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Okay, so as you can see, that looks f****** awful. And my eye is starting to burn really bad. Uhm.. Like- Like, really bad, okay? Um. Ow! Okay, hold on. Um. Hi guys, welcome back! It’s me, Thomas.. ..”Irrelevant” Halbert, back at it again with yet another video. And today’s video, I am going to be doing something I haven’t done in such a long time. In fact, I was going through all of my videos on my channel, I was just taking a little remanence? Rabbi- reminisce? reminiscence of like past videos that I’ve done, trying to see like, what- what I could do. Like, what I haven’t done was really, something I haven’t been doing on this channel? And I realized that I don’t really talk about drugstore makeup, like almost ever on my channel. I feel like I used to really be a heavy on drugstore makeup. That was that used to be like one of the only things that I could afford! By the way, drugstore makeup is super expensive now. What the h***’s up with that? But I feel like I haven’t done, like, a video where I just talk about drugstore makeup. So today’s video, I’m gonna be doing a full face of first impressions. It’s solely drugstore makeup I think there’s one affordable item in here from BH Cosmetics. Just one, just because I wanted to fill the gaps of products that I don’t really have to use or whatever on my face. Yeah. I have a bunch of new NYX products, some Pixi, some Eyelure lashes, some Japonesque, NYX- just said that. Catrice, Maybelline, Wet and Wild, e.l.f., I have a bunch of brands, a bunch of new products that I’m going to try out for you guys! If you’re not already subscribed, we would love to have you! We are so close to 400 thousand subscribers, that is insane. Then we’re a hundred thousand away from half a million, and then half a million and then, like half a million away from a million and then we’re at a million and then we’re at thirty million and then we’re at a hundred million, and then next thing you know, we’re the next Poody- PewDiePie. Minus all the anti-semitic stuff and then.. Where am I going with this? While you are down there, hit that bell notification button, if you have not already, so you’ll be notified when I do post, because YouTube does this thing where it doesn’t like to notify you, and I’m sure- I’m sure you want to be notified when I post a video. I mean I would help out. I mean.. I would hope you would.. And without further ado, let’s get right on into this video. I think that’s probably one of the quickest intros I’ve done.. ..in a while, but I’m still gonna somehow make it like three minutes long. Because that’s me, I’m Thomas, and I can’t have an intro less than a minute long. It’s just at this point, just impossible. Okay, so the first part that I want to really try out: So there’s this new brand called Catrice that I have been hearing about from Tachi Westbrook. And I had no ide- I honestly don’t know if they’re drugstore or not, because I’ve only seen them at Ulta Beauty. ’cause I got this at Ulta Beauty. But they are really cheap. Like, I think this primer that I’m about to try out right now was about 5 or 6 dollars. It’s the Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer. This is kind of like, I’m guessing just a literally just a liquid. It’s supposed to be radiating, correcting all those things. It comes with a little dropper. I honestly don’t know how much- Ew, this smells not the best. So that’s a bit alarming. Don’t know if it’s gonna be too good for my sensitive skin. But, then again, a lot of bougie makeup out there is- literally, literally smells like this and it’s fragrance. This feels actually very sticky, so I’m assuming it’s gonna be a good primer. Oh my god you guys, I’m finally reunited with my baby. I don’t know if you guys know this. I know a lot of you are new to my channel. You’re new to the- this environment. Hello, welcome. My name is Thomas and I’m obsessed with the Japonesque sponge; so much so when I saw this at the Ulta Beauty that’s near me, I bought every single last one of- I bought literally every single Japonesque sponge that they had at that store. I bought every last one. I used to rave about this sponge almost every single video, because it’s literally the best beauty sponge on the market. And it’s literally a fraction of the price of the beautyblender, cheaper than the Real Techniques sponge. Softer than both of those sponges, and it just blends makeup like a dream. The texture of this is amazing. It’s super big, gets really bouncy. The only downside is that it can kind of not last the longest, because it does have- it is super soft so you can damage it if you’re not careful. For our foundation today, I have the new Makeup Revolution London foundation stick. That’s all the information I have on this. It’s called the Fast Base Stick Foundation. I’m thinking f1 actually goes pretty light, and they have a lot of shades in this, so that’s really dope. I think I’m gonna go into f3 today. I don’t know about the coverage. I honestly don’t know anything about this foundation. I