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I am so excited about what I got in the
mail today so many of you guys know that I have been on a mission to reduce
plastic and I’ve also been looking for waterless diffusers so today in the mail
I got the best of both worlds this is the organic aromas nebulizing diffuser
for aromatherapy and I will say organic aromas if you’re watching
this video why do you have to have this plastic on the outside of the box this
plastic is never leaving the earth for 450 years you don’t need it please stop
excessively using plastic in packaging but let’s move on
so nebulizing diffuser is use something using Bernoulli’s principle which is the
pressure that breaks the oils up into one micron particles which is like that
one hundredth of a width of one human hair it doesn’t add heat it doesn’t use
water and this one I got because that also the oils do not come into contact
with any plastics. wow this looks really good quality so this is a ceramic base
that it goes on and then here’s the top look at this beautiful last time it’s
best that this goes continuously you put 25 drops in there and it will s are
about 2 hours but what I know about nebulizing
diffuser is they break the particles at the most smaller pieces that actually
and float in the air for about 90 minutes after it’s been defusing and you
can see this so this is hand blown glass and there’s like a little thing in their
little opening where the air will come out so you put this into this little
part right here it’s a silicone little rubber deal right here and you can fit
that guy in there so so far there’s like a shelf liner on the bottom that seems
like that might be plastic which doesn’t make me thrill and then plastic or an
important I think every electrical cork has plastic around it so then you plug
the power cord in pass a little knob right here that goes from like really
high to not so high ooh what should I use how a little motivate that’s one of my favorites I always use this one in my office so
we’re gonna draw 20 to 25 drops of oil which seems like a lot but we’ll see how
it goes I’m guessing that this is gonna run for several cycles on that many drops
I think my dog is chewing on something I’ll be back
he was! Okay back to this so 25 drops you put the little on thingy back on they
have so many pretty decided but I got this really simple design that they have
like ones with engraved glass and designs on the glass they have ones with
wooden bases from now when you turn it on there’s this knob right here and you
can go from low to high wow this is really cool
so it operates on for two minutes off for one minute well it’s weird because I
thought the oil would have to be like down in there but it’s not holy cow
this thing is like totally filling my office right now wow this is amazing
this is probably and it’s so quietly you can literally barely hear this thing
and there’s a little light so you can turn the light on or off I originally
thought that these would be in the front but it seems to me like these are in the
back and then you just turn it on from the back this is one powerful diffuser
and I love nothing is coming in contact with plastic there are no oils that are
coming in contact with plastic and it’s so pretty
its first diffuser so it’s on the pricier side but I don’t know it’s worth
it to need to know that there are no oils getting into the air I will link
this below what do you think about plastic diffusers are you falling out of
love with them like I am? let me know in the comments below
oh it started going again look! I love this diffuser!
it is so quiet and it is a power house holy cow I will put a link in the
description below if you’re interested in getting this click through my link I
would really appreciate that otherwise thank you so much for watching I really
do appreciate it if you thought this video was helpful give me a thumbs up
below don’t forget to subscribe I will see you in the next video

11 thoughts on “Glass Diffuser | Best Diffuser for Essential Oils | Plastic Free Diffuser

  1. You're my oil guru! It's official. I'm watching you all the time now! Thanks so much for your informative and adorable videos.

  2. Yep, nebulizers are the way to go fo sho
    I returned my plastic puffers. Saving for a nebulizer.

    I will say, one can not be an environmentalist without being a vegan.
    Animal agriculture is the leading cause of pollution, resource usage (1 cow flesh hamburger takes 660 gallons of water to make. You could stop showering for six months and still not save that much water. Cows eat between 16 and 31 TIMES the amount of grain a DAY that a human can. It takes 63 gallons of water to make one CUP of animal secretion aka milk), disease, ocean death, forest clearing and species extinction MANY times over any other factor, combined.

    Animal ag causes more pollution than EVERY single car, truck, plane, train and ship/boat, worldwide, combined, and multiplied FIVE times over.

    Every single day, 18,000 children worldwide die from starvation, whilst the animal ag bussiness feeds their tortured animals enough food to feed the entire earth's population more than two times over.
    Go vegan. Save the planet. Save lives every single day.

  3. So interesting! I’ve never heard of a nebulizer diffuser! Just found your channel! New subbie, I’d love if we could support each other!!🤗💕

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