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KINGSTON: This is Erica Dose. Erica, would you please tell us the changes
you’ve seen since bringing Tyson in to see us, and yourself as well, if you would? ERICA: Okay, well Tyson – we brought him
in, oh gosh – probably about 9 months ago? Since we started bringing him in, he had a
very large growth spurt. He was very small and very short for his age. He had a very large growth spurt for height
and weight. His development also excelled a lot. So, happier baby overall! Going to the bathroom is a lot easier for
him. For myself, when I started coming here, my
breathing has improved immensely. I have severe asthma, using an inhaler once
or twice a day. I’m down to just a couple times a week, so
that’s been going really well. Allergies have been great as well. KINGSTON: That is terrific. ERICA: And a lot more energy! KINGSTON: A lot more energy! Thank you guys so much for that. You’re great. Thank you!

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