just saw it as like, “Oooo, stick foundation!” I love stick foundations. So we are going to test out the coverage on this. I’m gonna start pretty light handed at first- In what world is that going light? In any circumstance? Look how much f****** makeup is on your face, Thomas. Oh my god, I missed this sponge so much. Look at this. Look at this sponge just doing a sponge thing. A sponge thing? This foundation is full coverage. Full coverage. I can’t believe this isn’t even their lightest shade, either. Usually I’m like, every brands, like the lightest shade. So, that’s really cool. Okay, so for concealer, I have the Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer. I, of course, I’ve also been hearing at Tati Westbrook rave about this. This is in the shade 005. One complaint I already have about this concealer, is that shade range is not the best. That’s a little bit problematic. Like this is the lightest shade. It’s super creamy, wow. That’s applying so easy. Really pretty on the skin! This concealer is sickening. Wow. Baby, with the shade range though! Actually like, I thought there was gonna be more shades. But like, in store. I didn’t really see it. I only saw like one concealer in store. But like. Oh, sweetie, that shade range is just, that just- that ain’t it. So, I didn’t know if you guys knew this ’cause I didn’t. But e.l.f. has pro brushes! I only picked up two brushes, because they don’t have the best selection in stores. I don’t know if it’s any different online. But the softest- This brush. Oh my god. It feel so good on the skin. About the same price as the Morphe brushes, maybe a little bit cheaper. And then also, e.l.f. I found- This e.l.f. kind of, little 11-piece brush set that I’m going to use as well. And I’m gonna go into my Maybelline Fit Me! powder and I’m just gonna set the rest of my face using this brush. Oh my god, it’s so soft. Okay, so powder is done. Now, let’s move on into some bronzer, contour, highlight and all that stuff. For bronzer, I have this new- I think this is a new collection to BH. It’s the Brilliance Bronzer by BH Cosmetics. I know this isn’t drugstore and it’s considered affordable, But, I’m just gonna throw it in this video anyways. Because I do believe you can get BH Cosmetics at Ulta. And then this is the shade that I’m gonna be using today, Bronze Babe. Looks like it might.. ..looks like it might work out. I’m gonna use this kind of e.l.f. complexion brush and a little brush set. It’s kind of like that little bronzer brush. Ooooooh! That’s blending effortlessly. I put those in my nose when I have makeup on because when I eat like spicy stuff or have allergies, my nose runs and they- it catches all the snot. I’m a genius, honestly, so. I have the Chloe Morello and Pixi Romantic Radiance palette. This has a bunch of blush shades, some eye shades, some highlighting shades. And I also used today, that I didn’t do on camera, I used these shades down here for my eyebrows today. I used just this shade actually, but I think it’s really good for brows as well. I just find this to be a very good multi-purpose palette, but I’m gonna go into this shade right here for blush today. Ooooh! Pretty! So you guys know how I like to do with my blush. I’ve been super obsessed with blush lately, so I’m really gonna go there. I’ve been mixing in a little bit of “Promise” as well into this palette, or into this blush. I actually really like this. and I think I’m gonna play with this some more. I really love the blushes in this. If you don’t get it for anything else, get it for the blush. Seriously. Oh, and uhhh can we talk about this mirror? Pixi, what were you trying to do with this mirror? I don’t know if you guys saw this. Dead a** a mirror? Who’s gonna use that like- I can’t see anything! And it’s like all distorted and weird. I can’t even see my cheeks! Okay, so moving onto highlighters. I have a bunch of highlighters from Wet n Wild because Wet n Wild just released a zodiac collection. That’s exclusively at Walmart, which is a choice. So they’re doing a whole zodiac collection, which is interesting. I feel like everyone’s doing zodiac collections. I have some thoughts and opinions on these zodiac collections. I feel like the only one right now that is actually at least sort of executed the correct way, is the KathleenLights and ColourPop collection. I feel like that’s the only one that is actually remotely correct, as far as like.. ..a collection about zodiacs go. I’m a fire sign. So, this is the Fire Sign highlighter. It’s like a browny-orangey highlight. It’s this shade right here. This would look really pretty on deeper skin tones, I believe? Then we have my favorite color in this collection, which is the Earth Sign one. It’s literally a gold- a gold highlight and that’s right under- see it right there? That’s the Earth Sign one. My boyfriend is an earth sign. Air is more of like, a pinky toned. Probably gonna work the best on pale skin tones. That is swatched right underneath. And then- And then we have water signs. They did y’all so dirty. Oh, they did