Gregory Watts, MD | Cleveland Clinic Allergy and Clinical Immunology

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My specialty is allergy, allergy and immunology. And it’s a field that I’ve been in for over 30 years now having trained here at the Cleveland Clinic. When I entered into this field we understood some basics about why allergy shots work. They’ve been around now for 100 years but we now know on a molecular and cellular level what we are doing or attempting to do. It is a matter of educating and reinstilling them sometimes what they need to do, what they need to remember and what they need to know. And I think if they learn these things and it’s always a reinforcement too, then they can better manage many of their illnesses or the manifestations of their allergic illnesses, which can vary and change from day to day week to week season to season. We have been able to say to patients for a number of years now, none of these illnesses, none of these symptoms should impair you in a way to limit you from attending school, attending the workplace doing what you want to do.

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