GMO Foods: The 10 Most Commonly Modified Foods

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Dr. Josh:Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here with Jeffrey Smith. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’re going to be talking about the
top 10 GMO foods you’ve got to be aware of. In fact, we say top 10, we’ve got 3 bonuses
that are going to shock you. They’re actually new GMO foods on the market
that you probably don’t know about that we’ll share with you here in just a minute. Hey, if you are with us that GMOs should be
banned, take a minute right now, punch that share button right now, help us spread the
word that food should be medicine, not poison. So, Jeffrey, it’s great to have you here today. We’re talking about non-GMOs. If you don’t know Jeffrey, he is the pioneer
of the non-GMO movement. He’s also the founder of the Institute of
Responsible Technology, and we’re going to talk about some of his revolutionary programs
here at the end. But let’s dive right in here, Jeffrey, and
talk about number one food you want to stay away from as a GMO is corn products. Jeffrey:Okay. Corn, genetically engineered, 93% of the corn
in the United States. A lower percentage for corn on the cob, but
if you have corn tortillas, corn syrup, etc. and it doesn’t say organic or non-GMO, it
is genetically engineered. Now, the corn is engineered to produce a toxic
insecticide that pokes holes in the stomachs of the insects to kill them, and a 2012 public
research study shows it can poke holes in human cells as well. It also can be sprayed with toxic herbicides,
so it’s a combination of a pesticide being produced by the corn and an herbicide being
sprayed on it. Nasty stuff. Some recent evidence showed serious gastrointestinal
disorders in rats that ate this corn. Dr. Josh:Wow, incredible. Next product here is soy. Now, a lot of you know soy was a health food,
labeled a health food, especially in the ’80s and ’90s. Today though, many people are realizing that
it causes major hormone and endocrine disruption in the body. Talk to us about soy. Jeffrey:Soy. Ninety four percent of the soy in the United
States, genetically engineered to not die when sprayed with RoundUp herbicide. It makes weeding easier for farmers. They can spray over the entire field with
RoundUp. It kills all the weeds, but not the genetically
engineered, RoundUp Ready Soy with genes inserted into their DNA. Unfortunately, that RoundUp gets absorbed
into the soybean and we end up eating the RoundUp Ready Soy, which is linked to a lot
of different diseases and disorders. When mice were fed RoundUp Ready Soy for eight
months, they had damage to their testicles, the young sperm cells, the pancreas, the liver
and many other animal studies have shown serious problems. Like, in Russia they fed genetically modified
soy to mother rats, starting two weeks before they got pregnant. They continued to feed them GM soy, and when
they gave birth to the offspring more than half of their offspring died within three
weeks, compared to a 10% death rate when the moms were eating non-GM soy. So avoid eating products with soy unless it
says organic or non-GMO. Dr. Josh:Wow. Great points there. I mean, it is shocking how damaging GMOs are
to our bodies. And they’re still out there today, they don’t
even have to be labeled. That’s what we’re here for, is we’re here
to stop GMOs. So, hey, help us spread this message right
now. Take a minute and press that share button,
help us spread the word. We’re live right now trying to teach people
how to go GMO-free. Number three here, Jeffery, canola. Jeffrey:Canola. About 95% of the canola in North America is
genetically engineered not to die when sprayed with either RoundUp or other herbicides. When it gets made into canola oil, unfortunately,
the herbicides can hang around. So, you may be eating or drinking stuff that
contains large amounts of herbicide, which includes RoundUp. And RoundUp is a class 2A carcinogen, meaning
it probably causes cancer in humans. According to the World Health Organization,
it causes cancer in animals. It can damage human DNA, causing mutations
which can lead to cancer, and where it is sprayed in high concentrations, there’s higher
amounts of cancer. Avoid canola unless it says non-GMO or organic. Dr. Josh:Next one here, alfalfa. I’ll say, especially when we’re looking at
one and four here, a lot of cows, you know, cattle today are fed alfalfa. This might surprise people because, typically,
alfalfa is thought of as this health food but it’s genetically modified as well. Jeffrey:Right. Not only the alfalfa, but the canola meal,
the soy and the corn are all used as animal feed. Dr. Josh:Wow. Jeffrey:So this is where we want to avoid
the milk, meat and eggs from animals that are fed GMOs, so it has to be organic. If you see something that’s naturally raised,
it doesn’t mean it’s non-GMO. It could be without antibiotics. It could be grass-fed but grain-finished. Grain, meaning soy and corn. So, you want 100% grass-fed, or wild caught