y’all so dirty! Wet n Wild, you did them so dirty. All these other shades are like wearable and pretty and then they- And then they did Water Signs f****** blue! Literally dead a**, straight-up the ugliest, like, blue. I’m gonna release a zodiac collection and show you b****** how the f*** to do it. That’s what I’m gonna do. That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to spend all my coin on releasing a makeup brand, and my first thing’s gonna be a zodiac collection, and it’s gonna be the most sickening thing you’ve ever seen. The most accurate thing you- girl! Neutral choices! And then we have the loose highlighter, which is- I forgot the name of it. It’s like.. Something “stars”? But I think the highlighter, the loose highlighter, is gonna be a little bit more sickening than.. ..the actual pressed highlighters. This is definitely gonna be a lot more sickening. Look at that! That’s.. Wow. You know what, just for s**** and giggles, I will apply the Air Sign one. A lot comes on the brush, knock it off a little bit. Oo! Spoke too soon. That is actually really pretty. So right on top of it, I’m going to apply the loose highlighter. This one is definitely- whoa. Okay, if you’re gonna get any of the highlighters, get the loose- the loose one. Okay! Wet n Wild, you did that! I got this Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist. It has hyaluronic acid, black oat- avec.. in there? Whatever that means. So this is a technically, kind of like skincare. But I want to use it to kind of set my face, and add a little bit of hydration back into the face. I love their Glow Mist, their other one that they have. That’s not white It’s so good! But it can make you get- it will get rid of your matte look. I don’t mind getting rid of that right now, ’cause I’m.. I just want a little bit of, a drink of water for my skin. So I’m just gonna. Okay, so a lot of you guys on Twitter said that the Catrice concealer is actually a really good eye base, as well. So that’s what I’m gonna use her for right now. Alright, so I’m super excited about these two palettes that I have to show you guys. So NYX released some new palettes. NYX is getting expensive! NYX calm down, boo, you are not Beyonce. Let’s chill out these prices! Okay, so I’m just doing research for this video right, because I didn’t really necessarily know the prices of everything that I bought at Ulta, because I’m just super rich. And I didn’t have to look at any of the prices! No, I’m kidding. But I literally just Googled how much this f****** NYX palette was and I just. Uhm.. Why? You can get a palette for that much at Sephora. What was the reason, NYX? What was the reason? $18? That’s insane! That is insane! But there is this NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette, which is super colorful. Like, look.. ..at that color you guys! Now, I did kind of cheat a little bit and swatch these, and I will tell you this swatches really well. Like, I’m actually kind of shook by how well it swatched. And then there’s also- I don’t think I’m actually gonna use this one today, but there is the NYX Midnight Chaos palette as well. I just don’t find this to be very interesting. But uh.. I mean, that purple is really pretty. That one is $22. $20- $22! What was the reason, NYX? But what I’m actually the most excited about today, is the Maybelline Lemonade Craze palette. This is the one that like, everyone was super excited for me to review. So I’m gonna see how- This, this swatched really pretty nicely, as well. But you never can judge eyeshadows on swatches, seriously. That’s not a good idea, because, trust me. We saw how Subculture swatched, and then we saw how Subculture applied on the eyes, so.. Never judge a shadow by the swatch, you know what I mean? Uh, shocker! My mic wasn’t recording. I guess it turned off or something. Sooo.. Enjoy this audio that some of you, I guess, enjoyed from the last time this happened. But yeah, enjoy this s*****-a** quality audio and also watch this video slowly get even worse than it already is. I can’t believe I’m posting this video on YouTube. This is- These are all of the shadows that come in the Lemonade Craze palete, okay? Now I’m going to go into the yellow shade which was everyone’s like- everyone’s freaking out over this yellow shade, so. Bit subtle.. ..for my liking Just a little bit too light for me. Let’s go into this NYX Ultimate Palette, and go into the yellow shade, onto this one. There we go! There’s the color we need. Next, going into “Ice Pop”, in the same Maybelline palette. Oh, this looks promising. Something about this is just too dull for me. I don’t know if it’s regers-ting. I don’t know if it’s regice- regice- regice- reg-is-ter-ing? On the camera, but it’s just a little bit.. ..dull? There’s not really a red in the NYX palette. So I’m just gonna keep reapplying this “Ice Pop” shade. So, this is where things start going downhill on this video. Uhm.. This is where mistakes were made. Uh.. Things cannot be reversed. And, yeah, so.. ..enjoy and.. Hope you enjoy my next video after this