GET READY WITH ME for a Baby Shower | HOT MESS EXPRESS Edition + Mom Talk

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hey everyone it’s Sara from The Style
Blog thanks so much for tuning in and welcome to my hot mess express today so
for today’s video I’m going to show you how I take this and make something
presentable out of it because we have a baby shower to go to so for this video
I’m going to do my makeup and my hair and then put on an outfit and show you
what I’m wearing so they’re having a baby girl so I really wanted to wear
pink and do a whole pink look for the shower I kind of always like to do like
a blue if they’re having a boy and pink if they’re having a girl it’s obviously
not a requirement I just think it’s kind of fun so what I’m most excited about
for this video is using this $3 elf eyeshadow palette I know I mentioned
this in my video last week and it seemed really pigmented when i swatched it I
just hope it blends out beautifully I’m going to curl my hair because this is
just not a good look and then I’m gonna get dressed I have this beautiful pink
pleated midi skirt MIDI with a D not an N not wearing a miniskirt in the
middle of winter you’re not gonna see my thighs in 30-degree weather and then
just like cropped cream sweater and some nude pumps so stay tuned to the end for
my outfit because I’ll give you some sort of winter styling tips for when you
need to dress up ok so let’s just get started because I’m sick of looking at
myself in the mirror looking like a mess well ok so let’s just get started
on makeup um you’ll probably notice on my eyes are
really red they were a little bit puffy before I put my little eye masks on here
I wore these so that like I think it helped a little bit but I don’t know
they’ve been like this on and off for like two weeks now and I keep trying to
eliminate products and stuff like that and I don’t know what is wrong I think
maybe I’m allergic to something I’ve tried like 50 new products on my face
this week so that could be it should I be putting makeup on top of my red
inflamed eyes probably not but I promised you guys two new videos a week
so here we are I even like stripped our entire bed last
night washed our pillows our comforter our sheets everything I don’t know
what’s going on with my face so let’s get going with some concealer because I’m
gonna have to cover up this nonsense happening around my eyes it’s not great all right just gonna blend this in
with my makeup sponge here I also got a new Elemis mask from boxycharm this week
and it was like a superfood mask like super nourishing and I applied it to my
skin one night for the recommended amount of time and my skin is like
peeling off now I’ve never really had this problem because I normally have
really oily skin so I don’t know what’s going on with that either
also there’s like this really dry just like little mark right here what is
happening with me I am just a hot mess this week and I don’t know why I even
put some vitamin E oil on it last night and this morning and it didn’t really help
I don’t really know what to do ha okay let’s get some foundation going
because I’m just tired of looking at my super red face also if I don’t mention
what I’m using I’m gonna link it all below in the description like always Guys I’m also super exhausted this week because baby
girl decided that she was not gonna sleep like last night she was up for
four hours from like midnight to four just like kicking around in her crib and
then she’d cry and we’d feed her and rock her and then she’d be fine for a
little bit but she’d still just kick around and then she’d do it again it’s been
like three nights now it’s kind of exhausting ok that’s looking so much
better I’m going to put my maybelline concealer on I’m applying so much product on my eyes
and they’re so dry it’s not a great combination
ok let me get some powder here just using this palette Oh okay now we have all my cream products
set in with a powder I’m going to try this wander Beauty trip for two blush
and bronzer duo I got this in my boxy charm I don’t know why this turned a
different color once I took the top layer off but I do like the darker color
underneath so I’m going to contour with that My parents have been gone this week to
Florida they have a condo like on 30 a in Northwest Florida and they normally
come over like two afternoons a week for a couple hours and help me with my
daughter so I can kind of just like clean up and do dishes and laundry and
pay the bills and whatever else I do and they’ve been gone for two weeks and this
is the two weeks that she hasn’t slept so it’s been a long long couple of weeks
gonna take a smaller brush and contour my nose here but they are heading back today thank
goodness actually let’s just try this blush I haven’t tried this blush yet
it’s called Bellini looks pretty yeah it’s really pretty and this is
really pigmented I like these colors a lot I’ve never tried wander Beauty
before but I’m a fan after this palette also guys I need to get my hair done um
I know that like I have the sort of balayage ombre sort of thing where the
roots are supposed to grow out but I don’t like it when you can see this much
of my roots at the top I do have an appointment in two weeks ok I’m gonna
do my eyebrows I got this NYX micro brow pencil last week and I put it in my
drugstore first impressions video since then I’m used it every day and I love it I know you don’t need to watch me do my
whole brows because I have an entire video on how I do my brows so go watch
