient in it. So you will need to open the mouthpiece exposing area for a capsule of active
medication to be placed You never swallow the capsule Instead, open the blister pack and put the capsule into the inhaler. Then click the mouthpiece over the top Never place the capsule in the
mouthpiece itself Before you use your inhaler, you need to puncture the capsule by pressing the
green button on the side once. make sure that the green button releases after you puncture the capsule. Do not puncture the capsule more than once. You are now ready to use your inhaler. Exhale deeply out of your lungs Then you will inhale quickly and deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds Then exhale away from the device. You will need to take 2 breaths off of the Handihaler to ensure that you get all the active
medication into your lungs. The buzzing that you heard while I was using the inhaler is important because that means the capsule is rotating and it is releasing the medication. After you’re done you can also check to make sure that all of the powder has been released from the capsule. At this point you should dispose of the capsule. Never store the capsule in the inhaler whether it’s been used or not. Once you’re done disposing the capsule you can replace the mouthpiece and the
outer cap If you have any questions about your
inhaler, contact your doctor or your pharmacist.
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