or organic in the animal products that you’re eating. Dr. Josh:Awesome. Great tips here. All right. Number five here, sugar beets. Now, this is a surprising one. A lot of times, people might look at the back
of a package and say, “No soy, no corn,” and it just says sugar on it. Can something be labeled just sugar, but actually
be genetically modified from sugar beets? Jeffrey:You rarely see the words sugar beet
on U.S. packages. It usually says sugar or pure cane sugar. If it says pure cane sugar, it’s just cane
sugar. If it says sugar, most if it comes from sugar
beets, and nearly all the sugar beets in the United States are genetically engineered not
to die when sprayed with RoundUp herbicide. So you may have RoundUp residues. We need to check. Sugar may have enough to cause problems. No one has done the research but I would say
if you want to avoid GMOs, you want to avoid products that use sugar beets. Dr. Josh:And of course, sugar itself isn’t
good in the first place, but then it comes from a genetically modified plant. Major issue. And we talked about two of the biggest sources
of sugar – corn syrup and sugar from sugar beets. Stay away. Number six here is cotton. Jeffrey:People don’t think of cotton as a
food, but think of cottonseed oil which can contain large amounts of the herbicides that
they spray on cotton. Now, the herbicide which is sprayed on the
RoundUp Ready cotton, of course, is RoundUp, and they have found the residues of the active
ingredient of RoundUp, called glyphosate, on feminine hygiene products, on bandages. So we want to be careful when we’re applying
cotton to our skin. Try and get it organic, if at all possible. And of course, avoid the cottonseed oil and
they find that in a lot of processed foods. Dr. Josh:Yeah, Jeffrey. Number seven here is papaya. Most of the time, people think of this as
a tropical health food. They don’t realize even internationally or,
I guess, across the ocean, people are growing GMOs there too. Where does most of the GMO papaya come from? Jeffrey:Either Hawaii or China. So it’s the only two places where we know
of that they’re growing genetically modified papaya. So, if it says papaya and it says from Hawaii
or China, I would avoid it. Dr. Josh:Great tips here. Number eight, summer squash and zucchini. I bet this is a surprising one some people. I think a lot of people, Jeffrey, have heard
a lot of these others but not this one. Jeffrey:Yes. I’m afraid that our favorite summer squash
and zucchini may be genetically engineered. Now, both the papaya, the summer squash and
the zucchini are all engineered to resist viruses infecting the plants. But a virologist tells me that it is possible
that, by eating these things, it might create viral proteins inside our body. And if it produces viral proteins that we’re
consuming, that can potentially suppress our immunity to viral infection. So there’s a lot evidence that viral proteins
can do this. They insert genes that produce viral proteins. It hasn’t been studied but the virologists
that I talked to, they’re very concerned about this potential danger which means we’d be
more susceptible to colds and other serious viruses. Dr. Josh:Yeah. As Jeffrey’s talking about here, there are
so many side effects, many of which we don’t even know about yet because we’re not doing
as much testing as we should be. Jeffrey:That’s right. Dr. Josh:Not even near the amount of testing
we should be. So, again, we’re not saying, “Never eat papaya,
never eat summer squash.” We’re just saying, “When you buy them, make
sure they’re organic or non-GMO verified. Or both, even better.” Number nine here, animal products, and this
is a big one. Jeffrey:Yes. I mean, even honey can have genetically modified
pollen in it. But most people, when they think of animal
products, they think of milk, meat and eggs. So, I have talked to people who, when they
eat conventionally grown, meaning GM-fed animal products, they react or their family reacts. In the FDA files that were turned over on
the basis of a lawsuit, they show that the FDA had a lot of warnings. Their scientists warned their superiors that
GMOs might be dangerous, but they were ignored. One set of warnings came from the Center for
Veterinary Medicine. And the Head of the Center for Veterinary
Medicine, and the FDA, said that the milk and meat of animals that have been fed GMOs
carries unique risks. We all know the process of bioaccumulation. The animal takes a bite of genetically modified
soybean that contains herbicides on it, RoundUp. That RoundUp might be deposited in the tissue,
and then every bite that they take, a little more, and a little more, and a little more. So, there may be more poison in the flesh
of the animal, or in their milk, than they’re normally eating in one bite. So this is an area where we want to pay more
attention to avoiding the animal products from animals that have been fed GMOs. Dr. Josh:Yeah. One of the things I used to teach my patients,
Jeffrey, is that, if you are especially shopping on a budget and you really have to focus and
