Ginseng Benefits for Lower Stress, Better Mood and Beyond

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Jordan:Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to
Ancient Medicine Today, where we want to share with you the power of plants and other wonderful
remedies from the past to give you a healthy future.  Ancient Medicine Today is brought to you
by, where we believe that food is medicine. Today, we’re going to talk to you about one
of the most powerful plants, one of the most adored roots on the planet, throughout history
and it’s called ginseng. And I bet you’ve heard of it. Ginseng is also known as man root in China,
because some ginseng roots, actually look like a man, sort of, more like a hang man,
in a root type way. Some ginsengs have been sold for nearly one
million dollars. They are best grown in the wild but also ginseng
is widely cultivated. We’re going to get into, what is ginseng? What types are there? What can it do for you? Who should avoid it. Best of all who should consume it and how? Ginseng can give you benefits such as less
stress, better mood and beyond. Let’s get started. That’s what ginseng looks like. It’s the root that gives you the benefits. Ginseng is a perennial plant which means,
it is self-seeding, long standing, and it has fleshy roots. It takes years to build the fleshy roots,
so it is not a quick crop like kale per se. It is from the Panax genus and its botanical
name means “all heal” in Greek. That’s pretty awesome, that something means
healing. True ginseng is either American or Asian/Korean. There’s other forms such as Siberian ginseng,
which is really not ginseng, similar benefits but we’re talking about Panax, Korean or American
ginseng, which is grown right here in the states. Rich in ginsenosides, those are the compounds
that benefit you internally and also topically. Ginseng is made as a popular tea or herbal
in fusion in China and has been for thousands of years. It is known as an adaptogen and it is a five-star
adaptogen in Asia, meaning the highest rank of all. What are the benefits of consuming ginseng? Believe it or not, ginseng has been popular
for years, but I think it’s still under-appreciated. It is so good for men and women, and let’s
tell you why. Number one, ginseng can reduce stress, as
can all adaptogens, it helps your body resist the effects of stress. Ginseng can boost your brain. Ginsenosides and other compounds, are great
for your metabolic but also your cognitive function. Ginseng can be an anti-inflammatory, maybe
not directly, but it can support your body to fight inflammation. Ginseng due to its heating benefits, metabolic
boost, can aid in weight loss. Ginseng can improve lung function. Wow, how beneficial is ginseng for athletes? Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional,
Ginseng is a must. Ginseng can help lower blood sugar benefits
. . . levels I should say. This is one of the major benefits of ginseng. If you’re someone who has metabolic syndrome,
or diabetes, make ginseng a part of your regiment.  Ginseng can help prevent cancer. There’s research on ginseng’s  ability to
fight cancer. And of course, it boosts your immune system. One of the main benefits of ginseng is its
increase in immune system cells to fight germs and toxins. And last but not least, if you’re someone
who’s dealing with menopause, and some of the challenges it brings, and andropause for
that matter in men, ginseng is great. It’s equally good for women, as it is for
men, it gives you more energy. It supports what they would call your Ch in
China, and it’s very [inaudible 00:03:56], which means heating strong. Bam. It’s powerful.  Here’s some ways to use ginseng. Use it as a tea. Now,  I prefer to use the term tea for something
with an actual tea plant, white, green, black or ROY–boss, but use ginseng as an herbal
infusion.  Take some roots, fresh or dried, pour hot
water over it, steep it or you can make a concoction, by boiling ginseng in water and
it’d be amazing. You can also do it in almond milk or other
more nutritive substances  such as coconut milk, to have a delivery vehicle of good fats. You can do it dry, powdered, in capsule or
tablet form. Look for Asian ginseng or Korean, sometimes
known as Red ginseng, with the Latin binomial Panax ginseng. American ginseng has a little bit of a longer
name Panax quinquefolius, grown right here in the U.S. In fact, there was a show called, Appalachian
Outlaws on TV, where they were going and harvesting ginseng, there were actually some battles
over different properties, different pieces of land that is, because ginseng can sell
for thousands of dollars per pound, whether it’s Korean or Asian or American. It’s found wild, it’s grown wild simulated,
or you can cultivate it. The longer it’s grown, the more powerful compounds
it is. There are roots that have been around, for
dozens if not hundreds of years that are worth, as I mentioned, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Type 2 diabetes has been shown to respond
to 200mg a day, of ginseng extract and for stress, tension, fatigue. Try one gram of ginseng powdered extract,
once a day or 500mg twice a day.  Ginseng does have some precautions that come
with it. Generally mild side effects that you need
to be aware of, it’s such a heating powerful herb, you need to check with your pharmacist
or doctor for drug interactions. It can stimulate some people. Pregnant women or children or breastfeeding
women, do not consume ginseng. Ginseng can also interact with the following
medications, diabetic medications, blood thinning medications, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics,
stimulants or opioid pain medications such as morphine. So make sure to check with your doctor, if
you’re taking any of these medicines. But bottom line folks, ginseng, is a well-kept
secret in the States, but everyone in Asia knows and loves it because it’s a stress reducer. It can improve brain function. Ginseng can act as an anti-inflammatory, help
you with metabolism or weight loss, improve lung function, lower blood sugar levels, prevent
cancer, boost your immune system and even provide relief to menopausal symptoms such
as hot flashes, dryness, lethargy, bad mood et cetra. I recommend that you go to your local health
food store or Asian market, buy some ginseng root, fresh, dry, buy some powder, buy a supplement,
buy a syrup. Take ginseng every day for 30 days. You’ll thank me. And by the way, if you want more information
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78 thoughts on “Ginseng Benefits for Lower Stress, Better Mood and Beyond

