Good Health: Is it asthma or something else?

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in good health tonight is it really asthma or is it something else Oh experts say there’s another condition that could be masquerading as asthma or making it worse especially in kids dr. Frank McGeorge is here with a closer look asthma is a leading chronic illness among children in the u.s. it’s also one of the top reasons that children miss school treating it can be complicated especially if something else is to blame according to the CDC about 1 in 10 children have asthma and the numbers are only increasing in the u.s. the result can be coughing wheezing chest pain and shortness of breath but some doctors are realizing the children’s asthma symptoms may be something else entirely reflux is the great masquerader of our time and affects millions and millions of children dr. Jamie Kauffman says in particular eating junk food at night can trigger acid reflux symptoms that look like asthma or allergies if your child always has respiratory symptoms be it ear symptoms no symptoms cough symptoms breathing symptoms allergy symptoms sinus symptoms out asthma and they’re not getting better and it goes on and on and on think respiratory reflux the two conditions are actually tightly linked though it’s not clear exactly why it’s estimated that more than 75 percent of patients with asthma also experience gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD GERD may worsen asthma symptoms but as my and some asthma medications can also make GERD symptoms worse in most people are getting good control over one of these conditions can help improve symptoms and minimize flare-ups of the other one it’s important to understand that acid reflux symptoms do not always include heartburn instead it can cause a chronic dry cough or difficulty swallowing talk to your doctor if your child or you might be suffering back to you okay doc

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