Grocery Store Ice Cream Sandwiches Ranked Worst To Best

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Ice cream sandwiches have come a long way
since they were first invented in 1899, but when the craving strikes, simple is best. Sure, there’s a lot of choices out there but
not all were created equal, so which of these old school treats takes the cake? First of all, wrong shape. You had one job to do which was come in the
shape of a rectangle and you can’t even do that! Skinny Cow, you’re fired! Skinny Cow variety isn’t even that skinny
at 160 calories a pop, and for that, you get low-fat vanilla ice cream that’s sandwiched
between two rather bland-tasting chocolate cookies. These just aren’t satisfying. They don’t taste like a treat. They taste like diet food. Just eat some fruit for breakfast and have
a real ice cream sandwich when you want one, instead of one of these sad Skinny Cow imitations. One pro of these little guys is that they
are both dairy free and vegan. The con? They taste like it. At least that’s the opinion if you are used
to eating real ice cream. First off, it’s awesome that those with milk
allergies or sensitivities can enjoy the frozen almondmilk treat. But, if you have neither of these issues,
you’ll probably be pretty disappointed in the flavor and mouthfeel of the ice cream,
as this stuff is hard and even tends to accumulate unappealing ice particles on it. The texture and the flavor of the cookie is
majorly lacking, too. It would be a long, cruel summer if these
were your only choice. Julie’s Organic ice cream sandwiches are a
bit pricey. They’re sold at Whole Foods, so what did you
expect? The good news is that they contain all-natural
ingredients, no high-fructose corn syrup, and are made with hormone and antibiotic-free
milk. So that would mean they would be the most
delicious summer treat you could sink your teeth into, right? Wrong. These are bad. They’re too sugary, too thick, and not only
is the cookie mushy, but there’s a grittiness to this that’s just disturbing. Ice cream treats should never be gritty, or
leave you regretting your life choices. The price will vary by location, but at around
seven bucks a box, you’d expect a lot more from your dessert. What would you do for a Klondike bar? It better be a lot more than you would do
for one of these ice cream sandwiches, because these are pretty lame – starting with the
fact they’re square, and as we’ve established, anything but a rectangle automatically gets
points deducted. One big pro about these is that they clock
in at 180 calories, which is barely higher than the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches – and
they’re much, much better than those. That’s not saying too much. The cookie is vaguely salty and the texture
of it is so soft that it gets all over your fingers in a mealy, chocolatey mess. The ice cream, well, it doesn’t actually taste
like ice cream. It’s airy and whipped so it stays very soft
too, making for a big mushy disaster. The first thing you’ll notice about the Blue
Bunny ice cream sandwiches is that they are more square than rectangular, and you are
getting a very large ice cream to cookie ratio. And the ice cream basically tastes like sugary
foam. Once again, these sandwiches suffer from the
Klondike disease of having ice cream that doesn’t taste quite like ice cream, and doesn’t
feel like ice cream in your mouth. This probably has to do with the fact that
the reduced-fat ice cream contains cellulose gum, which is a thickening agent used in foods
to give them a thicker and creamier texture. Disappointingly, the cookie is rather bland
and mushy too, with no discernible chocolate flavor. It’s hard to believe that the Blue Bunny brand
wouldn’t taste better, considering they’ve created some of the most delicious ice cream
flavors ever, and that plain old ice cream totally owns whatever these bad ice cream
sandwiches are. There are many pros to Walmart’s Great Value
ice cream sandwiches. They are the correct size you’d want an ice
cream sandwich to be. The ice cream tastes great with only a slight
airiness about it and a good clean vanilla flavor. The cookie is delicious – not too thick, not
too thin, and there’s a definite taste of chocolate that will happily remind you of
Oreo cookies. The biggest con? These sandwiches obviously come from the depths
of hell because they just don’t melt in the sun. The reason for this stability comes from calcium
sulfate and guar gum that together trap moisture and stabilize the ice cream. Long story short, there’s really nothing to
fear here in spite of what you may have heard on the internet – but that doesn’t make them
taste any better. These Target brand Market Pantry treats have
a great ice cream to cookie ratio. They contain the same stabilizers like cellulose
gum and guar gum that helps other ice cream sandwiches retain their nice rectangular shape,
but you don’t really taste it. The cookie is borderline crisp, but it immediately
gives way when you bite into it and turns into that soft cookie crust you associate
with a great ice cream sandwich. And that all makes it just a great ice cream
sandwich. “It’s never too early for ice cream, Jim. But we didn’t have any ice cream. So this is mayonnaise and black olives.” What these babies lack in size they make up
for in taste. Sadly, or happily, depending on how you look
at it, you may want to eat the entire box. They are that good. All natural ingredients, organically certified,
and they taste like an ice cream sandwich should taste. They have yummy vanilla ice cream that tastes
like actual ice cream with no foamy mouthfeel, sandwiched between two chocolatey wafers that
will take you right back to playing ghosts in the graveyard on a warm summer night until
your parents holler for you to come home. This is it. If you aren’t worried about a product being
all-natural or organic, then Nestle has the ice cream sandwich for you. The ice cream to cookie ratio is perfect,
the ice cream tastes like wholesome vanilla ice cream. The cookie has enough structure to hold the
ice cream in, but it’s not too brittle or crunchy. It’s an all-around winner. These are the ice cream sandwiches you remember
from the ice cream truck. They are simple and that’s what makes them
so good and so happily reminiscent of childhood. It doesn’t get much better than that. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Grocery Store Ice Cream Sandwiches Ranked Worst To Best

