GOLD – Understanding Diabetes

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There’s an awful lot of diabetics in the country There’s over 4 million but there’s a million people who have got diabetes and don’t know it yet and what happens with diabetics is their body can’t turn the food they eat into energy so you end up with too much sugar in your blood could anyone tell me what the symptoms are if you’re a diabetic? thirsty thirsty and do you go to the toilet a lot? yeah I do and you get very tired and sometimes if you cut yourself or if you have a sore on your skin or your body it takes a long time to heal you sometimes can’t see properly you have blurred vision Who can get diabetes? overweight people that’s right, someone who’s overweight It’s good to lose weight and if you’ve got a lot of fat round your waist That’s a normal plate of food, normal size so you should have your vegetables some more vegetables than anything you can have pasta, you can have rice, you can have potatoes but you have a small portion and then you have your meat or fish so that’s how your plate should roughly be divided If it’s under 4, it’s what we call a hypo and that’s when it’s very dangerous that’s when people can go into a coma sometimes their breath smells of pears but that’s when it’s low and that’s when they need to eat something if it’s high what that’s doing is damaging your body it’s damaging maybe your liver, your kidneys, your eyes so it’s trying to manage it by eating the right things I’ve given you the little leaflet with the food labels the white one is low the bad one is red red is do not have too many look at the traffic lights on it, you don’t want it to have too much sugar you don’t want it to have too much fat in it it’s regular, small portions but it is eating regularly so that you don’t get the spike up and the spike down you’ve got to try and keep it level and if you eat regularly, you’ll find that’s what happens and if you eat the right things

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