that if you want to see a super in-depth look at my brow routine ahh okay so each
step I feel better and better and more like awake and alive and like I might
actually look presentable for this thing today and now it’s time for the main
attraction it’s time for this bite size eyeshadow palette from ELF this one’s
called berry bad this just looks like the perfect quad for just a pink
valentine’s day girl baby shower pink look I’m so excited about this all right
I’m gonna take a big fluff brush and just pick up this lightest color here
and blend all around I’m gonna go in with a smaller blender
and pick up this darkest shade and kind of go in my crease which color do you guys think I should go for
for the sparkle on the lid hmm I’m gonna go for this once it’s more of a pink color this
one’s more of like a brick burgundy color ok here
what ok here we go well that has awesome color payoff I’m
not sure about the sparkle it’s not super sparkly but the color is there for
sure amazing I’m gonna go buy one of these in every single color I’m so
excited okay so next I’m just gonna take the same color I did on the lid and kind
of blend it underneath my eye just to make this kind of a cohesive look and I
don’t want to put like a colored liner on the bottom really I’m just trying to
decide if the top needs a black liner or not I don’t know or I could just go in
heavier with this darkest color on this I can’t decide I think I’m going to go
in with a super skinny winged liner I don’t want to ruin it ah there’s always
this point in your look where it’s like looking good and then you could do
something and ruin it and I feel like I always go for that thing yeah ok I’m
gonna go with my trusty little Inglot liner pot here this is like a Sonia Kashuk
brush from Target and we’re just gonna go with a super super skinny line ha okay so far this was a good decision
hopefully I can get the other side to match do you always like hold your breath
and cross your fingers once you do the liner or brow on one side that the
other side will kind of go with it because or else you’ve got to start over it’s not a fun
place to be I’m hungry guys I’ve just been talking to you for
like 10-15 minutes and I didn’t push the record button what is that happening
today today is not my day I don’t know what’s going on I should just give up now
I should just stop doing everything I’m doing and just give up I
don’t know Wow ok I was complaining that I
let my Lancome primer on my lashes dry too much and then I was saying that
every time I go away from my benefit mascara for a while and I come back to
it I always realize how much I love it and wonder why I ever stopped using it
it’s so good ok beautiful lashes thank you benefit for providing me with
gorgeous lashes today if nothing else my lashes look beautiful ok let’s just
talk some truth here for 60 seconds I know a lot of you wanted to hear about
my motherhood journey and my postpartum and pregnancy and all about my birth
story and I just wanna tell you that motherhood is so hard it is so much
harder than I ever thought it was going to be like nothing can prepare you for
like the sacrifice and just feeling like you are no longer yourself you’re just
like this caretaker to keep this human alive and I don’t know it’s really like
taking a toll on me that’s another reason why I wanted to like come back to
my channel is because I just wanted to have something a show for me at the end
of the day rather than just like this healthy happy human which like don’t
get me wrong that’s the most important thing in my life and she comes first
always no matter what like that is what I’m most proud of but it’s hard to like
have nothing to show for you besides like a messy house that you tried to
clean all day and food that you cooked that will be gone in 30 minutes and you
have to clean up after and I don’t know it’s hard it’s really hard she’s gonna be up
from her nap any minute now and I’m not even done with this look and I don’t
know I feel it the only free time I have is her naps and I spend it doing this
like YouTube stuff which is great which is what I want to do like I choose to do
that but it’s hard do any of you moms out there feel me because like
everyone talks about the immense joy and it truly is it’s like you will never
experience someone loving you like unconditionally like that and you loving
them unconditionally like that we love her like more than anything in the
entire world but it’s also like been such a crazy crazy change for us I feel
like the more time goes on the more we get used to it it’s just still crazy
ok let me separate my lashes before they dry
like I know this is my new normal and I wouldn’t trade it for the world it’s
just I still feel like I’m allowed to say that it’s hard because it’s just
it’s a lot just a lot but so much immense joy comes with her and I like
love her more than anything in the entire whole universe ever in the world
ever so that’s not the problem the problem is just me just still getting
used to this new life I guess all right guys I feel like this shadow
looks good my mascara looks good my eyeliner it looks 90% good I’m not going
to get myself a hundred percent but this one looks better than this one it is
what it is today lala oh guys I’m looking so much better
already thank heavens I was like so scared of seeing myself in the camera
when we first started it was not a good look
let’s do the lips and then we’ll do the hair and then we’ll get dressed ok I’m
going in with this what is this even bite beauty in shade glace I don’t
