Frequent Tingling and High Cholesterol

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Hey everyone Aqila here in this video. I will talk about frequent tinkling and high cholesterol Keep watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more useful videos Knowing the cholesterol levels in the blood is quite important as an effort to prevent any future heart disease and blockages in blood vessels Tingling in the hands and feet are the implications of disfluencies blood flow in certain parts of the body Tingling associated with nerves do not get the blood flow This occurs when the blood flow becomes slower because of the high levels of cholesterol in the blood Poor blood circulation causes nerves in your hands and feet not to get enough nutrients and oxygen which gives you the tingling sensation High cholesterol also could make the hands and feet becomes often sore Because blood vessels in your legs and hands become narrower because of cholesterol buildup this accumulation generally happens continuously and poor blood circulation and Nutrient supply to the extremities make your hands and feet sore it’s better to maintain your cholesterol level from now and For that local orogenic foods lower consumption of alcohol and no smoking could be beneficial Keeping healthy for the best life subscribe for more videos Hope you feel better

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