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Good morning, everybody. Thank you for a lovely introduction, I wish I understood it. Can everybody hear me well? That’s good, the electronic chap can be happy. I am delighted to be here. Thank you very much
for inviting me to this organisation. I had never heard of this organisation and I like what you are trying to do. It is absolutely wonderful. Before I start my presentation, I will tell
you that – over the last three years – my family has
become farmers. We bought a farm — Thank you We bought a piece of industrially
damaged land, which was industrially farmed
for more than 100 years, and we are restoring it to health. When we moved there, the top soil was about ‘that’ thick, on our farm. We tried to plant trees and it was so difficult to dig the soil, to dig the holes. We have many animals; we have many birds – you know, in order to create and
restore top soil, we need animals. So, our animals have been working hard for three years,
and our top soil is already ‘this’ thick. And we have worms there, and it’s living, it’s alive, and it’s much
easier to dig and much easier to plant things on. And I know many people, like us,
who are city people. We are not farmers. We grew up in the city. Who want to go into the country
and buy land, which has been destroyed by humanity. And restore it back to health. And the more of us do that, the quicker we can restore the health
of our planet. So, thank you for this little
transgression, and now we will start with our presentation. GAPS stands for
Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Gut and Physiology Syndrome. Both, thankfully, in the English language, abbreviate to the
same – GAPS. What is it? Hippocrates – all those thousands
of years ago – made a statement that all disease
begins in the gut. And the more we study, with our modern, scientific tools, the more we realise just
how correct he was. Indeed, every illness –
whether it is mental, or physical – begins in the digestive system
of the human being. GAPS – Gut and Psychology, and Gut and
Physiology Syndrome establish a relationship between the gut and the health of the rest of the body. I started talking about the farm,
and the top soil, for a reason. Because – what we have discovered –
is that our digestive system has a soil of its own. If you take the gut of an adult and
put it flat, it will cover a tennis court. Some researchers say a football field. But the majority decided
that it’s a tennis court. And every square millimeter
of this tennis court is covered by a thick
band of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, archaea, worms, flukes, and lots of other creatures we haven’t even researched yet. And these creatures create their own bio-film. They grab hold of food that you eat, convert it into good substances for themselves, and build little homes for themselves. And that is called a bio-film. It is a thick, sticky substance
full of microbes. And that is our gut flora. The soil has to be covered by plants. If the soil is made bare – if we dig it, or plough it
– it dies. Every time we plough the soil, we kill it. We destroy it. Healthy soil is covered by a layer of derm, a layer of turf. Grasses, roots and microbiological life living inside there, microbes
living inside there. The same is happening
with that tennis court inside you: It is covered by its own turf. And that is our gut flora. Recent research has discovered that 90% of all cells – in your body – is your
gut flora. 90%. So your body is only 10%. It’s a shell. A habitat for this maze of
microbes that live inside us. And we ignore them at our peril. The number of functions
they fulfill for us is so far-reaching, and so important, that – if one day we sterilized
the human digestive system – we will not survive. Here, we will talk about the roles
of our gut flora. Those that have been researched well, and those we know something about. They protect that tennis court from any invader from the outside. Be it a microbe, be it a worm, or be it a toxin, a chemical. They do not allow these things
to go into your castle, into your body. They protect you. If it is a chemical, if it is a
cancer-causing chemical, if it is a toxic metal,
or if it is something else – these microbes have an ability to neutralise these chemicals. In fact, they are the best neutralisers and de-toxifying substances on the planet known to us. Microbes. If they can’t neutralise it,
they will grab hold of it, and take it out of your
system in the stool. Because most of your stool is bacteria. And they are holding toxic substances. That is called chelation, from the Greek word chele, crab’s claw. Like a crab, they will grab hold of mercury, grab hold of lead, grab hold of aluminium, grab hold of formaldehyde, and a myriad of other toxic things. And take them out of your system. I have a study,
where two groups of rats were given organic mercury
in their food and drink. One group of rats had healthy gut flora, the other group of rats was
