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Hi, I am Dr. Dean Mitchell. And today I’m with a patient of mine, Liam, who I saw several years ago who was suffering from allergies. Liam do
you remember what it’s like when you came to me. And now you’re 11, right? And you
came to me I think you were 5 years old you were quite young.
You’ve grown a lot since then. Do you remember how bad your allergies were
when you first came to me? They were pretty bad, like nebulizer. You had to use a
nebulizer to breathe. Like very hard breathing. And was this certain times of
the year that it was bad like now in the spring? Yes spring and some parts of summer. So it made it difficult to do fun things that you like soccer
and stuff like that? Yeah. Okay. How did you feel when you were taking
the sublingual allergy drops over time? Did you feel improvement with it? Yeah I definitely did. I didn’t have the allergies, they kinda wore off kind of and that’s great okay and also you were
using less medications very good I know you came back in today and we know
obviously the allergy season has been an extremely bad in fact the counts have
been over 2,000 for the tree pollen I know you came in you had a little bit of
symptoms but I just examined you and I listened and fortunately for what I see
is really very minimal so you might need a little bit of medication for a few
days and then I think you’re gonna be fine so would you recommend the allergy
drops for any of your friends if they were really suffering yeah you would it
wasn’t bad okay all right thanks Liam I hope it helps some other kids boosts up
from allergies thank you

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