Gluten Free Diets : Gluten Allergies in Children vs. Adults

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It’s very profound, the difference and the
reactions between gluten on an adult versus a child. With an adult, it’s more physical,
and with a child, it’s more of a mental, neurological effect. For decades, parents have known that
gluten-free diets have really, significantly helped children with autism. But the medical
community hasn’t caught up with that yet, so, you’re not going to get a mainstream doctor
or pediatrician to suggest the diet. But, when parents go from a child who is saying
six words to two hundred within thirty-five days, to me, that was proof enough for me.
So, obviously, he’s been on this diet for three years. But what happens with the brain
of a child who has autism, is when this gluten gets into the brain, (as I previously stated,
because the body doesn’t have the enzyme ability to break down this gluten and it gets in the
central nervous system, the blood-brain barrier), what happens is the same receptors that receive
opiates are receiving the gluten. So, it’s actually like a lock-and-key situation. So,
in essence, the child that has autism, and when they have gluten, it’s basically like
you’re drugging your child. You’re giving them a morphine drip and sending them off
to school. Naturally, they’re not going to learn very well, you know? You wouldn’t, either,
if you were on morphine. So, when we remove the gluten, the cloud, the haze, is lifted.
And, initially, I just saw my son go from, you know, this child who wouldn’t respond
to his name to looking me in the eyes and following simple directions. So, I don’t need
medical research to verify that. I just know by looking at my son and the effects of this
diet, and the profound effect it’s had, a positive effect, on my family. As far as the
adults go, as I said, it’s more physical. So, they’re going to have an uncomfortable
couple of days in the bathroom, and lots of pain and discomfort. And there’s really not
much you can do about it, other than, again, time.

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  1. Adults get this way also, not just children – I have experienced it myself

    You can have a gluten allergy, but celiac disease is an auto immune disease

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