given a broad spectrum of antibiotics, for several weeks, to destroy their gut flora. And what the scientists have found: in the rats with the destroyed gut flora, more than 90% of that
mercury was absorbed into the system. But in the rats with the healthy gut flora, from 1 to 3% absorbed. The rest of it left the body
of the rat in the feces, in the stool. That’s how strong our
gut flora is at protecting us from toxins. So, health and integrity of the gut. These are our house keepers. These microbes. They look after our digestive
system, and they do not allow anything toxic
to get into the body. They take a huge part
in appropriate digestion, and absorption of our food. In fact, we cannot digest food,
or absorb food, without well functioning gut flora. We live in a world, where antibiotics
are prescribed to us on a regular basis. From a very young age. On top of that, most industrial food
we put into our mouths is full of antibiotics. Meat, industrially produced. Fish, industrially produced. Eggs, milk, vegetables,
fruit, grains, beans – everything is grown with substances, which have antibiotic properties. Most pesticides are antibiotics. Every time we are eating
non-organic food, we are taking in antibiotics. What antibiotics do –
they destroy the harmony inside our digestive systems. We are always talking about harmony. Nature works on harmony. Nature is a symphony,
a most beautiful symphony, where everything sings its own tune, and it is all harmonious. Healthy gut flora has a myriad
of microbes in it, and all of them plant each other, harvest each other, eat each other, control each other, cultivate each other. They are all controlling each other, so not one of them can overgrow, get out of control, and start causing damage. We take antibiotics – what do we do? We kill off a large part of that harmony. So what’s left there, suddenly, is not controlled anymore. So various things overgrow, and we have disharmony. We have an imbalance. As a result, your food immediately gets digested
in a very different way. Not the way you used to digest it, before the course of antibiotics. Suddenly things that you used to digest well, and they were fine for you, like your toast in the morning, and your croissant for breakfast, and your breakfast cereal,
or something else – suddenly, you can’t digest it anymore. It gives you gas, it gives you pain, it gives you diarrhea, it gives you reflux. Because very different gut flora are now breaking down these foods and are now converting these foods into a myriad of very toxic, poisonous substances. At the same time, they damage the integrity of the gut wall, making it porous and leaky. So these poisons absorb
into the bloodstream, get distributed around the body, and whichever organ they get into, they will cause disease. They will cause trouble. Our beneficial bacteria have
an ability to recover, after antibiotics,
after a course of antibiotics, but it takes them between two weeks to two months to recover. And that is a window
of opportunity for various pathogenic microbes,
which these bacteria used to control, to overgrow. The typical species that overgrow – that we know of – after a course of antibiotics, are candida species, fungi, and clostridia species. Both of these species can cause a lot of misery and a lot of trouble in the body. So, from one course of antibiotic to the next course of antibiotic to the next course of antibiotic you have less and less harmony in your digestive system and more and more disorder. When various species start to overgrow and to cause problems. Coming back to the normal
function of the gut flora – vitamin production is a major function of our gut flora. You all know that we need B vitamins, right? B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin. The major source, and the most important source, and quite often the ONLY source – for us, of these vitamins, is our gut flora. The same with vitamin K2, which is a fat-soluble vitamin, and many other nutrients and substances. Why? Because these things are not available, quite often, from food, and even if they are available, we can’t digest those foods. We can’t extract them very well. Because they are so vital for us, Mother Nature gave us
our own little factory, inside our digestive system, which is constantly producing these substances, and constantly releasing
them into your bloodstream and into your lymph. And there is a very interesting
conversation going on, between the body and the gut flora. When the body will tell the gut flora – I need so much B12 right now, and the gut flora will release
it in that amount. We can never repeat that
with any supplement, with any food, with anything. When people destroy their gut flora – usually with antibiotics – What happens to them? They develop anaemia, first and foremost. They become pale, pasty, their energy goes down. And they can’t stand, they can’t tolerate stress and pressure, these people. That’s anaemia. In order to have healthy blood, we need every B vitamin. Not only iron. We need B12, we need B6, we need B1, B2, B5, B6, we need biotin. And this person will
