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[BTS] [They also were amateurs in the beginning] [200% pure innocence / irreplaceable program!]
[Rookie King Channel BTS] [Overtaken every TV channels in Korea!] [BTS Channel / BTS showed their extraordinary charm] [And the NEW Rookie King, rebooted 7 years after BTS] [UNVS] [If you’re looking to become a fan, this is the place for you!] [Positively encouraging the rookie idols! Fan-making channel open] [Encouraging channel Rookie King UNVS] [They’re here! NEXT Rookie King!]
[Begins with the face of all luck (Mr. Zhu Bajie)] What is this? A pig? [NEW Rookie King UNVS enters]
-It’s smiling.
-Don’t smile. There’s a pig head. [Still awkward] It’s a model. [Cool]
Hm? Wait. There are mission cards. [What] Ceremony for the big success. Introduce yourselves. [Mission]
After official greeting of UNVS, introduce the names of each members. [Ah~ / Understanding what’s going on] [pit-a-pat]
I never imagined. I thought this would be for the showcase. Let’s stand in line. [Quickly standing in official positions] Two, three! Hello, we are UNVS! [NEW Rookie King UNVS saying hello]
Hello, I am the main vocalist of UNVS, EUNHO. [#Sweet_Main_Vocalist #Dark_Sexy #Funny_In_Real_Life] [EUNHO] Hello, I am the leader and the rapper of UNVS, JUN H.] [#Charismatic_Leader #Mood_Maker #Sentimental_Rapper] [JUN H.] [Real name MOONYONG]
Hello, I am YY of UNVS. I am the vocalist of the group. [#Hot_Visual #Lovely_Oldest #Master_of_Cuteness] [YY] Hello, I am the vocalist of UNVS. My name is CHANG GYU. [#Cutest #Positive_Fairy #4th_dimension_Puppy] [CHANG GYU] Hello, I am responsible for dancing and I am the youngest member of UNVS. [#Best_dancer #Polite_Conservative #But_speaks_up_when_he_needs_to] [JEN] [Welcome, new Rookie King UNVS] UNVS, looking forward to meeting you! [Baby applaud] Is this for real? [It’s only the beginning] [Next mission] Ceremony for the big success. Read out loud the below prayer. -The~year~
-No, it’s like this. [Years of experience]
“The~~Year~of Rat~~” like this. 31st of January~ To the Star, the Moon, the Sun, God, Jesus, Buddha, Maria, Heavens, and all gods, we pray, following the success of previous Rookie King BTS, please let us UNVS the god of success, and the god of entertainment. A bow for the original Rookie King BTS. Thank you! [Am I doing it right?] [+2]
Second, a bow for the SBS MTV staffs. One, two, three. Thank you! [Thank you too] [+3]
Lastly, a bow to all our viewers. Thank you! We’ll do our best! [Argh] [lol] Burn the prayer after the ceremony. [Leader takes the initiative] [The shooting was handled in safe setting] [Opening the next mission card]
Ceremony for the big success. Foresee the future of UNVS in year 2020. [Fortune telling, good] [Excited]
Fortune? How do we do this? [A peek for the rookie UNVS’s new year 2020]
[A special guest to foresee the future of UNVS in 2020] Hello, everyone! Hello! [‘ChoiMaRyeok’, a popular BJ specialized in fortune telling&divination&physiognomy] Firstly, congratulations on your upcoming debut. [Time to foresee the future of year 2020]
So I will see how you’re going to spend the year 2020, [Revealing the year 2020 fortune of UNVS members]
what kind of fortune you’re going to get and how you’re going to be shown to others. Fortune telling and physiognomy and divination are all different things. [The fortune telling was done just for fun]
Fortune is the destiny that you were born with. Physiognomy is what is drawn on your face as you live on. [Here and there]
Your palm lines can wear out. [Let’s see]
Every person has different shapes and contours in their face, so I will be looking at each one of you now. [Please start] -Firstly, IM JOON HYEON.
-Yes. [JUN H. (Real Name: IM JOON HYEON)]
Okay, you’re IM JOON HYEON. [Date of birth]
August 28th, 1991. [The leader of the group]
I heard that you’re the leader. [Reliable]
The way I see it, you have enough qualification to be the leader. [Agreed] [JUN H. has the passionate leadership to lead the people]
You can lead people and you are very passionate. You run into some troubles with those around you. [Never satisfied with the reality, and always trying his best. Leader IM]
You are a very motivated person so you have the will to keep go forward. [Agreed] [What Leader IM has to be careful about]
But you have to be careful you need to think about different characteristics of different people, you cannot just force others to follow you. [the youngest members seem like they know something] [Next, the physiognomy of JUN H.?]
