Gluten Free Donuts – Asthma

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Welcome to “Bake with Me.” Today we are
gonna do something amazing! We are gonna make donuts. Donuts and this is just like
sort of a base donut. You can do anything you want with it. You can add anything
blueberries, chocolate chips, cinnamon, anything you want, but they’re
excellent plain too. So, before we start you want to smash that subscribe button,
you want to like, you want to share, you want to ring my bell. You want to do all that and
I want to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine. This beautiful woman here
her name is Alexis. Alexis, honey, why did I invite you here today? You invited me
here today to talk about my asthma. Asthma. Asthma. Well, you know for a
long time I feel like people didn’t really take asthma very serious. No,
people don’t. People always associate asthma with like that dorky kid in a
movie who just takes an inhaler or somebody who’s unhealthy, but it’s yeah actually
yeah I was an athlete for many years. So lets get started with our recipe, because
“donuts.” And then we’ll talk some more while we are baking. Sound good? Alright
guys so here we go, we’re gonna start with our base. You want to start with one
cup of gluten-free flour there we go sound effects we are gonna
take 1/3 cup of granulated sugar. I always use organic cane sugar. Organic.
Organic, it means pricey. One tablespoon of baking powder, wrong guys, one teaspoon, one
teaspoon of baking powder and we have a half teaspoon of salt. So that’s it for that part so we’re gonna start you on the wet ingredients.
Oh yay. So we’re gonna have you mix together one egg (one egg) Thank you. One
teaspoon of vanilla (vanilla ) that’s this yeah yeah super easy recipe guys to
really and make these at home and two tablespoons of melted unsalted
butter (butter) who wants salty donuts right maybe you
do if you like that stuff I mean my kids tell me I’m salty. I’ll take that and
then we have okay we have 1/3 cup of milk. I use almond milk. You can use any
milk of your choice will work in this recipe and in addition to the 1/3 cup
you need one and a half tablespoons of milk as well just a little bit more than
the third of a cup. Don’t ask me why, but it works. Hmm. All right, so I’m
just gonna sift through this here and you mix those up for me. Yeah. So tell me a
little bit about like when you were diagnosed with asthma. I was diagnosed
with asthma when I was five. I actually I almost didn’t pass elementary school
because I was hospitalized. I want to be able to hear you oh so you were
hospitalized oh my yeah so I almost didn’t pass elementary school because I
was a hospitalized so many times and you know, after when they take you to the hospital.Because of the asthma? Yeah, just because um like I would go home with my nebulizer and
sometimes I would have really bad asthma attacks and nebulizer wouldn’t help so
they would like monitor me for like two to three days and it happened so often
that I missed so much school and almost didn’t pass. Yeah, so this was serious. It was serious. Very serious. In fact my older brother 2013 he passed from an
asthma attack so it’s very serious so he had it from a young age too. I’m so sorry.
Wow that is… Yeah… So I take it seriously and I feel like everybody else
should too. So have you had to be more careful after he passed you must have been like…
oh yeah yeah so I was um look I was very on top of it and then part of me did
like I got mad at it like because I’m just like man I can’t do anything like
you know all my friends like you know they’re dive bar kind of people that
have smoking inside so there’s like a lot of stuff that I can’t do. A lot of
places I can’t go or you know I have to exclude myself from because of you
know I don’t want to… You can’t risk. Yeah I can’t no I can’t risk but honestly
ever since I became an athlete it became a lot easier.
Okay. Yeah a lot better. I didn’t have nearly and I still don’t have nearly as
much asthma attacks. Good, very good. I’m glad to hear that. So it’s under control and
then you just bring a nebulizer wherever you go? Yes, yes, well not a nebulizer, a
rescue. Oh yeah that’s a big machine. Yeah. So I’m gonna dump the wet
ingredients that Alexis so kindly mixed for me. (Sorry) What are you sorry for?
