HACCP Series “Food Allergy”

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hello everyone welcome to our YouTube
channel Kaizen step today we will continue our “HACCP series”. our series is
focusing on basic concepts in food safety for all people who are interested
in that topic we will discuss in this video an important topic about food
allergy so stay connected and hit subscribe button and activate bell
symbol to get all updates on time Food allergy ?!. Food allergy is an abnormal immune
response to food as food allergy happens when your immune system over reacts to a
harmless food protein food allergy may occur in response to any food and some
people are allergic to more than one food allergies may start in childhood or
as an adult Types of food those lead to allergic reaction there are more than 160 foods can cause
allergic reactions in people with food allergies the law identifies the eight
most common allergenic foods these foods account for 90% of food allergic
reactions let’s know this eight foods list contains
eggs fish milk peanuts shellfish such as shrimp crab and lobster soy tree nuts
and finally wheat What are symptoms for food allergies? symptoms appear from within a few
minutes to two hours after a person has eaten the food to which is allergic
allergic reactions can include hives flushed skin or rash tingling or itchy
sensation in the mouth face tongue or lips swelling vomiting and/or diarrhea
abdominal cramps coughing or wheezing loss of consciousness difficulty
breathing swelling of the throat and vocal cords
finally our advise to you be sure to read the food labels ingredient list
carefully to avoid the food allergens and to be safe How to deal with symptoms if it occurs? persons with a known food allergy who
begin experiencing symptoms while or after eating a food should initiate
treatment immediately and go to a nearby emergency room if symptoms progress How major food allergens are listed and declared ? the law requires that food labels
identify the food source names of all major food allergens used to make the
food the name of the food source of a major food allergen must appear method
number one in parentheses following the name of the ingredient examples lecithin
soy flour wheat and whey milk or second method is added after or next to the
list of ingredients in a contained statement example contains wheat milk
and solely Why food allergen labeling is important? Food allergen labeling saves lives of
people as currently there is no cure for food allergies and the only way to
prevent reactions is to completely avoid the food you are allergic to so labeling
is mandatory when cross contact may occur during harvesting transportation
manufacturing processing or storage let’s finish our video with the National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases “NIAID”recommendations to you if
you have food allergies. Wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace stating that
you have a food allergy carry an auto-injector device containing
medication for allergy that you can get by prescription and give to yourself if
you think you are experiencing a food allergic reaction seek medical help
immediately if you experience a food allergic reaction even if you have
already given yourself medication and the most important thing is reading well
label of food and focus on what you eat here we are finished our video if you
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