one. Because this one’s a clusterf*** and was not helpful, helpful to anybody so. I’m going to take this next shadow. This NYX shadow. This NYX “Steal Your Man”. This NYX.. Foiled Play cream eyeshadow in the shade “Steal Your Man”. And I’m going to apply that, where I kind of put that crease.. ..base thing down. And like, nothing’s being picked up on the brush at all. Like I’m trying to get product on there, and nothing’s coming up. So maybe this is just like a, “use your finger time” type of thing. But I don’t wanna use my finger.. Can you see that? Oooh, my god. Am I using these wrong? Do any of you have these? Am I just stupid? So I’m gonna apply this Glitter Goals in the shade.. “Industrial Beam”, let me swatch these for you. I got the shades “Industrial Beam” “Polished Pin Up” and then “Metropical”. These are the slade- shades swatched on my arm. They do need a little bit of building up, but they seem pretty liquidy. So they might not be crackly on the eyelid. It’s gonna be a recipe for disaster. But at this point I don’t give a shit. I mean, it’s very reflective. I will give it that. Okay, so as you can see, that looks f****** awful and- My eye is starting to burn really bad. Um. Like- Like, really bad. Okay, um, ow, okay. Hold on. Um.. Ow! Ow ow ow ow ow. Okay. Um.. Holy f***, it’s like, like it stings, like- it’s like. I’m just gonna finish up this video right now. Um.. ah, f- f***, f***! I don’t even know if I can post this f****** video. It’s like- My god, this hurts so bad. I’ve never had a kind of reaction like this to a product before. This is literally- oh my god, I have to have a video up dude, so I don’t know if it’s the glitter. If it’s this stupid-a** Glitter Goals thing or this f****** fail of a stupid f****** foil cream eyeshadow.. ..that’s like f****** stinging the s*** out of my eye right now. Uhm.. but.. Yeah, I’m like, scared my eye’s gonna like swell up. Do I have to go to the doctor? This is not.. This isn’t the best thing for people that are hypochondriacs. I’m a hypochondriac – Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Thomas “The Hypochondriac” Halbert and- So you just witnessed a panic attack. Uhm.. Yeah, so that is pretty much- I quit filming after that part. And yeah, so I’m just gonna come on here real fast, and give you guys just a basic rundown of the products that I enjoyed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use everything because, uh.. Had a panic attack, had to stop filming, had to figure out my allergic reaction. Basically, it felt fine the next morning. I decided to opt out of going to the doctor unless just started to swell up, which it didn’t necessarily do. Maybe it did in my head, but honestly, I don’t think it did. Um.. As far as like, what I was going to use for lips, I was going to use the Wet n Wild Zodiac Collection lip products. I do actually really enjoy those, and I would recommend them. I did actually end up testing them out, but I will put them in a future video as well. Um.. And yeah. I’m so sorry that this video is ending so weirdly, and so abruptly, but it’s honestly- Um. I’m trying to stick on an uploading schedule of Mondays and Fridays at 12pm PST and 3pm EST. And I didn’t want to re-film this video because.. ..like- I like to see things like this, where YouTubers actually talk about, like. I don’t know. I just think it’s interesting when YouTubers talk about things like this, where they have allergic reactions to something that and.. it did hurt really bad, and my eye got really red and. Yeah, So that’s pretty much that on that. The products that I would recommend from this video or the products that I didn’t like, rather. I didn’t like the NYX stuff. I honestly still don’t even know which one really actually messed with my eye. I don’t know if it was the Glitter Goals.. ..liquid eyeshadow or if it was the cream eyeshadow. That’s the ColourPop wannabe. A p*** poor take of the ColourPop formula. Uhm.. I just, I honestly don’t know. It could have been like one of the bonding agents or something like that. But, I would just be cautious. If you do have sensitive skin and sensitive eyes to stay away from maybe that. And yeah, pretty much everything else I really enjoyed, except for the Craze palette from Maybelline. That was a huge letdown. But yeah, everything else I really thoroughly enjoyed, and I definitely think you guys should check out. Yeah. With all that being said, I hope you enjoyed the mess that was this video. My next will be- My next video will be a lot better, I promise. It’s gonna be me doing a side-by-side comparison of the old versus the new Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection. I have the old formula and the “reformulated”. So, hopefully my next video is a lot better. Not hopefully. It will be. And I just- thank you guys for watching this video, and I can’t wait to see you in my next video coming this Friday. 12pm PST 3pm EST. I love you guys! Thank you so much for watching, and I can’t wait to see my next video. Bye, guys!

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