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hi my name is Heidi and I ‘m a Fairview pharmacist and today we’ll be talking about the RespiClick inhaler. When you get your inhaler, you will notice there are several parts: The inhaler itself, the dose counter on the back and tells you know how many doses are left in the inhaler, There is a mouthpiece cover covering the
mouthpiece. Here is the mouthpiece. You will also see that there is an airvent above the mouthpiece. You want to make sure that when you’re
using this inhaler that you do not block the airvent. When you’re ready to use your
inhaler, open the mouthpiece cap. Make sure you pull all the way down until you hear a click. That means that your dose is ready. At this point if you close that cap, you will lose the dose so there will NOT be two doses in there the next time you will just lose the dose and the new dose will be actuated when you open it again. You are then going to exhale the air out of your lungs away fro m the inhaler. Then you’re going to inhale deeply and quickly from the mouthpiece Then hold that for about 10 seconds to
make sure that you get your dose. It’s ok if it’s a little bit shorter. Then you’re going to exhale away from the inhaler. When you are done taking your dose, replace the cap over the mouthpiece. If you need a second dose, wait about a minute, and then reopen the cap over the mouthpiece and do the steps over again. If you have any questions about your Respiclick inhaler, please contact your pharmacist or doctor. Thank you.

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  1. thank you for this demo. I tried using my proair but felt nothing. I couldn't taste anything either, but next time I l'll this method

  2. Thank you so much! I was confused. I was just diagnosed with Bronchitis and this magic little thing will help me not die while at work lol. Great demo.

  3. I just got this inhaler prescribed and I am VERY disappointed. I am not insured and had to pay out of pocket to be prescribed this product. I would be beyond irate if it hadn't been for the free trial…not surprised I didn't have to pay anything for it. But I am STILL wheezing and, since I have chronic asthma, I will continue to suffer until I am able to pay out of pocket for and get into the DR's office.

  4. i feel so robbed when i take a dose off this inhaler..i don't feel it, taste it or ughhh i dunno but it's nothing like my old ventolin inhalers that i used to use.

  5. Not sure if it's giving a dose as needed. Lost two after figuring out this isn't the press type.

    Hope it's dispensing as needed. I got this on a trial from my doc so I didn't have to pay. However, hoping it still works because I don't taste any medicine.

  6. i was diagnosed with stage three bronchitis and acute asthma. i was prescribed this inhaler the day of and got a free trail given to me with 200 puffs. now ive never dealt with asthma or any respiratory issues at all til the age of 23.. i know im not using mines wrong BUT i taste NO medicine and i feel barely no releif. I mean the wheezing is supposed to stop but i still feel it. I may have to get my money together to pay for this in a different medication and stronger dose. this one does not seem to work well and with all the hell i went through to get it i feel like it should work like it says. but i dont see the benefits. i see everyone else is having this problem too. the old school press and suck inhaler is better.

  7. I got this two days ago and I lost my inhaler with the original basic pump and when I went to go pick it up I was like the heck this where's the pump ? They told me how to use it. I started getting some weezing and I popped it out and did what this lady did. I felt like I couldn't taste or feel anything.. I held my breathe in and exhale but nothing. I mean the weezing was there but I felt like it was slower to kick in. My other inhaler I take it and it felt like it worked fast.. but idk maybe it's just me?

  8. had to watch this to make sure I was doing this correctly; it felt like I wasn't getting any medicine or relief. Apparently I've been doing it the right way… This inhaler just doesn't work well. I'm beginning to panic more and more because I'm not getting any relief from this stupid thing… I wish I had my old inhaler

  9. I got this for free and that is exactly what it is worth. First time I had to use an inhaler in YEARS and much prefer the older versions.

  10. When the doctor showed me how to use this one, he showed me to breathe in and out deeply without removing the inhaler from your mouth until you feel better. that's what the vent is for. It works for me EVERY single time. I thought it was weird when I saw this demonstration video

  11. All I can say to people is to not buy this and stick with the normal inhaler. I am sure it is cheaper to make or whatever but it just does not work as well as the old ones. I need 2 puffs now. Only needed one before. That doubles my copay.

  12. I hate this Proair RespiClick inhaler, in my opinon, it's one of the worse inventions. It makes me cough every time I use it. This is not for me.

  13. This inhaler just plain SUCKS I don't no if its working or not I'm going to ask the doctors to prescribe Advair it has an old school inhaler.

  14. What's disgusting is the fact that one can go to Europe and buy the inhalers that actually work, unlike the Respiclick, for $25 over the counter. People with health insurance in most European countries pay nothing for their monthly inhalers because they cost an average of <$5 to make. MY insurance provider just stopped covering every single inhaler option I had (after also increasing my monthly premium by $200), except for the crappy respiclick. I can't even get my asthma preventative QVAR inhaler anymore because its now $164 when i was paying $10 last month. I feel like we the people who suffer at the hands of the bullshit of the Pharm industry abusing our need to breathe for profit, should collectively try to sue about how patenting these technologies literally monopolizes the medical industry preventing cheap generic alternatives, even though America is supposed to be free and non-monopolistic. Im sick of being abused by health insurance providers and pharmaceutical distributors. JFC

  15. This thing is a piece of shit!
    Ma' ass will be done died waiting on this damn thing to kick in because basically you dont know rather it worked or not! Got me pissed that my doctor would even give me some shit like this knowing I need some oxygen Relief.

  16. This isn't a "rescue" inhaler…. its generic form of Advair….. its a metered dose used to prevent attacks…. not rescue you from them. It works just as good as the Advair for me. I use my rescue Albuterol inhaler almost never since I've used this.

  17. Worst inhaler ever made.. I need it for shortness of breath, so tell me? If I'm short of breath how does it work? Fuckin idiots

  18. First time trying this out and I thought I was doing something wrong. So I searched around and found this video. Thank you for this video. It helped me realize that I did it right the first time, I was not the only person that got confused, and that i waste 2 puff before.

  19. I'm agreeing with everyone. I looked up this video because I thought I was doing it wrong. I can't even tell if I'm getting anything. No relief either. LIke I sold an empty can placebo.

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