continue being anaemic until we restore the
gut flora of the person. That is what has to be done. Vitamin K2 is a very
interesting vitamin. Without it, the body cannot
take in calcium from your diet and put it in your bones and into your teeth. Instead, the calcium settles in your arteries, in your brain, in your liver, and your kidneys, forming stones, and in other soft tissues, causing disease in the body. Every person, who has kidney stones, or gallbladder stones, or other problems like that, doesn’t have enough
vitamin K2 in the body, because their gut flora is damaged. We mentioned detoxification. Immune system – about 85% of your immune system is located in the gut bowel. So your digestive system is THE biggest and the most important immune organ in your body. Why is that? Because 90% of you is inside the gut. Gut flora. And the relationship between the gut flora and the immune system is like ‘this’. They are close partners. They talk to each other; gut flora is a large source of data for the immune system to act upon, to make major decisions – Do I launch information? Do I launch autoimmunity? Do I do something else with this? And also – the immune system
is a very hungry organ. It needs feeding. High quality nutrition, all the time. Gut flora provides this high quality nutrition for the immune system. And it protects it from intoxication. What happens to a person, who’s gut flora got damaged? It’s abnormal. The immune system becomes
malnourished, it is intoxicated, because there is a river of toxicity flowing from the gut into the
blood stream of this person. And it is misinformed. Because the data coming from abnormal gut flora is unhealthy. Disharmonious. So, as the result, this person develops chronic inflammation, all over the body, autoimmunity sets in, and all
sorts of other problems. So your own immune system
starts causing disease in your body. These are just a few functions that we have researched well. There are many other functions
of our gut flora, our science is working on this, I am sure we will get more information soon. What can damage our gut flora? Can any of you raise your hand
if you have never experienced at least one of these? We humans have created an environment on our planet, particularly in the western world, which is against life. Which is not conducive to human life. Every one of these things
can damage your gut flora. Very effectively. Contraceptive pill –
I would like particularly to single that out – has a devastating effect
on the gut flora. And ladies take them
for quite a few years before they are ready
to start their family. Why is that important? Because the baby gets its
gut flora from the mother. When the baby goes through
the birth canal. At the moment of birth, the baby
swallows mouthfuls of bacteria that live in the mother’s vagina. Where does vaginal flora come from? From the bowel of the woman. So, if the woman has abnormal gut flora, she will have abnormal flora
in her birth canal. And that is what she is giving her baby from the first moment of the baby’s life. Abnormal gut flora. Fathers have their own gut flora, which populates their groin, and all the organs in that area. And they share their flora with the mother on a regular basis. In my clinic, I’ve worked with thousands of
autistic children, almost 100% of the mothers
have abnormal gut flora. That is what they pass to their child at the moment of birth. I had about a handful of mums, who didn’t seem to have that problem. In every case, the father had severe, abnormal gut flora. So that is where this flora came
from in the child. All other drugs, particularly taken on a chronic, prescription basis, will damage your gut flora. Infections, and indeed our diet, our modern diet full of processed foods, feeds perfectly – candida, clostridia, proteus,
staphylococcus, streptococcus lots and lots of other
creatures – and worms – they create a perfect
environment for worms – for flukes, and parasites
in the digestive system. So, the abnormal diet that humanity has been living on for the last 100 years plays a crucial role in
abnormalities in the gut flora of people as well. Bottle feeding. Bottle-fed babies develop
completely different gut flora from the breast-fed babies. And that gut flora predisposes
them to allergies, first and foremost. And to many, many other problems later on. Old age, pollution, radiation, alcohol. Dental work. It is very important for us to understand
that everything a modern dentist puts into your mouth, is toxic. Poisonous. And we swallow these things
for weeks afterwards. So it is very important,
for us humanity, to develop holistic dentistry. Dentistry that is aware of these things, and tries to work a little bit
less toxic with us. And it is also very important for us to prepare our gut flora for the
visit to the dentist, by taking good quality probiotics,
for a few weeks prior to going to the dentist. And eating a correct diet. I’ll talk about the correct diet later. And for a few weeks after
