H2 Life 2% Hydrogen Inhalation Machine/ Inhaler Tutorial

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Open the water tank cover and add 0.5-1L of purified water Unscrew the drain valve on the back panel to start draining water When you see the discharged water continuous without air bubbles you can end the drainage Add pure water to the water tank again stop filling when you see that the water level window on the side reaches two thirds Screw back the water tank cover Connect the power cord and turn on the power switch You can see the screen on The default working time is 30 minutes Each press of the “+” icon will increase the running time by 30 minutes Maximum 120min Each press of the “-” icon will reduce the running time by 30 minutes After setting the working time press the rightmost corrugated icon to start making hydrogen Within 60 seconds, the hydrogen pressure will reach a normal level, about 0.22-0.32Mpa Connect the hydrogen inhalation tube Place the hydrogen inhalation tube in a container of water and you will see bubbles popping up continuously This means that the hydrogen inhaler is working properly and you can start enjoying the molecular hydrogen inhalation Thank you for watching

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