GET RID OF DIZZINESS FAST!  8 Natural​ Ways (2019)

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dizziness is the disorienting feeling of
being unbalanced or lightheaded you may feel like you’re about to faint or like
your surroundings are moving more spinning around you both feelings are
sometimes accompanied by nausea or vomiting dizziness is not a medical
condition on its own but is instead a symptom of an underlying cause
because dizziness can hit you anywhere at any time it is helpful to have a few
quick home remedies at hand welcome to the health room here are
eight natural ways to get rid of lightheadedness or dizziness fast number
one Epley maneuver the Epley maneuver is good for people who are experiencing
dizziness because of the vertigo or other problems with their inner ear you
will need to sit down first then you should tilt the head for approximately
45 degrees the movement should be horizontal and be done towards your
affected ear then you will need to lie the head should be hanging in the same
position as previously stay in this position for at least a minute then you
will need to turn your head towards your healthier 90 degrees lie on the side of
the healthier and look at the floor now you can return slowly to a sitting
position number two drink water dehydration is often one of the most
important causes of dizziness and happens when the body has lost too much
fluid this means you need to restore your body’s fluid levels the quickest
way to do this is to drink plenty of water throughout the day and this will
automatically help keep you from feeling dizzy
number 3 deep breathing exercise breathing properly can also help restore
your brain equilibrium and relieve you from dizziness by giving your brain a
boost of oxygen this exercise can also help relax the nervous system inhale
deeply and count from 1 to 5 exhale slowly and release the air once again
counting from 1 to 5 while doing the exercise it can help to imagine the air
filling up in your belly just below your navel number 4 get a massage the purpose
of a good massage is to boost blood circulation in your body the rush of
oxygen-rich blood to various far ends of your body including your brain cannot
just help relax your central nervous system but can also effectively help
cure the problem of dizziness give yourself a massage that includes
lavender oil for added relaxation benefits
remember to concentrate on the sides of your temple when massaging your head
number five try strawberries and yogurt this is
probably the most delicious home remedy to cure dizziness strawberries are once
again loaded with vitamin C that prevents your skin’s pores from losing
water too quickly yogurt being full of essential B
vitamins helps enhance blood circulation to your brain furthermore B vitamins aid
in metabolic functions and neuro chemical synthesis because they can
easily pass through the blood-brain barrier they are thought to play a
significant role in not just improving brain function but also in restoring
brain equilibrium thus curing dizziness effectively number six drink lemon water
everyone is well aware that lemon is a powerful source of vitamin C a
micronutrient that gives your immune function a powerful boost lemon juice
has been found to help hydrate your body quickly and also prevents Trance
epidermal water loss this explains why lemon juice infused
water is such a favorite in the hot summers all you need to do is squeeze
half a lemon and a glass of cool water and mix half a teaspoon of honey in it
drink this down and you will find yourself being cured of your dizziness
soon enough number seven focusing on a spot it is important to understand that
the dizziness usually means that your body feels that you are moving although
you are lying or sitting therefore you should find a spot on the
floor or ceiling and try to look exclusively on this one it will help
your brain to understand that your body is not in motion
don’t forget about avoidance of bright light bright light can aggravate your
condition number eight sleep more never underestimate the importance of sleep
the studies have proved that people who don’t get enough sleep of high quality
are more prone to various conditions such as depression diabetes and of
course chronic dizziness organize your day in such a way that you go to bed
quite early especially if you know that you have to get up early in the morning
sleep should always be the most important aspect of your life once you
start to get enough rest regularly you will see that not only your dizziness
went away but that you are more productive energetic and simply feel
better if you’re prone to dizziness it can help to know that when undergoing
treatment if you’re more alert to the that you may fall or lose your balance
you may be more prepared to prevent an injury if you found this video useful
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