visiting the dentist, to continue taking probiotics,
and to continue with the correct diet. That way you can protect your gut flora from a lot of damage
from the dental work. What is a typical scenario
we see in the gut in the clinic? The mother has abnormal gut flora. She passes that abnormal
gut flora to her child at the moment of birth. So the baby develops life from a very poor standing point, from a very poor start. On top of that, there is another factor, and that is playing a role for the gut flora and for the whole constitution
of the child nowadays, and that is the general toxic load a baby
is born with. What is that? It sounds cruel, and unfair, but the way Mother Nature
designed a human body, the woman’s body, is that
it uses pregnancy as a chance to clean up. By dumping toxins into the baby, into the foetus. That has been proven with
animal research. So, if a woman has got amalgam
fillings in her teeth, the mercury that comes out of that will target the baby as the No. 1 target. The baby will get most of that mercury. If a woman has been
painting the baby’s room during pregnancy, or has exposed herself
to other chemicals, by going to the hairdresser’s – dying her hair, perming her hair – doing something else with herself,
using make-up, using conventional personal
care products, creams, lotions and potions
and shampoos, and the rest of it. Our skin is not a barrier. It is a sponge. It absorbs everything in seconds. Every time you wash your
hair with shampoo, your blood is full of chemicals. Extremely toxic chemicals. Cancer-causing chemicals. And in a pregnant woman,
90% of those chemicals will absorb into the foetus. And we have nowadays,
in our modern world, women, who have children
later and later in life. The majority of ladies nowadays
have their first child in their thirties. So she had 30 years to
accumulate chemicals and toxins in her body. From contraceptive pill, junk food, from all the drugs she’s taken, from all the personal care
products she used, from all the make-up she’s been
using on her face, from all the hair dyes. And from all sorts of other things in our
environment. And electromagnetic pollution. And pollution in our buildings and outside, and everywhere else. The older the woman is,
the more she accumulates in her body. Once she gets pregnant, her body says,
“Great, I’ll clean up!” And it dumps the whole lot
into the foetus. We have a growing percentage
of miscarriages in our modern world. Because, if the woman has enough toxins to kill the foetus, she will have a miscarriage, or she will have a stillbirth. She will have a dead baby. It’s not a happy event, a miscarriage, but actually it is better,
because on this miscarriage, the woman’s body has cleaned up. So, for the next pregnancy,
her body is cleaner, and is able to produce a viable baby. Depending on how much toxicology the baby is born with,
the constitution of that baby is stronger, or weaker. A growing percentage of our babies in the western world
are born with a huge toxic load. And they get abnormal gut flora
from their mother, from day one. So these children already have a very compromised constitution. That is why we have epidemics of diabetes type I,
learning disabilities, allergies and all sorts of other illnesses
in our children. When I started practicing
as a medical doctor, the youngest person we diagnosed
with diabetes type I was an 18-year-old person. Now, I have a group of patients, who are a few weeks old. Babies with diabetes type I. The disease is getting younger, and it is getting more common. So the baby acquires abnormal gut flora. Babies are born with an
immature immune system. It’s an immune system
which needs education. Establishment of normal gut flora in the first few days of life is a major lesson for the immune system. A major educational experience. If a child acquired abnormal gut flora
from the mother, the child is left immune-compromised. It’s a misinformed immune system. So the child gets infections. Mucus production
is an immune function. So the child starts producing
far too much mucus – in the nose, in the throat,
in the tubes that connect the middle ear with
the back of the nose – so the child starts getting ear infections and chest infections. Ear infections are the
most common infections among sick children in our world. And of course, antibiotics are prescribed. So whatever good gut flora
this child did get from the mother, gets destroyed. By consecutive courses of antibiotics. On top of that, antibiotics
have direct damaging effect on the immune system. So the immune system – with every course of
antibiotics in the child – gets a double attack. From the abnormal gut flora, which will compromise it, and from the antibiotic itself. Scientists have observed
how antibiotics kill macrophages, lymphocytes,
and other immune cells, under the microscope. They directly kill them. So further damage to the gut flora and the immune system
of the child follows. And that usually happens in the first couple of years of life. Then of course vaccinations join the bandwagon. Vaccinations were invented