Your forehead and your nose [Golden ratio]
The lower part of the cheekbones have great proportions and the ears are also part of the physiognomy. the more the earlobes are upward, the more jobs come in [Ears that have a lot of fortune for work]
looking at your ears now, your earlobes are pointed upward. And those with earlobes pointing downward have a lot of fortune for people and money in their later days in your case, you can have a lot of money if you just try and work hard. And there’s also something called a perpetual calendar. [A perpetual calendar – a book recording the movement and terms of the sun and moon my measuring the celestial bodies for 100 years]
So there’s soil, land, tree, sun and water In your case, you have too much sun. [Is it good?] [What does that mean] Simply put, [Looking forward] you have a lot of anger [Agreeing with whole body]
– so you have to control your anger
– anger control LOL Your emotion easily shows on your face. [Honest emotions/ Clear and pure human]
as the leader, you have to conceal it well. [I’ll bear it in mind]
I can see that a lot and It’s a climactic period but you don’t have much harm or bad luck. Thank you! [You’re welcome ^^]
You don’t need to thank me. [Next turn]
– Who is MOONYONG?
– Yes. [YY (Korean name: Kim MOONYONG/ Date of Birth: 1991, 8, 30]
In your case, when we see the eyes, there are a lot of types of sal. There are a lot of sal like dohwasal, hwagaesal [Among them, what is Hongyeomsal?]
[Lover to the bones]
For Hongyeomsal, when you look at the person, he/she is so lovely, In cases of male celebrities, Jeong Hae-in, Chun Jeong-myeong, for female celebrities, Cho Boa, Kim Tae-hee have hongyeomsal in their eyes – for Moonyoung, you have hongyeomsal in your eyes
– Really? So…. [Attractiveness explosion/ Hongyeong boy YY with no exit]
Really… [Honestly]
I’m envious. [Hehe]
So you’re really lovely [YY physiognomy with a lot of great people and fortune for people around]
and there are a lot of people around you who come and help you There are a lot of feeling for great variety of charms of five colors, eight colors. [Five colors? Eight colors?[
You have a lot of talents. [Charming from top to bottom]
You are a person with a lot of fun and laughter. And a FM person who is very polite [First resolution unchanged/ Will remain the same always]
Thinking you won’t do anything bad, you don’t have any different intentions after the debut not losing your first resolution. [Jannabi=Monkey face]
And you have kind of a monkey face. So when we look at people with a monkey face [Monkey Face]
they have a lot of talents so they are very successful. [Prescription/ Beware of falling down because of tricks]
but they have a lot of tricks so they fall quickly too. [Focused]
When the work is given to you, you are good at carrying that out. and your face has a lot of cuteness. [Cuteness]
When we say cuteness [Even has cuteness, the fundamental condition of an idol]
you seem like a maknae(youngest sibling), you have a lot of aegyo, you have an image of a handsome young boy. And since you give good energy to people around you [YY attracts a lot of noble people with good energy]
naturally many people come to you. A lot of noble people. and in your case, you don’t have much bad luck. Because your the year of lambs [Thank you] You are Shin Dong Keun, right? [Me/ Eunho (Name; Shin Dong Keun)]
For you, Dong Keun, you were born in 1992, 10th of September. You are of the Year of monkeys and you have the monkey fate. But you have stronger yin energy than yang energy… [Yin energy…?]
