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the addiction that was the best and
worst decision that happened to me what is good YouTube in this video I’m gonna
be talking to you about the addiction a lot of you probably looking at this
addiction like a crackhead junkie or smoking a bunch and drinking a bunch but
that is not it okay a lot of times and someone’s addicted to something is cuz
they’re trying to fill a void at some point in their life and I’ve talked
about this in one of my videos and previous YouTube videos you can probably
link it up here wherever the hell it is and understand what we did there now
that being said so the addiction that I’m talking about that was one of the
best things that I ever did to myself was mastering the art of communication
and sales and what I mean by that is when I grew up I didn’t really
understand communication to its nth degree living one different lifestyle to
come into the different lifestyle and kind of questioning a lot of what I
learned and when I got to the end of my high school career I didn’t really know
what I was doing it’s kind of loss and all that good stuff but I knew one thing
that you know human beings have one thing in common a lot of times a
commonality is this communication how you communicate with someone is how you
end up getting them to a make a decision on what whether you wanted whether you
want to go out for dinner and you you’re choosing a place they don’t want to go
to or whatever comes down to you but communication from the standpoint of
sales turned my friggin life around okay a lot of you guys know I went to school
I graduated I went to college to become a pilot dropped out and I ended up in
door-to-door sales that was my personal MBA in sales I’ve ever had in my life
and it was so damn good that I literally made my brother when he turned 18 go
door knocking for me for the company that I had for a short period just so
you can understand what that can do now the reason why I say it’s an addiction
is a lot of people when they think about door knocking or when they think about
cold calling or whatever it comes down to their entire you know their entire
persona goes to oh my god you gotta sit there you know cold call you got a knock
on doors and you I talk to strangers it’s the end of the day you’re talking
to strangers no matter what you do no matter what kind of transactional valued
relationship you want to build you are going to have to get that from us
you know if you want to build a million-dollar business you’re fit a lot
of the times they can almost guarantee your parents aren’t just gonna give you
a million dollars or on a business you know you ain’t Donald Trump here so at
the end of the day you got to understand everything you want a stranger has learn
to go and get it now how can you get it be friggin addicted with yourself to
understand that everything you want you can get out of someone else and I mean
come across wrong may come across really ridiculous a lot of you but if you know
how to bring someone more value than the person that you’re competing against
you’re going to win as soon as I understood that in my head at the young
age of 19 18 or 19 I realized that that was going to be trend for national for
me okay why I got so addicted to this was because part of the reason the void
that you know where sales drove a lot of my career was because a I dropped out of
college it spent all this money in school and I was like screw this I don’t
want news anymore and then it turned around to being I only have one option
figure this out I think that was the void like in that specific moment it was
a lot deeper than that that have gone since then but that specific moment
saying you gotta figure this out I went door knocking and I did the sales job
and I went three weeks without a sale I was three days away from getting fired
bosses we don’t know Wednesday and he goes if you don’t get a sale by Saturday
you’re gonna not have to come back on Monday because you’re not gonna have a
job now that filled another void so now I got addicted to the fact that I needed
to the adrenalin we needed to get a sale I got a sale that day got a sale on the
Friday held my job for probably who knows how long the day you know they had
in their head like at this idiot doesn’t get another sale for the next little bit
program to let them go anyways fast-forward that addiction okay that
addiction of wanting to figure it out not only for myself but for my life but
for the career that I just gave up on that addiction of wanting to figure it
out drove the rest of my career that I’ve built what I’ve built today you
know these books you seen here majority of the books are either marketing
psychology or sales those are the three books that I spent a lot of my time on
reading in my early days now I’m reading different parts of books and different
things that I want to learn but that was my addiction now today my addiction is
how do I take companies and scale them and sell them because now I’ve come to a
point where I can do this but this one addiction if you commit to yourself and
understanding how to build a sales business sales driven business no matter
where you go in your life you are going to win I say this every single time and
I mean it to whoever I talk to you all that I have today everything can be
wiped out of my feet tomorrow they cannot take away the one thing that
I know how to do and that is sell because I can get out there get a sales
job and create a six-figure is a six-figure salary in this snap of a
finger because I was so addicted to
understanding the one art the one art that could turn any business around then
I can go into I can walk into a company tomorrow and say hey what do you what do
you pay yourself people I pay him 10% listen I don’t want to salary but I want
25 to 30% of all of the sales and I can guarantee I’m gonna give you an increase
in XML what business owners gonna say no I’m just giving myself an opportunity
because oh so damn can addicted to the fact that I knew how to sell and all of
you probably thinking that yeah it’s easy for you to say Rona you’ve put all
this time and effort yeah but I also you know was willing to be that addicted and
that’s the whole point of this video so I want you to understand get addicted to
understanding how to have a valued driven transactional conversation in any
part of your business because if you do do that no matter what you’re doing okay
you know whether you’re trying to hit you know and a lot of times sales could
even be just selling your wife and going out to get going dinner like I said
earlier selling your friends to go watch them different movie like doesn’t matter
what it is how you learn and how you communicate put them all together and
sell the person you want to do something with or sell them for whether it’s
monetary or whether it’s something else it doesn’t matter that one addiction has
changed my life all round and I can guarantee you if you use it the right
way no sales can be used in a long wrong ways and I’ve seen it happen to myself
where people have used it against me and I get instantly turned off by it and I
just tell them to go somewhere else with this Sun don’t shine but that does not
mean that you need to be that person learn how to be addicted to being using
and understanding the one skill set that could turn your life around it turned
mine around I look forward to seeing you now
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