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Hi, my name is Heidi and I’m a Fairview pharmacist Today we’ll be talking about the
nebulizer. You nebulizer may look a little bit different from this one but they all have the same basic parts:
the first is the compressor and this is plugged into the wall. The
compressor is attached to the dose cup by a long tube The dose cup also has a mouthpiece or it may have
a mask. When you’re ready to use the nebulizer, pour the medications into the dose cup. The dose is now ready. At this point you can turn the
compressor on and wait for the vapor to start coming out of the mouthpiece. When you see the vapor, keep the
compressor on and put the mouthpiece in your mouth.
Then take deep slow breaths for probably about 10 to 15 minutes or
until the dose is gone If you have any questions about your nebulizer, please contact your pharmacist or doctor.
Thank you

2 thoughts on “FPA Network -Nebulizer Demonstration

  1. Ok I think I got it. So simple but when a person, or at least when I’m struggling so bad to get oxygen, I’m not thinking clearly and I find it ironic also that I’ve had THREE friends, ppl I went to school with who- outta no where- died from massive attacks. They were in pretty good health too. One of em, my friend Johnny M he went to college on a wrestling scholarship, he was awesome but it was after college and one day I got a call- massive asthma attack. Gone just like that. A time or two we shared our proventil inhalers, like if he forgot his or vice versa. So of course I worry is it gonna happen to me like that too? I don’t understand HOW, when a person knows they have asthma then they know when they FEEL asthmatic so naturally they take measures to breathe better, right? So how do they end up dying? I don’t get it. Please explain if anyone can enlighten me, plz.

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