You have quite a lot more yin energy than yang energy. [pre-meeting]
I like to be alone I tend to follow dark things Lethargic but attractive. That kind of sexiness. [lol] He has his own sexiness [Born with Dark sexiness, Eunho] [Eunho’s traits]
You’re very sensitive and are double sided. [Oh wow/ So true]
You can forgive yourself if you do something wrong but you can’t forgive others when they do something wrong. You have a lot of money fortune because you are of the year of monkeys [Interested]
You can have a lot of money and become famous if you just work hard [prescription]
It’ll be better to work a little harder even though you earn a little. When looking into your eyes, I couldn’t really read hardworking-ness. [I am doing my best…?] The fat under your eyes, aegyo line is a health sal Your health doesn’t look so good [What’s this suddenly]
It’s something that runs in your family. And because I can see a lot of yin energy you follow [No Yin, walk confidently on a yang path]
when you get a house, it’ll be better to go to yang places than yin. Now I did Dong Keun Thank you [Chang Gyu]
For you, Chang Gyu, you don’t have the power to lead people either. [Lol/ Powerful fact attack]
You tend to be carried around a lot. [Of the chemistry between the UNVS members]
so looking at the overall combination of the members [Chang Gyu – usually yields to other members]
You tend to get dragged along so you have to raise your voice when you have to. [Gotcha/ Older members with strong opinions]
Don’t be too afraid because they are older brothers [prescription – Chang Gyu do everything you want to]
Say things you want to say. You have a good physiognomy as a member [All the good physiognomy eyes nose and lips are all Chang Gyu’s]
You’re forehead, nose, cheekbones, jaws are nice and the ears are nice and talented You know what they say, The shortest may be the strongest. [Small and precious Chang Gyu]
Like that saying, you have a lot of energy and power [Musical, let’s get it/ Planning to show all talent potential from now]
I can see a lot of great potential working as a musical actor or something close to that at the same time [By the way, the noble person is a older male]
In your case, there are lot of male nobles coming to you. There can be old people taking care of you [You should be good to your older members]
it’ll be very nice to not ignore and pay attention to what people are saying around you. [agreed!] [JEN (Real name; Kim Ye Hyeon]
Next is Ye Hyeon. You said JEN You are kind of… [During Pre-meeting]
I am polite You’re saying that for yourself? [Hahaha] [Personal opinion]
I can’t really express my anger to others. [What would be JEN’s future?] You kind of act cool and are always bright on the outside but you tend to sulk easily. [He was a sulker]
When people around you tease you When people do that, you tend to become sullen [Extreme strong man style]
When something bad happens, you don’t compromise. You should let go of your ego. [from now on]
You should be more flexible. You shouldn’t break. [fierce Cat-Style]
Your face is a cat or a tiger style and your philtrum is really deep. [meerkat mode ON to see the youngest’s philtrum]
Your philtrum is really deep And because your facial features are sharp so if you stay still you may look cold and cynical [Prescription]
so you have to smile a lot. [Prompt Feedback / Smiles] [Members]
We both have three year’s misfortune and misfortune of age ending in 9 [Wondering Fairy YY’s question?] We are not doomed, are we? [We want to be successful] [I’m in a big trouble]
If I say that you’re gonna fail, people are gonna throw stones at me. You are not going to fail. You will be successful Every members are pretty old, right? [Average Age 28.2 UNVS]
Instead of trying to go too fast because of your age easily and quickly built sand castles are more prone to fail. [Slow / If you make your firm way up slowly you will be very successful]
If you maintain it for a year after year, you guys will have a big success. [Thanks for the kind words] You will be successful, Good luck! [Let’s get it!]
Good luck! [Thank you ChoiMaRyeok, for your time]
Thank you! [First Entertainment Show Entrance!/This is Weekly Idol Room]
[Now that Introduction’s done, the first episode starts!] [And the best group of MCs waiting for them] [Hello, is this your first time in Weekly Idol Room?] [Weekly Idol Room’s guests of the day, UNVS enters] [Hello] [Bow]
Hello sir. [Newbies Equipped with Politeness] [Startled Eyes]
What should I do now? [Guessing]
Do we do 5 on 5 game battle? [No] [Recent Idol’s Must-Have Aptitude! Multi-Player] [Looks, Singing, Acting, Sports, Entertainment, and etc.] [Nothing is impossible in any area] [UNVS with their upcoming debut] [Entertainment training to be multi-idol group] [Newly Returning Recommended Channel Rookie King UNVS] [Alpha MC]
Through this recommended channel Rookie King UNSV you will go through all required entertainment training that all idols must go through. This 1st training that will make the best out of aptitude and capability as idols is this recent idol’s gateway, [Ta-ta]
Weekly Idol Room. [Let’s give a round of applause first] [Official Greetings to the MCs]
Then we’ll do the official greetings first Ah, yes. Our official greeting is really special.. we’ll show you. Two three! Hello, this is UNVS! Yes! [Good looked natural]
You guys really like it, thankfully. [Next is self-introduction of the debut song]
