36 thoughts on “Got A Cold, Or Is It Allergies, How to Tell + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I was wondering if I have a slight cold or if these are allergies 😷😣! Entered the contest and I hope I win🤗 HAGD!

  2. Am i the only one who randomly finds myself singing "its bob and brad, the 2 most famous, physical therapists, on the internet"??
    Im not on facebook 🙁

  3. Down here in sunny Fl. Oak tree allergies are extremely common and during cold and flu season as well. Your list was valuable! You rock!

  4. Shame. This used to be such a good channel for PHYSIO tips. Now it seems to be an advertorial/shopping channel for alternative health products. Since when do physios advise on health issues?

  5. I got cod,flu in every week or 10 days,it started when I wake up n last till I sleep,next morning it automatically gone.its very hard for me,when I got Cold on that particular day there is no medicine in world that stop that,it just continue till I sleep.help me

  6. I have dust allergy so when I dust sometimes I get a tickle in my nose after dusting I get an allergy attack. I rarely get colds.

  7. I have had a head cold for almost 2wks. Hadn't been out for 2wks prior then as soon as I went to newsagents lady sneezed into her hands then gave me my change. I knew I'd catch something but boy this has been a bitch of a cold.

  8. What if you are coughing up a lung? Dark Green Phlegm mixed with lighter green…chunks mild fever…slight sweat, mild dizziness…and lasting 7-10 days start to finish?!!

  9. We recently have a puppy, and the weather here is unpredictable. Don't know if it is allergy or cold. Thanks for this video😊

  10. I have year round allergies and when I was younger and had a really bad battle with allergies I started getting low grade fevers so I went to the doctor thinking it must be something else but the doc said, "nope, that's just allergies you just have then really bad."

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