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BTS! BTS! That’s my point! Noooo What’s up friends, welcome to a new video. We’re having a special guest Ria Hello You don’t even have a youtube channel do you? Nope But she does have instagram, make sure to check it out the link is in the description below We’re doing ‘Guess The K-Pop Song’ in five seconds I’m excited Let’s do this, I’m so excited, I’m having an adrenalin rush I’m really scared too (Attention: We’re far from being professionals) so embarrassing Imagine not getting a single song right that’d be really embarrassing Okay let’s go I’m already out, I don’t know this one EXO? I actually know this one! CIX! I only discovered this song like two days ago Okay doesn’t count, doesn’t count Okay we’re going to do it like this The one who’s guessing the group (artist) name right gets half a point If you’re guessing the name of the song right, too, you get one point Okay Okay, deal [German slang jokes lol] Damnit Okay That was actually really difficult Yes but It’s new Yeah true It’s new Friends, this is a really short break I had to cut this video quite a bit because it got really really long So now you’re going to see the best parts and the funniest parts The most embarrassing ones too We’re really rocking this TxT I swear TxT is the band wait I’m already – I have no idea Is it It can only be Run Away, TxT – Run Away I have no idea, I’m not even kidding I – yeah Okay One point for me My excuse is this is not on Spotify I only listen to music on Spotify okay It’s on youtube Okay EXO Obsession EXO – Obsession Yeah I said EXO first though But I said Obsession I – I knew I’d be so bad at this My reaction time is like but who’s getting a point now half a point each half a point EXO is still killing it right super old group but still killing it super nice yeah I really like them Dash it’s called Dash Is it? it’s 100% called Dash “Safe Dash” just because he said it yeah I have no idea “Safe Dash” “I swear, Dash” Like the person who made this is stupid enough to pick the actual part of the song where they sing its name maybe they wanted to be nice because they knew that people like me would be playing Okay Monsta X is supposed to be a good group but I personally don’t listen to them Yeah I actually know the whole song Really? Yes, of course you were doing great with “Dash” Dash by Monsta X Who doesn’t know it? If you support it too leave a like for Ria I’m doing so well (lol) Twice I’m saying Twice too wait a minute I I have actually no idea what the song’s called me neither We can’t show this I’m feeling it though I like this song But I never heard of them me neither this is video is actually pretty new So there’s a lot of new groups in here too and I don’t know a lot about them yeah me neither I mean I’m trying but – but I really liked the song JYP! JYP but I don’t know the name of the song wait this is the one with the see-through pants? is it? or not Yeah Fever, Fever Is this the one where Jackson – Where Jackson is like I didn’t listen to this song once half a point for me I’m leading right? Yup, I only have half a point GOT7!! GOT7!! Call My Name! Stop! Stop stealing my points! Stop stealing my points! I’m so slow it’s unbelievable I’m guessing the artist right and then she’s just stealing the other half of my point! I’m saying GOT7 and just as I was about to say the name of the song she just steals it! That’s life Calling My Name GOT7 Call My Name Yeah well Okay YOU CALLING MY NAME! I’m getting half of a point! I’m getting half of the point! I said “You calling my name” You said “Call my name” Okay no you get half a pity-point Thank you, now I have at least 1 point WINNER! WINNER! Or Mino! WINNER, okay half a point, half a point (weird noise) it’s me! WINNER! half a point But I didn’t know “Soso” Yup, better than nothing though I instantly recognized the voice from the video Instantly! Oh well, Ria, you… I’m really You have to really catch up Okay one more and then we’ll switch the video okay? Yep TWICE! Sh*t what’s it called not “Fancy” it’s something different something else the new one Feel Special! Dammit! Feel Special I get half a point though Okay okay we can end with this one let’s see what’s next okay this is a different (challenge- ) video let’s see if we’re better now how many seconds do we have now? no idea I have no idea! What! I have no idea! I’m completely lost BTS – Boy WIth Luv! That’s my point! Noooo! Yes! Yes it is! Fun fact: we sang this song the whole day today Man! Boy with KICK Okay stop shhh Quiet! TxT – Cat and Dogs Okay so I’m thinking I’m doing bad because of the video but it’s actually me TxT – Cat and Dogs Come on, please come on That’s what I said Yep you nevermind I’m just looking for anything (wrong) That’s okay, that’s okay we’re in the game in the game YOU are in the game I’m still completely lost I swear I know it (G)I-dle! (G)I-dle! but