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I my name is Heidi and I’m a Fairview
pharmacist Today I’ll be talking about the metered dose
inhaler used with the Opti-chamber spacer you may have a slightly different spacer
than this, but the same general principles apply. you may also have a slightly different
looking inhaler than this but again the same general principles
apply. Your metered dose inhaler has three parts: cap, the mouthpiece and the canister that contains the active
ingredient. When you first receive a metered dose
inhaler it’s important to prime it. To
prime the inhaler, remove the cap point the inhaler away from your face and
press down on the canister. This will ensure that you’re getting the
right amount of active ingredient when using your inhaler.
You should also prime your inhaler if you have not used it for one to two
weeks. The spacer also has several pieces:
the cap, that covers the mouthpiece, there’s an
opening on the other side for your inhaler. To clean the chamber, you can remove the cap and open the
chamber’s front. The chamber itself can be cleaned with warm water and soap. You should also also clean your
metered dose inhaler approximately once a week and you should
consult the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to do that. To use your inhaler, first uncap and then shake for ten to
fifteen seconds {Shaking sound} after you are done shaking the inhaler, insert it into the spacer. Remove the cap on the spacer To activate the inhaler, press down once and
this will release the medication into the chamber. You can then take deep
slow breaths off of the chamber Take as many breaks as you need to get
all the medication. If you inhaler too quickly or deeply from the chamber, you will make a loud noise. When you’re done using the chamber
remove it from the inhaler, recap it and also recap the inhaler. Remember to clean both your inhaler your chamber
appropriately. If you have any questions please contact
your doctor or pharmacist. Thank you

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