From severe allergies and no answers to complete Allergy Elimination. Jen shares her story

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So I started seeing Dr. Wilson just over a
year ago, and I was experiencing a lot of health issues. I had been to a lot of different doctors and
everyone was telling me there wasn’t anything wrong with me. And it was interesting coming here for the
first time because Dr. Wilson was different from day one. He was very interested in hearing me, what
was important to me, the issues that I was having, and really seemed to care about addressing
those issues and getting me into a better state of health. So he did some extensive testing with me right
away and was able to tell me what was going on with my body, which was very, very refreshing
and depressing at the same time. But I was so happy to have some answers, finally. And within a couple of weeks we made some
significant progress and honestly I couldn’t be happier with the services that I’ve had
with him. Q: Could you share with us, were you doing
anything before seeing Dr. Wilson to try to address your allergies? Did you know you had allergies before Dr.
Wilson? Yeah, so I actually have had two pretty significant
allergies since I was very young. I’m not sure if I had them when I was born
or acquired them very young, but I have allergies to seafood and to tree nuts where I get an
anaphylactic reaction, so it’s quite severe. And probably about ten years ago I started
having some major digestive issues, I didn’t realize that I was necessarily having issues
with the food I was eating and that’s what was causing it, but I’ve come to realize through
Dr. Wilson that a lot of the foods that I was eating were triggering the symptoms that
I was having. So it’s been an interesting journey with Dr.
Wilson just learning about how your body reacts to food. Q: How quickly did you see results in working
with Dr. Wilson? Yeah, I am very happy to say that I saw results
within two days. It was amazing. I thought that I was eating healthy and when
he started me on the program, within two days I saw significant results. I would say over the last year it’s been a
very significant change. So when I first started seeing Dr. Wilson,
my quality of life was probably about a three and it is somewhere between a nine and ten
today I’m very happy to report. Fantastic! Q: Did you ever think that allergies could
actually be eliminated before meeting Dr. Wilson? Absolutely not. Absolutely not, no. Q: How would you describe to other patients
what Dr. Wilson’s process is for working with you to eliminate allergies? So how much detail do you want me to go into
here? Q: So, yeah, it’s a fun question but a tough
one for our patients. So from a patient’s perspective, how could
you describe what Dr. Wilson has done? Yeah, so, you know, I have had allergies,
significant allergies, since I was very little. And I had heard friends that had done, like,
the spot testing on their back or their arm to figure out which foods they’re allergic
to, and I never wanted to do that because I figured that it would be painful and I already
knew some of the foods that I was allergic to. And with Dr. Wilson, it’s completely different. Nothing hurts, nothing is invasive, you’re
not taking any pills that are going to have side effects on you. It’s all natural, it’s holistic, and that
makes me feel really good about the treatment that I’m having because I know there aren’t
any negative side effects to it. So. it’s all a kind of treatment that you
leave feeling better than you came in, and those results actually stay with you for a
long time. When I had my first meeting with Dr. Wilson,
it was a very emotional meeting because I had been to so many doctors that were telling
me that nothing was wrong with me and I was very frustrated. And, as I mentioned earlier, my quality of
life was very low, so I was pretty miserable. And when I saw him for the first time, he
just explained that he really wanted to help. He explained what his process was and it was
like I was on a journey with him to better health. And he’s been that way since day one. So we’ve been working with each other for
over a year now and I will continue to come to him because I want to continue to get better. He is such a special person that really cares
about his patients. Any issue that I’m having, I can talk to him
about it; he usually has ideas. He continuously is always learning new things
and always trying out new things. So even if something doesn’t work, he’s got
some other thing that he can try out with you. It’s very inspiring to be around him as a
patient and it leaves me as a more inspired person.

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