know I got this as a sample I actually really like it okay guys I kind of just lined my lips
with this bite Beauty stick and around the edges and then just I’ve kind of
filled out the corners a little bit because it is darker and then I’m gonna
go in with my Anastasia petal lipstick this color is so pretty I love
it it’s just the perfect pink for my skin tone I feel like and I’m just going to
cover the whole thing with this rub those lips together I need some music
for this part ok so pretty I’m so excited
hello I look seven thousand times better ahh sigh of relief ok oh no I almost
forgot the highlight oh don’t forget the highlighter okay I got my Anastasia glow
kit here where is my fan brush here it is okay it’s called moon stone oh ok I really like this glow kit it
provides the most perfect like sheen so I got this Too faced highlighter in my
boxy charm and it looks really beautiful but the glitter in it is so chunky like
I put on my skin & I just see flakes of like pink and gold instead of just like
a sheen which I kind of prefer I don’t know it just wasn’t gonna work for my
look today I feel like but I love the packaging it’s super cool all right do I
have everything in my face I feel like I’m forgetting something but it’ll be
fine ok let me sort of clean up all this makeup madness I’ve got going on here and
then I’m gonna curl my hair ok be right back ok all cleaned up and now we’re
ready for hair I just washed and conditioned my hair brushed it through
with my wet brush and then just went to sleep I never do that that’s not
something I ever do but I was just so exhausted I couldn’t stay up and dry my
hair I don’t know it’s been a rough week guys ok
so I’m gonna take my beautiful wet brush here and just brush through my hair it’s a
little bit tangled this is not a cute look here ok what is happening right
here this is not a… this is not good that’s not attractive so my hair is all
brushed out now I don’t know if it looks better or worse than before I brushed it
but we’re gonna fix it with a curling wand I’m gonna spray this with a
heat protectantjust using my Tresemme O to the K we are ready for some
curls I’m not gonna go over super in-depth on this because I have a whole
entire tutorial video on how I curl my hair with the wand I’m just using a one
and a quarter inch wand and let’s do this thing guys do you like my pajama shirt
from Nordstrom a have little matching joggers on you’re gonna see the problem
with the joggers here in a minute I waited like 30 minutes after I applied
my self tanner last night then put the joggers on and there’s a clear like pale
line around where the jogger elastic hits my calves I thought we were
done with the nonsense but we’re clearly not ok well let’s get to curling
hopefully I can do this quickly I don’t know how much time I have left see how dark my roots are now I just
need to get to my wonderful hairdresser so she can fix me up
I’ll post pictures of my new hair color on Instagram follow me on Instagram also
guys I started tik tok as well I’m kind of excited about that kind of feel like a
cool kid I feel like all the young cool whippersnappers are on tik tok so now I
am too hahaha so if you’re on it search for me TheStyleBlog
guys I feel like we’re kind of having a therapy session today I’m
feeling better already thank you all for being here for me
I appreciate you oh good how long have I had a lipstick on my teeth this is super
attractive Sara oh my oh my oh my there’s like lipstick all over my
front tooth I’m really sorry if it’s been that way this entire time what is my life today
what is my life ok I think we’re all curled yes yes yes my hair looks so much better ah can you guys see this spray going
everywhere I feel like I’m in a cloud of craziness ahh ok
Oh guys guys can you believe that I got myself to look like this from the
beginning that was frightening at the beginning I’m so frightened by those
images ah ok I’m gonna go get dressed I feel like I can’t see through
the fog of hair spray going on what’s happening ok oh I should play turn
this off I’m gonna take my little lounge set jammies off and put on my outfit for
the shower and hopefully I can recruit my husband to film this for me because
you’re gonna want to see the whole outfit PS now I’m super paranoid that I have
lipstick on my teeth all the time so sorry about that that’s embarrassing but
you know I feel like it goes with the theme of this video today oh gosh Sara
shut up and go put your clothes on ok I’m going see you in a minute ok and
I’m all dressed and ready to go so I realized about two days ago that I had
nothing to wear so I quickly realized that Amazon was one of my only choices
I’m so happy I found this great quality midi skirt and cropped sweater on Amazon
I really enjoy them they fit really well so I bought this cream cropped sweater
I feel like this looks really great with skirts in the winter keeps you nice and
warm while still looking dressed up for like a semi-formal event then this midi skirt I thought was super fun and flowy and
looks great for a winter cold event while still looking chic then I have
these nude patent pumps they lean a little bit blush so they work well with
the pink in the skirt I feel like also if you have a longer sweater
you’d like to wear with a skirt like this just tuck in the front you can tuck
the whole thing in but sometimes they’re really bulky so just do a French tuck
where you tuck in the very front of it and you’re good to go
thank you all so much for tuning I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you
next time bye