say, “Okay, there are only certain foods that I’m going to buy organic,” meat, dairy products. I mean, these are at the very, very top of
the list. Now, this one might surprise some people. Talk to us about this. Microbes and enzymes. Jeffrey:Yes. This is a harder one to track because sometimes
the enzymes that are used as cooking agents, they’re not even listed on the product. Dr. Josh:Some of them come from papaya, even. Jeffrey:Yeah. Papaya and also, though, the yeasts that they
create. So, the cooking agents. The way to avoid that is to buy organic, which
does not allow the use of these genetically modified cooking agents and processing agents. Dr. Josh:So, Jeffrey, talk to us. There’s a few, and this is what… Jeffrey:There’s two more. Dr. Josh:This is what we wanted to share with
you, and this might really surprise you. By the way, do us a favor right now. People need to be on right now, on our live
broadcast, listening to this because some of the viewers out there, some people might
have heard of corn, soy, canola. A lot of people, and I would guess 90% of
people watching this, have not heard these last two new genetically modified foods. So, take a second right now, punch that share
button. Let’s help teach people how to use food as
medicine, not poison. What are these last two shockers that are
now becoming genetically modified? Jeffrey:Apples and potatoes, I’m afraid. Dr. Josh:Apples and potatoes. Jeffrey:So here’s the reason they genetically
engineer apples and potatoes, so that when you slice them they don’t get brown. Now, they’re using a technology which some
scientists think is more dangerous than any of the other previous GMOs. It’s called double-stranded RNA. I’ll make it simple. They put in a genetic code into the crop to
silence a gene. The gene normally expresses a protein that
causes the potato or the apple to brown. They put in a code that silences the gene. What are scientists afraid of? Well, this code links up with a complementary
code in the crop. We have the same complementary code in our
DNA. So what if it matches, and links up with and
silences a gene that we rely on? It’s possible that eating the potato or apple
could reprogram the expression of our DNA, and I’ll give you an example. There was a set of honeybees, part of an experiment. They were fed a different double-stranded
RNA in a single meal. It was supposed to have no effect. Over the next few weeks, it altered the expression
of over 1,400 genes in the DNA of the honeybee. That’s over 10% of the genes. What that means is the entire profile of health
of these bees could be affected by a single meal. So we are very concerned about this potato
and apple. Dr. Josh:Yeah. So even in buying potatoes and apples in the
future, keep your eye on this. This is why I’d make sure to sign up for Jeffrey’s
newsletter. You can actually do that by going to,
my newsletter on Dr. Josh:Oh, yeah, But stay advised here, because Jeffrey’s pioneering
this. This is his mission. This is his life passion, is banning GMOs
and really helping educate the public on the potential dangers and side effects associated
with those. And Jeffrey, we didn’t even get into this
today, one of the most heart-breaking things for me is I’m a big raw, local honey fan. I know that it’s been used for centuries to
treat allergies and infections, and naturally support the advancement of your own immune
system over time. Bees are dying, people are dying and getting
diseases because of genetically modified foods, and you’re here to fight against it. And we would ask you to do the same thing
with us by sharing this on Facebook and voting with your dollars. Jeffrey, here, has created some incredible
products. I’ve got a lot of doctors and chiropractors
in my family. They play your “Genetic Roulette” DVD in their
clinic all the time. Talk to us about your other products, and
then going to your website. Jeffrey:Okay. Well, I have a book, “Seeds of Deception.” We have a book, “Genetic Roulette,” a movie,
“Genetic Roulette,” a new movie coming out called “Secret Ingredients.” You can watch the trailer at It’s about families that heal from chronic
conditions when they switch to organic food. We’re talking autism, infertility, cancer,
skin conditions, depression, allergies, etc. We have a newsletter and plenty of other assets,
plenty of other educational materials at A speaker-training program, a way to get active
in your local community, a way to help ban the spraying of RoundUp and other toxic pesticides
in your area. We have a lot of assets, a lot of materials,
and we’d love to have you visit the site and participate. Dr. Josh:Hey, thanks so much, guys, for watching. This has been Jeffrey Smith and myself, Dr.
Josh Axe. And hey, we’d love to hear from you. If you are banding with us to ban, and at
the very least, start labelling GMO foods, let us know that right now here on Facebook
or our YouTube channel as well. Guys, thanks for watching. Hey, thanks for being on mission with us to
help ban GMOs. Jeffrey:Safe eating.

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