GNC Meal Replacer for Optimal Weight Management | Educational Series

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One of the major obstacles in going on a diet is the buying, cooking storing of all those special items on the menu. most of us, we just fall off our plans simply because this step is the hardest to manage. Not to mention you may suddenly looking at a vitamn or nutrient deficiency when you suddenly pull out on the staples of your diet. Won’t it be a dream come true if you could get a complete nutritious doze, hassle free Well the leaders in nutrition may just have the answer to your prayers Buying, cooking, packing those calorie restricted exactly measured meals is hard and for those of us who are working it’s even harder to do while running against the clock in the morning or coming home late from work with no energy left to cook For a lot of women it doubles the work load in the kitchen, it’s especially hard when you also have to cook for the whole family and they are not dieting with you Eventually you may give it up all together. Don’t let this be another stresser to your day A meal replacer may just be your ideal alterative With fixed amounts of macro and micro nutrientsthat can be used as a substitute of 1, even 2 main meals per day So you are getting all those nutrients that you need minus those calories sounds like the ideal weight loss plan, doesn’t it? Yes, it really is. Studies have shown a weight loss of about 2 to 4 kgs in the first 6 months with the regular use of a meal replacer as compared to diets that that constrict calories with conventional foods. along with it’s ease of use meal replacers also prevent the risk of fat deposition and obesity which can happen due to deficiency of certain micro-nutrients This may be attribute to that fact that including a meal replacer results in a reduction to food cravings leading to decreased calorie intake. A fact to remember that meal replacers are also closely watched and monitored by governing bodies. As per Food Safety and Standard’s Suthority of India the FSSAI a meal replacer should not contain less than 200 kcal and not more than 400 kcal per meal and a minimum of 25% of energy available from food should be met by proteins, the most satiating nutrient of all of which whey protein is considered to be the most readily available and easily digestable form. It’s important to meet your daily protein requirement which is 0.8 to 1.2 gms per kg body weight per day. This is quite difficuilt to achieve in a traditional Indian thali system but the high protein content in a meal replacer can come to your resque here. resulting in almost double the amount of fat loss as compared to moderate protein diets as per recent research. Along with protein a good meal replacer should also contain fibre, Soluble fibre rich diets tend to be more satisfying as they slow down the process of gastric emptying by forming fiscous gel in your intestines which makes you feel full for longer. It also reduces postprandial glucose which over time improves insulin sensitivity. So make sure that you check the soluble fibre in the meal replacer nutrition lables. GNC’s Total Lean 25 powder is a scientifically formulated product which provides exactly the 30 kcals required with 25 gms of high quality whey protein which contains all essential amino acids 8 gms of oats fibre which contains Beta-Glucan a naturally occuring powerful low glicemic soluble fibre found in oats bran that helps support normal healthy blood glucose levels and thus helps you keep full for long It also contains 22 vitamins and minerals , the micro nutrients that you require When on a diet plan flavour is what can actually change the game Perhaps a chocolate shake will save you when you are craving dessert for dinner or maybe a vanilla or a cookie and cream milshake for breakfast will keep you from giving in to that tempting plate of cookies on the reception desk at work. Combining just 2 delicious shakes per day with a calorie controlled meal and an exercise plan and you can be on your way to living a lean and healthier life.

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