Did you do something wrong? No, I’m good. So that is it. It’s the most simple
recipe. So I’m gonna keep stirring this and tell me like so does it limit your
ability? You said you’re active so you work out? Yeah like in fact I was a
professional stilt walker and roller skater for five years so it never got in
the way of that and then like still till today I box with my brother and I a jump
rope, I skateboard. Really it doesn’t stop me from doing that is I never let it stop
me from doing anything. A stilt walker how do you get into that? You put on stilts and you
pray. I could never, I’m afraid of heights. I actually taught myself. Yeah, that’s where I did it
professionally I taught myself so it was a lot of sitting on top of my car and
you know holding onto buildings. Wow. Just making sure you’re balanced yeah Wow and
then did you like have to hide like your little rescue thingy oh yes could you be
walking down this a section of a fanny pack
yeah a fanny pack oh nice right there so you were stylish a stylish yes we’re
just gonna do a glazed doughnut today mhm so if I can have that cup please all
I did was take a pastry bag or an icing bag and put it in a large cup is the
best trick so what it does is it holds it steady for you to be able to put your
batter or your icing in the back nice it’s fancy it’s fancy so we’re gonna
make sure all our flowers in there you got it yeah so this is really simple and
then we’re gonna cut a hole in the tip so that we can put our dough into the
donut pan right and this recipe will six Donuts but it can easily be doubled
if you want more ooh doubled what you makin sixth-floor I
want 12 oh yeah oh that is seven now I’m gonna take my scissors did you learn
something new – I did I was doing that all wrong have you been doing it wrong
yeah like I don’t even want to tell you how I was doing it how do you do it I
would take a zip lock everybody has icing bags I’m sorry I forgot to like
put it in a cup where it’s open like I would I would struggle it and like just
open it and didn’t have to stick in there see I did that for years – so no
problem but now you know from this day forward you’ll never have a messy and
look at this right through so I just roll around twice that is so you want to
fill your cups about 2/3 3/4 of the way it’s up to you how thick you want your
doughnuts oh my god it’s a lisp and they will expand in the oven so you are gonna
put these in a 350 degree oven for 8 to 10 minutes you just want to make sure
your doughnuts are getting a little bit brown on the edges and you are good to
go when we come back we’ll put a lovely we’ll teach you how to make a lovely
glaze and we’ll be able to eat it in it yeah let’s see in a minute welcome back
our doughnuts are baked and it smells absolutely delicious in here make sure
you check your doughnuts ours took about 11 minutes instead of the 8 to 10 so you
want to put a toothpick in and make sure it comes out clean and your donuts are
ready to go you can do whatever you want to your doughnuts today we’re gonna make
a glaze super simple is there anything else you
want to tell us while I put together the glaze about as my like maybe what the
symptoms were when you first found out that yes the symptoms are usually it
starts with a tight throat and then followed by wheezing when you breathe
and then sometimes you know depending on how bad it is is like feeling like
somebody’s sitting on your chest you know yeah when I was a kid I thought it
done for but yeah those are the symptoms and they’re horrible
so if you’re feeling horrible make sure you tell your pay
or talk to somebody and get checked it’s in case you have that absolutely okay so
to put our glaze together is super simple you need half a cup of powdered
sugar 1/2 2 tablespoons of milk it depends on how runny you want it we
don’t want ours too runny because we want a nice glaze 1/2 a teaspoon of
yummy vanilla and a pinch of salt just a pinch that wasn’t a big pinch we can do
a bigger punch more pinch we need more pension and you should make
that noise I’m gonna check on you guys at home and make sure you’re making that
pinch noise so I’m just gonna put maybe half of that milk in there and stir it
up you probably want to sift your powdered sugar to make sure you don’t
have big big clumps but either way if you don’t have a sifter you find you’re
fine looks nice doesn’t that look good we want any color in this now we’re
gonna put sprinkles on it alright so I got to get really in there and how are
you feeling today you’re feeling good on a daily basis yeah I’m feeling very good
I haven’t had any hiccups lately so I’m good any hiccups well you know when you
work out yes i box with my brother and i jump rope and i skate so you know it
keeps me healthy healthy so doughnuts just so you know yeah doughnuts keep you
healthy too coal fuel needs that all right this look how simple this is gonna
be it’s so much fun so you want to have a good consistency you mind still pretty
thick but I want it that way too nice put a nice glaze on my doughnuts are you
ready for this I’m ready ready oh really so fun you just take your doughnut put
it in there oh look at that that and while that glaze is wet you can
take a handful of sprinkles all right doesn’t it make you want to bake these
right now in your kitchen and start baking it’s so easy looks YUM doesn’t
that look um do you like a lot of sprinkles or just a little a lot of
sprinkles oh girl you get ha ha look at that and
then you can let them set but we’re not going to because we want to try these
are you ready I’m ready I’m gonna just cut a little bite off of
this one I’m so excited you want oh no you want
all the sprinkles all the sprinkles there you go baby, let’s try this. Cheers. Hmm they’re so good. It’s really good.
Get in your kitchen, don’t talk with your mouth full and go bake some
doughnuts. They’re delish mm-hmm. Thanks for joining us you guys we’ll see
you on the next show. Thank you so much for watching. If you want more
information on the disability that you learned about today click the link below
and please subscribe to our channel. Peace, love and happiness.

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