Give It A Go! 19 Adrenalin (from Get Your Public Speaking Mojo Back Forever!)

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We’ve all fallen into a habit of thinking
about adrenalin in quite a negative way particularly when it comes to public speaking but adrenalin
is our friend. Yes adrenalin is part of a warning system. Our brain telling us ‘You
need to be careful here. There’s something to watch out for’. But a small amount of
adrenalin gives us an energy burst and that’s really important for making a wonderful presentation,
where we’re really present and engaging as a speaker. This next exercise will help
you to start forming a new relationship with the adrenalin that’s in your own body. And
again I hope that you will find it incredibly liberating when you start working in harmony
with your brain and the hormones that your brain produces to help you. Acknowledge: The
next time you are about to give a presentation or attend an important meeting where you will
be expected to speak spend a few minutes noticing the physical changes in your body. You may notice a rush of energy.
Your heart may start to beat a little faster than normal.
Whatever you notice is normal for you. Some people experience increased perspiration.
Others may notice their breathing has become faster and shallower. These are all signs that your adrenalin is
surging. You may experience one of these signs, all
of them or even more. Act: Your rush of adrenalin is a sign that
your body is getting ready to make a great performance. Your brain has given the cue,
now it’s your turn to act. Your response to your rush of adrenalin is
to start your pre-talk routine (see Chapter 12). Your pre-talk routine comprises any number
of actions that you will take in the moments before you step on stage. The purpose of the
routine is to let your body know that you acknowledge its ‘call-to-action’ and are
about to act (so it can stop producing adrenalin now).

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