  1. Earlier I was known Aswagandha (Ginseng) roots aid weight gain n leaves aid weight loss !! but here he is saying roots enducing weight loss !

  2. Can I take ginseng like eat it directly? What I do is i put ginseng on my tongue let it get soft then i drink it by water, Can I do this?

  3. I’m 22 and have been drinking coffee with ginseng in it since I was like 16 or 17. I can say it has boost my energy in the beginning of the day and carried me on throughout the whole, regulated my immune system which prevents sickness, more motivated to get up early, and a lot of things. And you can tell a MAJOR difference in yourself when you withdraw from it for a few days like I did a few times over the years (also what I’m going through now because I ran out and had to order more when I was financially set). I love ginseng and recommended to your young adult children in high school and college!

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    I wanna ask about (( royal jelly) ,is it good ?! And how can I use it?
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  5. I have been taking it for couple of weeks, I feel happier, less stressed. But I havent felt more energy, if anything i feel more tired. Why?

  6. Thx Jordan! So YouTube Just one question. Which one is the best ginseng, ashwaganda or maca root? Anyone know? I wanna use it for anti axiety and for stress. I have adhd btw.

  7. I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis which is an autoimmune disease. I was in remission for almost 2 years then started using Ginseng. After almost a month of using Ginseng, my UC flared up. Was it just co-incidence or could the health benefits of Ginseng possibly caused the flare up due to it strengthening my immune system?

  8. Thanks for the video.. I have a quick question.. Can i take ginseng along with ashwaghandha every day? like ginseng in the morning, ashwaghandha in the evening??
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  9. Hey Doc What about immunosuppressant drugs can you take ginseng while you are on immunosuppressants I really appreciate if you can provide that information for me thanks

  10. I moved to Taiwan and the pressure, anxiety, stress and insomnia all played a tough experience. I was starting to become depressed and my moods were very very hard to keep in check. I've been drinking gensing now having a cup everyday now and no jokes, I feel a tremendous difference. I feel no anxiety which was honestly making life so difficult, no lingering stress and just… I feel good!

  11. there is a family that grows it here for China…we can't buy it from them…I don't see that being American…and how does this work when they abuse America

  12. Boil some ginseng root and make a tea. Juice some fresh watermelon and add to the ginseng (about 3/4 ginseng and 1/4 watermelon juice). Squeeze the juice of a whole lemon in, add 2 drops of liquid stevia, stir well, and Boom! Thank me later 😊

  13. It definitely memory improved, less fatigue, more energy, clear headed. Korean red 6 year old ginseng is the only way to go. Double the nutrients. Hong Sam won liquid pouches make it easy to take, no pills or boiling, plus it has ginger, cinnamon, jujubee, goji berry extract all of which are super healthy. If you're over 50 and feel lethargic it really works. And it does spark up the mojo as well.

  14. Huge difference in the effects of the different types of gin sang. I'm thankful my father taught me about the health benefits of American gensing and how to find it.

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    Can strengthen the body and enhance sexual ability

    Extend sex time.

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  16. There is like three types of ginseng. American = "Fa Kay Sum", Korean = " Go Lai Sum", Chinese = "Yun Sum'"
    There are also other parts like Korean Red Tail Ginseng = "Sum So", Ginseng Beard = "Yueng Sum So"..

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