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Hello again, today I’m going to be teaching you a little more about Frankincense (Essential Oil). Frankincense boswellia is the ‘king of the oils’! It’s known as the ‘king of the oils’. The reason for this- is that as a very precious oil, it comes from the Middle East or we get ours from Somaliland It’s a very precious plant – they grow out in the desert. You’ll have one spindly little tree and it will have been handed down for centuries from family to family. Extremely precious – we actually get the Frankinsence Oil It’s oil from the trunk. You can only tap the tree to a certain extent. Before you ring bark the tree and have to stop. We can only take a very small amount of the oil out of the Bark. That’s the reason why a bottle of our frankincense oil Retails for one hundred and thirty two dollars. Very very precious oil – from an emotional perspective. Frankincense is my favorite oil for grounding. Lavender is very calming almost sedating. Frankinsence in contrast is grounding. So if you’re feeling.. Uptight, stressed, anxious feelings irritable, but also if you’re feeling down – depressed mood. Frankincense can really help to balance those emotions – balance that mood. The ways that I like to use frankincense personally is… I pop it in my diffuser. It actually makes the most incredible blend with Lavender. I’ll usually use two thirds lavender one-third frankincense because it’s a base note. It’s one of the earth-ier oils. You always want a use a little bit more of the high notes and a little bit less of the base notes. So if you’ve got three Oils, for example, a third a third a third it’s a great place to start. If you’re just using lavender and frankincense… Then 2/3 Lavender and 1/3 Frankinsence or if you get some of the other oils like bergamot… Ylang Ylang – that type of thing – you could add 1/3 of those oils in the middle for a really grounding blend. In the diffuser. Really lovely to calm you after a stressful day at work. To ground you – and help you move into restful sleep. The other way – I really like using it is. Topically – so again putting it into my body oil with my lavender before sleep or also putting it in the roof of your mouth. If you’ve been to one of our introductory Workshops You might have heard about it being ‘anti-inflammatory for the brain’ What we can do – is we can take just a little bit of our Frankincense put it in the roof of your mouth. Or underneath your tongue, it’s not a delicious one that you really want to add to your chocolate! But what that does is the sesquiterpene in this frankincense. They’re a unique compound – which cross the blood-brain barrier and what that’s been shown to do is actually reduce inflammation. Inflammation on the brain – sometimes when we’re looking at different conditions of the brain… What it’s believed to be, is that there is an inflammatory process… Occurring between the neurons – so having a drop of Frankincense and popping on the roof of the mouth can help with that. I recommend giving it a try. Hope you enjoyed Frankincense and we’ll see you soon!

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