GEZİ PARKI   Böyle Başbakan Bulamazsınız

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We will build our Topçu Barrack. However,
it won’t just a barrack, architecturally it will be a barrack. At underground there will
be shopping malls, meeting rooms, maybe hotel, residence, etc. Whatever you do, we gave our
decision and we will do what we say. In the ongoing process of the expansion of pavement
there, a few trees that have been cut. Sorry, trees to be removed and later planted into
the park at Çağlayan… And AKM(Atatürk Culture Center) will be demolished and we
will build a magnificent Opera House there. I heard a sound there, about mosque construction.
Definitely, we will built also built a mosque there. I hope you do not expect me to ask
a permission from the chief of CHP or from a couple of looter(çapulcu). We already get
our permission from our voters. Here, it is not certain that there will be a shopping
mall there. Maybe we are gonna built a city museum. They all talk about a shopping mall.
Anyway, when you consider that space, it is impossible to built a shopping mall there.
There is no bidding, no project, there is nothing but you all gather and decided on
this. However, refendum (plebisit) can be done by that municipality. Turkey is in an
economical growth. Those people are jealous about it. That is why they are behaving this
way. He sold all Turkey! What is left? He should afraid of god! If a president tell
lie to his people, if he escapes from his people what shall we expect from him? We shall
never accept those looters (çapulcu) to misinform people. I’m an ordinary citizen and I’m here
for Gezi Park. I’m a student and I want to protect my future. First of all I’m an individual,
a humanbeing and a citizen who live in Turkey we are all sisters and brothers here. I’m
a human being. I love nature and I think nature is all ours. That’s why I’m here. I’m a student.
I want to protect the earth and trees. I want to protect our rights. I’m free that is why
I’m here. I love nature that is why I’m here. I’m not against gays, lesbians, or anything
else and I’m showing respect
all others that’s why I’m here. I show respect to left wing, right wind, Kurdish, Armenian,
Alevi and I want all those people to live in harmony and piecefully that’s
why I’m here. I don’t belong to any kind of
party or a constitution. I’m just projecting my freedom and I want nothing else. Poet wrote
poems, directors shoot movies, people signed petitions, they did so many things but no
one listened us, at the end we are physically here! Cause, in democracy, there is no other
way left. At the end, we say that we are physically here and we dont want you. We are here, physically
here. They attack my sisters, my people with scarfs! We never experienced an attack. We
are here talking, chatting,.. Our aim is obvious! Now, it is enough to seperate people through
politics! It is over now. They say people disturb ladies with scarfs. No, I’m here with
my scarf, I didnot witnessed any such disturbance due to my scarf. If they visit here they will
understand there people. At Dolmabahçe Mosque, they enter the mosque with shoes, drank alcohol
and you behave unrespectful for sacred places of muslims in the name of nature! Do you want
batticon? We have three kind of stuff, (1) pain killer, (2) bentolin (3) dressing for
a wound. Have you found? Taksim square couldn’t be a place where marginals are freely wandering
around! Mothers are here! Mothers are here! There shall be approaches to be considered
rather than making police and civils clash face to face. Police severely throwing gas
bombs on people. With great good sense, police, as being a son of this country, are in a very
sensitive situation to the other sons of this country. Cem Karaca singing. Here we affirm
that from now on, there will be any kind of intervention to Taksim Gezi Park. Cem Karaca
singing. It is all the same each day! Enough! Talk to your commander! That’s enough! Enough!
Enough! Such a thing can not happen! Enough! I want to earn money and take care my children,
my home! I’m tired of your gas! I’m tired! I’m a craftsman, I’m a worker. I’m an officer.
I want to earn money! Enough! Enough! We are respectfully and gracefully remembering our
democracy martyrs.

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