Garmin Fishing League 2019 Finał

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Garmin Fishing League 2019
Final First mission that we have is to wake Marcin up at his boat second one is to provide him with Mikado rod third is to show him the spot where a meter-long fish is hidden then all we have left is to take pictures. Listen up, in a moment we will begin the Garmin Fishing League Final. There are two Mikado teams. What up guys? Let’s rock it! Go get it! Let’s rock it. Go get it! This boat is like a horse, just add a plough and you can plough a field. – 5 perch and a pike.
– 6 perch… – 6 perch and a pike
-…full-sized ones and an 86cm pike. – So what? Are you happy? Yeah, nice fish. We promised that we will land it once we spot it and within half an hour we had a magnificent pike 105cm. It is even a little bit to good to start the contest this way, with such a large fish. What a beauty – really incredibly thick. Great shape of that fish too, it really grinded our gears during hauling and we had a bit of adrenaline coming from that, it was not as easy afterwards though, we could not cope as easily, we had baits of smaller zander, one pike bait, a bit of struggle We tried various waters – from 12 meters of depth to nearly 3-4 meters. Half of the reservoir searched-through, yet nothing gave us such info that we could use and keep angling effectively. We caught 5 more nice perch including 34cm, 32cm long I think. And we are waiting for tomorrow results to come. So far 6th place after the first day. It’s not going bad, yet the crucial is that cherry on top of a cake this season. What a fish. That pike was so long, that normally in a hand… Getting the pike to a landing net, what now? Do you want to put it in? – I don’t reckon so, come on, help me here.
– I don’t think we’ll make it. Getting there, getting there then I just stop… and there it is “what a beauty”. Then I am raising it, letting go of the reel to catch it in my hand just up like this, and when it was about 40 centimeters below the surface, you know how it looks like in a clear water, from just below the water you could say “eightyish” golden one, it gazed me in the eyes then it left that perch, turned around and went all the way down. Literally to 9 meters just below the boat. – We should thank each-other for that session.
– Correct. – It was really decent, awesome.
– It was great.

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