  1. This is nice list but the real #1 is actually a hidden gem you can find only at 711!! They make hands down theeee best Ice cream sandwich, proper melt because they use real ice cream not that whipped sulfate trash, cookie has the same mouth feel as the classic, solid flavor in both and only $1 lol I love the caramel one the most

  2. OK first of all I just dislike your video because when you say an ice cream sandwich is not a rectangular they get points deducted Second of all ice cream sandwiches can be any size any design still considered an ice cream sandwich get your damn facts right

  3. I have a strong distaste for ice cream 。。。
    I have an even stronger distaste for チョコレート🍫。。。
    However, for some strange reason, I enjoy ice cream sandwich enough to Stone Cold Stun Bob Sapp to get to them 😆😆😆😆🤘💯

    I especially enjoy Blue Bell brand

  4. Hood ice cream sandwiches are awesome always have been. And all the ones that you mention that we’re good and weren’t good I agree

  5. I wish there were more choices of “all-natural” ice cream sandwiches in US supermarkets but at least there are a couple. The first one reviewed is ridiculously priced at $7/box, though!

  6. Sooo My Girlfriend is the Ice Cream Sandwich Queen! And her #1 I.C. Sammich wasn't even listed!?! "Kroger brand is the best by far" – plain vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie. And It's your loss if your town is without the Kroger grocery chain

  7. It doesn’t matter which store has the best ice cream sandwich as this one will dominate them all!

  8. yo this lady bashing a Klondike for being square but isn't a square still technically a rectangle???

    Also Skinny Cow tastes like DIET FOOD? Wow, it's almost as if that's the point.

  9. Allthough not available everywhere Bluebell blows all of these out of the water. Bluebunny should not be legally allowed to make ice-cream anymore I have tried many of thier offerings and allot of ice-cream made by other companies blowes them out of the water.

  10. I'm sorry, but who the fuck cares if they're in the shape of a rectangle or not? I buy food for taste, not to meet some arbitrary petty preconception about shape. If that was a serious criteria for your ranking, you deserve to be bopped on the head.

  11. I LIKE Fatboy® Ice Cream Sang-A-Witches. Not only are they delicious, their name's deliciously politically incorrect. Plus, I THINK they're Keto-approved!!😁😁
    PS Mayfield's pretty good, TOO.

  12. The best icecream sandwiches are not from a store but a truck. Schwans frozen foods delivers to your home or business. I worked as a driver and I know first hand the highest quality of these sandwiches. I got a complaint once saying the cookie was hard and not soft. I had to explain that the cookie is supposed to be hard like a cookie. The reason why store bought sandwich cookies are soft is because there freezers aren't cold enough therefore soft cookies.

  13. Just get a big bowl of Haagen Daz french vanilla ice cream and crumple up some Oreo cookies into them.  Best ice cream sandwich ever!

  14. Everyone’s complains but me personally I love this and find it funny how she’s so serious about ice cream sandwiches

  15. Fat boy ice cream sandwiches are hands down the BEST but u would never see that cuz omgggg noooo its not a rectangle!!

  16. Has anyone noticed that Nestle at 5:24 is “artificially “ flavoured and the words “no artificial flavour “ disappears from the package at 5:31???

  17. why is this bitch so pressed about the shape lmfao either talk about the revelant things and keep your dumbass jokes to yourself or you'll be the one getting fired bahaha

  18. U can't beat Asian ice cream sandwich 😋😋😋😋, we have thousands shape,flavour and variety of sandwiches ice cream

  19. i must speak out against ignorance and bashing when i see/hear it. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU'D THROW SO MUCH SHADE ON SKINNY COW. totally out of place, they are the best.

  20. Then by your logic a sandwich made with two slices of bread is not a sandwich because it’s square. Stupid right?

  21. I can't believe that you rated Walmart brand # 1. It should've been # 5; they are the absolute worst on the market. Klondikes are way better and Skinny Cows are good too. Walmart ice cream sammies taste like cardboard and I refuse to buy them anymore. This is just my humble opinion.

  22. I don't know what you guys are smoking but the Walmart ice cream sandwich actually does melt… Even faster than what you chose as number 1. 🙄

  23. Complains that Burger King is to unhealthy yet complains that the the ice cream is to healthy can she make up her mind 😂

  24. I live in Montana and I must say, Wilcoxson's ice cream sandwiches are the best in the world. In fact I had to stop buying them because they are so addictively good that I would eat the whole box and then feel guilty.

  25. If you look at the nestle product at 5:32 the package says "frozen dairy desert sandwich" not ice cream sandwich. If this product qualified as ice cream I'm sure Nestle would put ice cream on the label.

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