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Hello today we have produced a new secret
imager hidden underground imaging device I will give you information about your device
has electromagnetic detection technology Can offer a maximum detection depth of 10 meters
how to use our device Whether you want to show your sizes
As can be understood from the production of our device The purpose is not clear on us and imaging
While your a treasure or metal search not seeing anyone using your device
not to be in trouble this is the main active ingredient of our study
our apparatus apparatus rubber connection straps attached to our feet
we covered our legs when I stop now no one notices I have a device on me
when we want to take any shots Let’s clean our phone android phone
Our connection to your device in 3D program we perform our device android program
also can capture 2D and 3D snapshots Let’s show a little how to shoot
how many signals we will get forward we choose from the table here
signal 10 signal or 20 signal ideal The shooting range will be on your phone
every time we take a signal we will reflect this on your screen
we will watch your snapshots right now we are performing 10 signals over again
back to our starting point our spacing is how many inches
left on the left hand to keep moving forward I’m going to second place is over again
turn left and take a left I’m going to shoot your lost third place
Let’s show from our screen right now our first signal that we have received an image
every time I press the button signal value to your screen through colors
reflects we’re going back again Your device is instantaneous magnetic
level and from the beginning image re-draws wrong
I pressed a key, I went back, I keep going In this way, a review
we can perform a lot do not want to extend we want to analyze the issue on our device 3D
At the moment we want to review in 3D as 2D Can realize signal differences
numerically we can review on your screen where we got a strong signal
metal or stone space here Is it a place that was excavated closed
we can make the decision that your device Let’s say there is a style feature that is wrong
we took a step we didn’t want to take a At the point we received the signal we want to delete it
correcting by shooting up again We are able to continue shooting of our device
Detection depth of 10 meters has a maximum here as metal space structure residue
differences in the basis of building such as cave can detect up to 10 meters
informs the user of this introduction I want to cut your video short more next
meet in professional promotional videos Good afternoon.


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