Good guy White-Ra calls a hospitalized fan during MSSMTL

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How you doing ? Do you feel better ? So you’re better. Do they know why you had an asthma attack ? Do you’re lung still hurt when you breath ? Ok, are you ready to have another attack ? You’re gonna have another asthma attack, wait a sec ! You’re ok ? Ok dude, take some rest Take care

32 thoughts on “Good guy White-Ra calls a hospitalized fan during MSSMTL

  1. I remember in the Blizzard invitational in Warsaw, when White-Ra was straight back from a different time zone, i think Korea, he looked like a shadow of a human. I mean he really looked tired. BUT he did a picture and a handhsake, and an autograph signing to EVERYBODY that wanted to whait in line for him. I was amazed, how much he cared about every fan. He really does care about this game, this community!

  2. these people sit probably 8 hours a day infront of a computer and then they wonder why the get astma attacks and be all fat like that. getting so good laughs out of these idiots!

  3. ye, most famous people are such a douchebags that don't care about their fans
    at least, a lot of starcraft progammers are really nice

  4. Well, you should spend more time in school or just general knowledge. Asthma has nothing to do with this. Maybe.. just maybe.. you should either A) shut the flying fuck up, or B) read some books and know what the fuck you speak of.

    Until then. The internet bids you farewell. Faggot.

  5. you people waste your life and doesn't even know about asthma. Getting a good laugh at you and your sad life right now. I know people who sit in a computer for half a day and is skinny as hell, typical retarded stereotype people like you just don't understand kindness.

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