by good people. People, who really wanted
to do something good for humanity. I’m afraid, that motivation has gone. Completely. Vaccinations are a multi-billion business, and the things that are in the vaccines are so toxic. We’ve dealt with the mercury,
thankfully they removed the merocel, mercury,
from the vaccines, but there is aluminium. The dose of aluminium that a child gets – this little baby – in the first few injections, in the first year of life – is an elephant dose
for the human being. Aluminium causes dementia. Alzheimer’s disease. Because aluminium is a
fat-soluble toxin. It absorbs into high fat
tissues in the body. So it targets the brain. It targets the nervous system. It targets your thyroid gland. It targets your pancreas. It targets your bone marrow, where most cells of your blood and immune system are born. We have an epidemic of leukemia among our children. Our leukemia is getting younger
and younger. We have babies now with leukemia. The bone marrow of the child
is full of aluminium. Full of mercury, full of lead. Full of other toxins, many of which
came from vaccinations. That is why we have this epidemic. And recent research also demonstrated the fact, which is absolutely unbelievable, that in the first two years of life these vaccinations have no effect in forming immunity in children. Because the immune system
is not mature enough to respond to them right away. Children do not develop any immunity in the first two years. We must not vaccinate our children in the first two years of life. The more I learn about the whole thing, the more I am convinced: If I had children now, I would not vaccinate them. Up to the age of 4 years, we now give up to 52 vaccines to a child. 52. Is that really necessary? And what we need to understand
is also that all these childhood infections – measles,
mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and the rest of them – were given to us by Mother Nature for a reason. Mother Nature doesn’t do anything without good reason. They are given to the child to educate that immature
immune system properly. Give it proper lessons, to teach it properly how to live in this world. It is a fact that people who DID have measles as a child, never develop auto-immunity or allergies. Because their immune system
was properly educated. The decisive factor our
mainstream scare-mongering people, scaring people to death, saying, “Oh, measles can kill your child.” The decisive factor, if your child will get a complication from measles, or any other infection, is the nutritional status of the child. If the child doesn’t have
deficiencies in protein, and fat-soluble vitamins – that is vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E. If the child is well nourished, in all these departments, they will sail through measles, they will sail through any
of these infections and come out the other end healthier. And stronger. And their immune system
got proper education. The usual weaning diet is based
on processed milk, dead milk, and is based
on processed grains. Both are extremely difficult to digest, and they are full of destroyed,
chemically altered, nutrients. Which do not really feed
the child’s body, they pollute the child’s body. And they make the whole
situation worse, because they feed pathogenic
microbes in the gut. So, the child finishes off with quite a serious
gut dysbiosis, by the age of one, usually, or two. That damage is done to the integrity of the gut wall of the child, making it porous and leaky. So, the child’s digestive system – instead of being a source of nourishment for that child – becomes a major source of toxicity in the
body. A river of toxins, alive microbes, and undigested food enter the body, they get distributed around the body. The immune system reacts to the whole situation, and of course that is a basis
for any chronic illness in the body. When these things get into
the brain of the child, they are clogged with toxicity, and cause brain dysfunction. And whatever other organ they get into, they will cause physical illness. Let us start with Gut and Psychology Syndrome. My book, with this name,
has been translated into the German language;
it’s available here for sale. That is where I describe
gut and psychology syndrome. Let’s start with children. When I started practicing
as a medical doctor, we were diagnosing
1 child in 10,000 with autism. 10,000. Today, we are diagnosing on average 1 child
in 35-40 with autism. And scientists have already
projected that line. By 2020, between 20 and 25, in the English speaking countries, we will be diagnosing 1 child in 2. Half of our babies will be autistic. And that graph is not
going to stop there. It will continue growing. Until the majority, or maybe ALL children, will be autistic in the western world. If that is not a catastrophe,
I don’t know what is. And our governments are just putting their heads in the sand. They don’t want to even recognise this fact. Almost 100% of these children were born with a perfectly normal brain. These are perfectly normal children. But they acquired abnormal