Please introduce us your debut song. Yes, our title song is called TIMELESS. This song TIMELESS will be revealed for the first time in our debut showcase on February 24th. But only for the viewers, How much? Just a bit~ We’ll give you a very short teaser. We need to make it right. [Teaser Stage of Title Song TIMELESS] [Nervous] [Startled by the sudden chorus] [TIMELESS – Expresses the hearts that wanting people who shared precious memories and love to come back just like the seasons do] [Trying their best] [Dreamy First Title Song Stage (TIMELESS)] [Please check the FULL version at the Showcase on February 24th] [Exhausted] Can I have some water? [Water time to cool down a little] [Self advertise zone Part 1 Individual PR TIME]
Next is the Individual PR TIME for fan attraction. We’ll give you PR time where you can promote your charms. [peekaboo / Leader will do it first] Hello, this is the leader JUN H. in charge of Rapper in newbie idol UNVS. [Careful]
I’ll be your toy from now on. [JUN H. Prepared a self-made rap] [24/7 – JUN H.] [One of two twelve o’clock round around the duodecimals] [My brother is doing good]
[Speedily slowly, I thought I wasn’t acting slowly] [Who made the clock] [Who made the age and made me like this] [I have zero hour to sleep and double the hours to do good] [Oldest member’s appeal with an honest self-made rap] [Next up] [Honey Voice Main Vocal EUNHO]
Hello I am EUNHO the main vocalist in UNVS. I’ll be your eardrum boyfriend from now on. [Not bad lol] [Prepared a ballad song as the main vocalist]
I prepared a sweet song. I’ll show you. [looking forward] [Universe – EUNHO (Original : EXO)] [Be careful, your earbuds may melt down] [It’s penetrating…. penetrating… into my eardrums…] [As expected, our main vocalist] [Opened vocal cord… opened nostrils… lovely voice] [nervous to go after this] good luck! [nervous together] Hello. I’m JEN, the rapper, dancer, and the youngest of UNVS. [Cheering] You’re cute~ I’ll be your adrenalin from now on. I prepared a cover dance of another idol group that I admire. I’ll show it to you right away. [Strict control from the beginning] [sexy eyes for performing on stage] [I’m the main dancer around here] [you’re doing good] [Mic Drop -BTS] [changing to a powerful choreography] [pointing with his long legs] [flexible moves playing with the beat] [Move – Taemin] [be aware of the Move disease] [being sexy with the least movement] [catching the eye] [a groove with a perfect toe point] [bowing]
Thank you. [Proud (prouder than JEN himself)] [Good!] I saw (JEN) from the back, and his lips, [imitating him / JEN lips already came out to meet] they were like this. [Okay, what’s next?] [YY, who has perfect Korean skills] Hello. I’m YY of UNVS. [saying clearly]
From now on, [human vitamin]
I’ll be your vitamin. [YY changed the lyrics of Paul Kim’s ‘Every Day Every Moment’ into three different languages]
I prepared Paul Kim’s ‘Every Day Every Moment’ in three languages. Music please. [New rule on the spot for YY – Singing randomly according to one of the three different languages on the sign the staff members hold up] Oh really? [showing his surprise] [How good will YY be at changing lyrics on the spot?] [‘Every Day Every Moment’ -YY (original song: Paul Kim)] [Staring easily with Korean] [touching song of a foreigner singing in Korean.mov] [changing to Chinese with no time to relax] [YY – I think of the past memories] [For you, I want to give everything] [Chinese – Japanese] [When I first met you] [stumbling] [Don’t do that(?)] [recovering from a mental breakdown] [Japanese – Chinese]
[I only need you by my side] [giving up on judging / Hear YY’s song for a moment] [perfectly gotten used to this] [Chinese – Japanese] [This life, only you] [Japanese]
[end(?)] [Chinese]
[[email protected]#] [Korean]
Chinese… [successfully sang one song in 3 different languages] [Oh, I’m wiped out] [the ultimate rookie has arrived] [sparkling]
Hello! I’m Chang Gyu, the vocalist of UNVS. [TMI]
I like red, black and white. My blood type is [LOL] [acting cute / I’m the cute blood type O]
My blood type is O. [ignoring] And I want to be your smile angel from now on. [Seeing his younger brother in business mode. GIF] [self PR / Chang Gyu prepared a girl group dance]
I prepared Girl Group dances. [curious]
[Gotta Go – Chungha] [changes as the music comes out] [this is time for Chang Gyu] [surprised] [jumping] [I’m falling in…It’s somewhat sexy…] [all wiped out] [Feel Special – Twice] [Now this moment Feel Special] [dancing] [the real smile angel appeared] It’s the smile angel! [smiling]
Smile! [The requests of the audience is increasing due to the hot dance moves] [here you go, my smile] [clapping wildly]
You’re so cute! [HIP- Mamamoo]
[hopping around!] [Seeing the dance machine right in front of their noses] [Aiming for your heart!] [click me / full with charm that makes people click] [Did you become a fan? / The exit is close up close up] [caution: you’ll gawk at this since he’s so good] [swirling around] [Born to be an idol having DNA from the bones] Thank you! [a praise sticker for you / want to replay this 930706 times]
You’re good~ [Reverse-proof TIME fact check profile]
Next is fact check. This is the profile that the staff members made according to your prior interviews. [Time for proving the profile themselves]
From now on, you should prove the profile of yourself. [met the newbies one month ago (2020/01/21)]
Glad to meet you! I’m really good at ***. [excited]
[talking without knowing what’s going to happen] %$% how many can you eat? [proudly speaking]
I eat five easily. [What will happen to the pure souls in front of the broadcasting staff members?] [checking unique points / starting with the leader Im]
There were some things I said in the previous meeting. [can’t remember]
You said you were good at cooking. – I think mine is that I’m too talkative.