16 thoughts on “GET READY WITH ME for a Baby Shower | HOT MESS EXPRESS Edition + Mom Talk

  1. I LOVE the honesty about motherhood. I’m pregnant with my first and I love to hear someone speak about the reality of it. I think it’s amazing you are taking time to use this channel to just be yourself. Being a mother is such an amazing privilege and sacrifice, but you are also more than a mother, you are your own person.

  2. I have oily to normal skin. I like Neutrogena not the foam, but the natural cleanser or whatever. But I don't wash my face every day. Probably should. I like your videos. I'm having pizza (TGIF) and a salad for dinner tonight. I go to Krogers, and they have the best salad kits. I always get the same one. I would do an apartment tour, but that's probably against the lease.

  3. Vitamin A serum is good for pimples. That's all I know. I'm afraid to use a face mask. I want to try a bath bomb, but I worry about it staining the bathtub. Am I just paranoid? My cousin-in-law gave me stuff from the Body Shop. She gave me Strawberry bath gel two years ago, and I'm almost out, so I asked (begged) her to give me more. She gave me a bigger bottle. My family is all really supportive.

  4. Sorry for more comments, My dad and step mom, and my mom will help out with watching my nephew so my sister and brother-in-law can nap. OMG, I would have picked the same color – the third one to the right.

  5. Oh my! I have had a week like that too at work and everything has gone wrong at home too.
    Maybe it's a Moon phase LOL.
    But anyhow you looked so great!!

  6. Your little "real talk" break in the middle seems totally normal! Parenting is a full-time job that comes with little to no training AND no instruction book! I can see how that could be stressful. I'm not a mom myself, but friends of mine who have kids definitely went through a phase where they felt like they lost themselves as a person. Their identity became (child)'s mom or dad. They felt isolated or lonely and had to overcome feeling guilty for making time to do things solely for themselves. People can be so judgmental about that, but if baby is healthy and happy – there is nothing to feel guilty about.

  7. Loved this video Sara!! Have you ever used the Neutrogena Hydro-Boost line? I have heard really good things. I tried a trial size of their moisturizer and loved it!
    And I loved the mini talk! Would love to hear more 🙂

  8. Love the almost minimalist pink makeup look for the baby shower, it looks like the best suited makeup for a cute😍 baby shower ❤️

  9. Use something cooling around your eyes, put a spoon in the freezer for a bit and place it over yours eyes for a few minutes. And maybe you should do some face mask, might help with the blemishes. Also you should do a video when you get your hair done

  10. I don’t know how old baby girl is but the first 2 years is the hardest. So once you get past that it gets a lot easier. Keep up the good work. And I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again it’s lovely to have you back xxx ❤️

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