gut flora from the mother, from the start, and they
acquired a heavy toxic load from the mother during
pregnancy, these children. So, when they are born,
their digestive system is populated by pathogens, which produce a river of toxins. These toxins get into the brain of the child and clog it with toxicity. How do babies learn? I am sure, the majority of
you have children. You watched your babies. They listen to everything, they look at everything, they touch everything, they take everything in their mouth. What are they doing? They are using their senses
to collect information from the world. Their hearing, their vision, their tactile sensitivity, their taste buds, their smell – and then these organs
pass that information to the brain to be processed. And from that information,
the baby learns. Now this is Mommy, this is Daddy. I can trust them. This is a toy. I play with it like ‘this’. I don’t line it up, I don’t throw it,>
I don’t destroy it. These are other children;
I copy them. This is food,
I eat it like this. But if the child’s brain is
clogged with toxins, it cannot process this
sensory information. Information turns into a noise, into a mush, in the child’s brain. And from that noise, the child can’t decipher anything useful. Autistic children do not learn that this is Mommy and Daddy. Mommy and Daddy usually
don’t mean any more than any other human being around. They are known to pick up the hand of any
stranger on the street and try to walk away with that person. With Mommy running behind
and screaming his name. They don’t know what to do with toys, they don’t know what to do with food, they don’t know what
to do with other children. And the longer the child is stuck
in that toxic fog, in that toxic mush, the more physical damage
is inflicted on the brain. Remember, the child was born
with a perfectly beautiful, healthy brain. But the longer this bombardment of toxicity continues, the more physical damage is inflicted on the brain. The immune system joins in,
causing inflammation and auto-immune attack on
these toxins in the brain, causing physical damage to the brain. On top of that, children have to learn certain skills at a certain age. We have to learn to walk around the age of 1. We have to learn to talk
by the age of 2. We acquire certain skills within a certain window
of opportunity. And if the child missed
those windows, because the child was stuck
in that toxic fog, later on, it is very difficult
for them to catch up. To learn those skills
without special help. So, the older the autistic child is, the longer it takes for us
to heal that child. And the more difficult it is, the less fully they may recover. The younger the child is, the quicker they recover, and the more fully they recover. What do we need to do with this child? We need to change the gut flora. We need to heal and seal the gut wall. Close all the holes in the gut wall, so toxins stop absorbing. And once that source of toxicity stops, the brain cleans up. The human brain has the beautiful ability to clean itself up. It has its own detoxification system. Microglia. It’ll clean itself up and
it will start functioning. The child will wake up. The toxic fog disappears and
from that moment on the child learns. So, if the child is two years old,
three years old, we can pull the child out of autism 100%. This will be a normal child,
continue developing, learning, working, studying. But the older the child is, the less fully they recover, the more residual damage is left. But it is very, very individual. I recommend that with every age of autism, GAPS nutrition protocol is implemented. I have patients who are 45, with sever autism, in a wheelchair, not toilet trained. These people are in pain. Autistic children and adults are in sever pain all the time. Their head hurts. Their tummy hurts. The joints are hurting,
the muscles are hurting, they feel nauseous, they feel awful. All the time. That is why they are misbehaving, that is why they are aggressive, that is why there are all sorts of behaviour to attract attention. Help me! When we put them on
the GAPS nutrition protocol, the pain disappears. Inflammation disappears, auto-immunity stops. These people feel well. Of course, a 45-year-old autistic person is not going to recover from autism. But this person will feel well. Will be happy. Will sleep well. Will be easy to look after. And I had people, at that age,
who got toilet-trained. At that age, for the first time. And that is a HUGE thing for carers. So it is worth doing that at any age, with these people. If a child has a different
composition of gut flora, a different kind of toxicity coming in, the constitution of the child is different, the child might not develop autism. But will develop hyper-activity. ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADD – attention deficit, without hyperactivity. Or dyslexia, or dyspraxia. But the majority of these children, about 85% of them, do not fit into any diagnostic label.