– Me too. – He talks too much.
– Way too much. – Big front teeth?
– Opens his mouth a lot. [guys, think of the dignity of the leader…]
He doesn’t know how to shut his mouth. [What is the first unique point of JUN H., the leader?]
One, two three! [with a thud] [first unique point]
Best at shooting among other idols. [remembers now] I think I said this, right. [Proud to have served in the army]
I’m from 27th division unit search battalion. -shooting, right…
– He’s good. He’s the best among idols. [How good is JUN H.?]
– He shoots like this.
– Oh, really? Show them. [let’s prove this immediately!]
Should I show you right away? I’m scared. I’ve never used this gun before. Adjusting zeroing point. [how to prove that he is the best at shooting – Success if he hits different sizes of cans in a row using a BB gun] You need to be careful. Careful. [Good luck leader!]
Good luck! [carefully aiming] [fire] [It fell] [leader, doing good] [the next can!] [shaking] [approved] [JUN H. / making excuses]
But the gun is too short so I can’t put it on my shoulder. [annoyed]
Just shoot~ [embarrassed] [fire]
Oh? There was a sound! [the can didn’t shake]
Oh? There was a sound! [did I hit?] [proud]
Did I hit? You didn’t Where did I shoot it? [requesting to check the video] [I did shoot it] Oh? There was a sound! [not moving / couldn’t prove] Just come back. [Following Confucianism]
Clean up the bullets that you dropped. Stick it again. [Fun to make fun of the leader]
It’s not my gun. [JUN H. / a person who talks too much]
I couldn’t shoot for zeroing [sad]
I have a video as a proof. [The proof video that he sent himself] [One shot one kill] You’re even better than before. [JUN H. The next fact to prove is?] [unique point 2]
He’s good at trivia If you are trapped in an uninhabited island, which member would you bring with you? [All of them picked JUN. H] [reason 1]
He’s good at surviving. [reason 2]
I can’t live without him. [reason 3]
He fixes everything and tells me things I’m curious about. Sort of like, ‘why do you know this?’ [trivia enthusiast] Should we chose one by one and ask him? [How to prove that he’s a trivia enthusiast – success if he gives answers to the questions that members ask]
I only know things that I know… Are you taller in the morning or at night? [at once]
– Morning.
– And the reason is? [Answer booster running as soon as he heard the question]
Morning. [Correct – Morning]
Because of the gravity, you become shorter at night. [correct] Why is there candy inside hardtack? I think I heard you can’t eat 20 hardtacks in one minute. You can only eat Hardtacks if there is candy inside. [Sad]
– The number was similar…
– Seven? [surprised]
I got it confused… [He has a major in Hardtack]
This is so cool. How do you know these things? I’m surprised each time! [He knows a lot of things we don’t need to know]
He knows too many things that we don’t need to know! The next question. The next question is, why do we shake hands with our right hands? [thinking fully]
If you knew, you’d already said the answer. You don’t know the answer. Shaking right hands… [likely]
We shake hands with our right hands because there are more right-handed people. [That’s not it…] [Fail?] [It’s not??] [I got it!]
Oh! I know! [correct]
We shake hands to show that we are not holding knives during war. [Surprised] [perfect] [respect him]
– Wow!
– How did you know? [He really is a trivia king]
So, this is also right. [JUN H: real name – Im Joon Hyeon / position: rap, leader / height: 176cm / weight: 58kg /unique point – ‘the best at shooting among idols’ ‘a trivia king’] YY has good fortune for 2020. [let’s skin to unique points right away]
Let’s see. [What is YY’s unique points?] I feel good when I ^%%^#$! [YY feels good when he does OOO] [excited] [Oh….] [What is YY’s unique points?] [next time] [*spits*]
Wow, you look really comfortable, eating ramen. That’s nonsense! Recommend channel Rookie King UNVS ! Thank you!

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