Getting to Know Dr. Nicki Nair – Boys Town National Research Hospital

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Hi. I am Dr. Nicki Nair. I am an allergist.
I went to medical school in India, and I have been practicing at Boys Town for the past
20 years. Well I wanted to be a professional and liked
sciences. And I also liked to work with people. I love to work with people. And I wanted to
do something that would help people, and yet allow me to continue a lot of different things
that also interest me so I chose medical school. It was a tough tough decision to pick a sub-specialty.
And when I went, I am ancient, so when I picked a specialty there was a lot of overlap between
allergy, immunology, and rumitology which was interesting to me because I have a sister
with lupus. I am married to a man with allergies so all of this was something that fascinated
me. Because it’s an allergy specialty I get to
see patients from two months of age to ninety-five years of age which I like. I get to follow
them as they grow up. And now, I am not going to tell you my age, but now I am starting
to see my patients children come to me. So it’s a continuity that really really makes
me happy that my patients do well, and that they recognize the symptoms in their children
or their spouses or their families. And they think of me, and come back and see me. So
I have those relationships which I treasure most about my profession.
It’s the hours that I spend talking to the patients, taking care of them, at times scolding
my patients because they are not listening to me but they know I have their interest
at heart. And I think that is the best part of it.
Boys Town is a great organization and I think our philosophy is to take care of a patient
as best as we can. Right from giving them an appointment that is suitable to their schedule,
trying to minimize the wait that they have to see us, our nurses are highly trained,
very professional, and caring. And I think we spend a lot of time educating our patients.
And I think really the last education of a patient, particularly in a chronic disease
like asthma, is very very important. And to make them understand that listen you need
to take care of yourself, you need to give us your best. So that we are both successful.

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