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  5. HELP my son Stephen lives in assisted living in pagham west sussex england. Had meeting with nhs dietician,social worker and managers where Stephen lives. the CORTUPT CREEPS even tho i gav them HUGE problems and i EVIDENCED ALL OF THIS the PROBLEMS Stephen gets when eating gluten and cows pro and soya and lots sugar- they IGNORE ALL THIS EVIDENCE AND INTEND TO GIVE HIM GLUTEN /COWS PRO/SOYA. Stephen has been placed on gf/cow free etc since he was 6 yrs old hes now 28yrs old. They use nice guidlines /lies/manipulation /cover their backs the DOORMATS to do dirty 'work' and make my son SUFFER. I hav to go to Court to get him his rights to a clean diet that DOESNT CS INFLAMMATION AND THAT DOESNT CS HIM TO BE BEHAVIOURAL AND CONSTIPATED. POOR Stephen. what corrupt creatures with 'jobs' can make people suffer. If any one carers pls reply. HELP Stephen. Laura(his Mum)

  6. Me encantaría escuchar esta importante información en español ya que no hablo el ingles, si alguien puede recomendar información en español estaré muy agradecida…

    Exito 💎

  7. Sería interesante que alguien tomará tiempo para traducir a español la valiosa información que da la doctora Campbell. No hay prácticamente información en español. Sería un bonito detalle altruista para los que no sabemos inglés

  8. She is wrong about meat dairy and eggs. Are not healthy foods and not healthy for the heartn.

  9. I think she is explaining Autism in this video. The baby is introduced to the gut flora. I think they should do a study on that.

  10. shut this shit off after she started talking about "mother nature gave us these diseases" ya stupid ass like bubonic plague as well? There's a reason we have vaccines to PREVENT pandemics. Of course this fucking quack is just selling her agenda. Go ahead, dont get vaccinated and enjoy wonderful things like hepatitus, polio, lupus etc. Its already been proven vaccines have NO EFFECT on autism, add, adhd, asd etc.

  11. I do not know how I can thank you enough Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride for your wonderful work. This information; "Your health depends on your gut!" A sensible connection with the environment we surround ourselves with is essential for a well-functioning and healthy life. We need to see what this unrelated nexus to our close environment has brought us. Look at our youngest generations and the health issues and what they are going to mess with. Everything you've raised in your speech about the environment and health, I agree 100% with. For the past 30 years, I've been trying to warn about these and other problems from medicine and industries. When we get disconnected from what we really are a part of, we will decline as a species. I can assure you; I will share this vital information as often as possible. Thank you, for sharing your knowledge, wonderful human being.

  12. Typical constiraty theorie on taking person who wants to get money and attention. Totally overstated claims. Mixing truths, untruths and assumptions

  13. I’ve wondered for many years if birth control pills had something to do with autism in offspring. But I have been alone in this until now! I about cried when I heard you mention that birth control damages the gut flora, which is passed onto children. If birth control does this, then I would expect that Hormone Replacement Therapy, often taken after cessation of menses, would also do some damage.

  14. Found this woman in 2013 – she has helped my autistic daughter learn how to speak through her book the GAPS protocol. She taught us that a healthy gut means everything for immunesystem and cognitive brain health. THX Natasha!

  15. Yup!!! … I am experiencing this problem … so I understand … the guts probably (digestive system) creates a lot of problems … even effecting our moods … thinking … behaviour … body health and balance … even effects intelligence … foggy or dull brains effects intelligence, IQ or EQ.

    I have headaches and pain … discomfort in my stomach area … digestion problems … constipation and lots of wind, burping, spicy burning sensation .. effect my mood, focus and memory … even now I’m having this discomfort and pain … headache … while writing this ……………… Fu*k!!!