I don’t know the song right now Ey Ria I don’t think today is your day No? It’s not your day I should’ve gotten coffee before this Normally I’m so bad at this but Okay the thing is I actually don’t listen to girlbands that much Besides Blackpink Besides Blackpink BLACKPINK – KILL THIS LOVE! Just as I was like “I don’t listen to any girlband besides Blackpink” First Point! Plot twist: it’s Twice fair enough Wellll what is it now you have to practice that for it looking similar to the video Okay one point right you have 1.5 points now Seventeen – Home Okay Okay so you don’t listen to this right so you don’t listen to boygroups as well? I guess I’m on fire guys Oops! Yeah, you can say that out loud Oh! ITZY – ICY! If that’s right – you listened to this the whole time! You always listen to this! I have no idea come on Also me: I never listen to girlbands Dalla Dalla Oh my – ITZY – ICY! you’re SO bad! But you got ITZY that’s half a point for you I’ve actually heard of this song not bad It’s Taeyon again! Her songs came before! I don’t know her But it sounds beautiful hm hm okay let’s go WINNER Oh Yeah! Can we do this with my playlist next time? Yeeeees! It’s me! I’m not making that big of a fool of myself Butl I am I know it It sounds really good but I’m out No idea (help, oh my god) CLC we had them before right? Do you guys like CLC? Their music sounds great comment below if you know/like them I’d like to know Could be CLC again Could be Red Velvet I know it but I can’t remember her name Sunmi? Nope Chung Ha! I actually heard this before I have this in my playlist, well oops That’s even more embarrassing only for one week though Busted! Busted Blue Sky Yes that seemed to work before Pentagon? Nope definitely not Pentagon “It’s Pentagon” Ah, The Boyz! I Know The Boyz! Okay Killing it NCT – I Don’t Need Your Love With Henry That’s how it is (She didn’t realize I said it wrong) Next time we’re doing K-HipHop as well Oh as if that would change anything you’re just bad at losing I’m saying that right now But next time I will be bad, too Sounds like Twice I’m sure it’s not Twice It’s not It is! No it’s not A-Pink! Aaah- Pink! Aaah-Pink! okay No idea what you’re laughing about With your 0.5 points Hey, I have at least 2 We don’t know it, but we’re feeling it Twit Twit – what’s it called? Who sings this? Is it Twice? No it’s not I know this Okay 0.5 points Half a point! Look at how happy I am It’s sad So sad ATEEZ – Hala Hala No, that’s not Hala Hala Yes it is! Of course it is If that’s not true… Yeah I think you’re right Hala Hala Yes it’s Hala Hala The Choreography is so nice! I swear! I’m telling you That’s one of the best choreos I’ve ever seen in K-Pop The video is super cool, too The Choreography MV It’s sooo good I really felt this one Okay then That’s one point for you Oh, it’s over! Okay friends I really owned this I destroyed him I mean we all saw that coming You can find the links for the videos in the description box You can find Ria on Instagram? Yep too You can find all the links below Thank you so much for watching We were really successful today clearly the best performance ever We absolutely mastered this Challenge With our knowledge and wisdom If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and tell us what you think of it in the comments For me, it was a lot of fun Yeah me too I actually have to process this now My voice is almost gone You really have to scream really fast to get the points So true The loudest one wins! If you want us to do a Part 2, let us know If you want to see this disaster again, let us know We’ll be prepared better next time hahaha But come on For not being superfans and super deeply involved with K-Pop We didn’t do that bad Come on Please We are the winners by heart today Always always Did you catch how we synchronously did this Cringe That was so weird Friends We’ll hopefully see each other again soon Stay healthy stay happy And See you! Byyyye!


  1. geiles Video. Supersüße Maus, die Ria. Guckte am Anfang zwar ein paar Mal zu oft direkt in die Kamera, wurde aber dann schnell lockerer. Die würde ich gern Mal fotografieren. Ansonsten Hai, es freut mich, dass du auch ohne Karten ein richtig gutes Händchen hast. Bitte mehr davon!

  2. War ich der einzige der abgwstimmt habe bis in etwa jetzt (bzw 11 min nach Video) denn wenn ich auf einen der beiden drücke steht da 💯%…

  3. Das video Hat mir richtif gut gefallen und war auch sehr lustig 😂 ich würde mich über einen 2. Teil Freuen 😄.
    Bin auch mal gespannt was sonst noch für Videos kommen 😄😁👍🏼

  4. Yes haha bestes Team auf youtube🙌❤
    Mehr davon😉🙃

    Und bro feier deine Neuen Videos genauso🤙👏🏼
    Weiter so❤

  5. Super lustig, ihr seid klasse! Ich war komplett lost, hätte garnichts gewusst, was daran liegt das ich ein Kind der 90iger bin (Oma, lol) Gerne mehr davon :-)(-:

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