  16. As a direct care worker I’m heartbroken knowing the folks I supported are being poisoned! The food in most facilities,dayhabs is typically the worst! And think of prisons! I’ll share this with folks thinking of having babies!

  17. Oh my crap! My mind keeps getting blown and I'm only 13 mins in, and there's 3 parts to this. I was 2yrs old when I receive 6 consecutive courses of antibiotics for a very stubborn UTI I was having. This explains sooooo much.

  18. Please share this video with everyone you care about, it can be trully life changing for so many people.

  19. It's overwhelming that this is likely 100% true yet mainstream healthcare isn't in line with it. It's overwhelming that that mainstream healthcare resistance is so severe that they'll break GAPS parent's spirit's with no intention of helping them. Doctors won't advocate for these families. They try to make them look like wackos! DCS (Department of Child Services) commonly gets contacted on parents who TRY GAPS, including in the country advertised as being the most free in the world- The United States of America. The only thing that throws me off about GAPS is we aren't openly admitting that early GAPS foods are high in natural animal fats and are in line with the ketogenic diet. It's basically the same diet so in the initial stages of GAPS, your whole family is healing through ketosis. That's not being stated enough. The initial stages of GAPS with broth, meat, no fruits and limited low carb veggies is actually placing patients into a state of nutritional ketosis- which is already clinically proven to heal or drastically reduce seizures in the brains of children & adults. That's medically recognized in the Western World and may be a great way to convince physicians to open their minds up to the GAPS theory. I was kicked out of a GAPS parent's online SUPPORT group for stating that keto connection with GAPS. People, including children, can become sick with the keto flu while doing GAPS stage 1 and if that's not realized then counreractive measures can't be taken to aid that transition to reduce the heart burn, hair loss and other nasty symptoms that accompany keto fat adaptation transitions. GAPS People will literally describe fat adaptation symptoms that have readily available remedies or cures as outrageous things and parents believe it. They'll tell parents the hair of their child is falling out because toxicity is leaving the child's body and all sorts of nonsense. Hair loss is a common keto symptom and there's remedies to cure it. People will battle you for the sake of their pride, even if they're very wrong to the point where people can actually get hurt by following their advice. Don't believe any healing diet that people have capitalized on to be the gospel without realizing there's multiple ways of achieving the same goal. Get yourself informed about these healing diets and follow your heart. What some people would call GAPS stage 1- others would call it the ketogenic diet. Head my advice. As a mom to an autistic child- I cried when I first watched Dr McBride speak about GAPS. I took to my social media to expose the truth to as many folks as possible. I was furious that my child could be permanently disabled for the rest of his life BECAUSE he was older than 3 years old at that point, the autism is less likely to be permanently reversed after age 3, and I've been told by mainstream doctors that there's no known cause or cure for autism. I was furious that GAPS competent physicians who can assist parents and monitor the child's health during the healing process weren't readily available. What have I learned? The Western World romanticized disease to the point where cures are viewed as "politically incorrect". If someone said "let's cure autism"- there'd be swarms of protests that we should accept autistic people as they ARE and stop trying to change them. It's taken offensively as though we're making fun of autistic people or saying something is wrong with them, even though a cure means independence and freedom for many of these disabled people. The Western World is too politically correct and fears social backlash too much to admit that families who choose GAPS need & deserve SUPPORT. God is love. God is the truth. Our world becomes a great divided whore without God.

  20. I totally don't agree about the vaccine tslk here. I almost died of measles and was a not vaccined breastfed child. I developped severe allergies, chronic inflammation and depression from measles and was pre diabetic, insulin resistant for decades. I see unvaccinated children getting severe childhood diseases and develop chronic diseases afterwords……… This talk here is really exaggerating and fear mongering. I am 46, have 3 children. We live keto/carnivore since 2 years and recovered from streptococcus and pre diabetes. My children are fully vaccinated and healthy! Before keto 2 years ago, their health was getting bad because of grains, oils, sugar. I never fed my children junk or bottle and none the less, they had problems with overweight and streptococcus. We regained our health without this panic here in this video.

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