Haiwan Episode 1 & 2 – 10th October 2018 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

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My God, is it ever going to stop Father? Yes dear, don’t follow me. Go inside Father where are you going? I’m going to unblock the drain dear, you go inside But father, it’s raining My dear I’m coming, you go inside Father! Masooma? What happened? Masooma? Are you feeling alright? Where is your…? Momina? Come here quickly Just give me a minute dear Yes mother Momina, come quickly What happened mother? Where have you kept it? I’ve told you to keep it by her side. Mother I kept it. It’s in your drawer Dear I’ve told you to keep it here nearby Mother I kept it in your drawer Where is it dear go and find it Where did I keep it? Look for it dear, find it and bring it I must have kept it in mine It’s over here mother Bring it quickly That’s it dear here you go What happened to you dear? Mother, I miss father a lot. All my friends have fathers, only mine has gone away I’m here with you. Your mother. Why do you get worried? Don’t think like this dear Come on, close your eyes Momina? I’ve been looking for you all over college. My legs have started to hurt Momina? You’re crying? No Why are you crying? You don’t want to tell me? Fine, I’ll start crying as well No, I was just missing father. When I’m at home mother keeps me quiet by saying that I’m the elder one, I should not cry Well she’s right. If you’re going to be like this then who is going to take care of things? How is she right? If I’m the elder one in the house does that mean I don’t need father? Don’t I have the right to think about him and cry? Is it my fault that I’m the elder of the house? Do only youger ones have the right to cry? Not the elders? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Next time you’re missing your father you can come to me and cry, I won’t say that you can’t cry because you’re the elder one Why are you standing up? Because our classes are over now And if I don’t pick her on time you know how angry she gets, as if she’s older than us I totally forgot, come let’s go Now don’t cry ok? What happened to you two? Why are you so sad? Sister we are not in the mood to joke around right now, don’t annoy us When am I annoying you? I’m just asking what’s the matter? Did anyone say something in school? What? Did the teacher say anything to you? Teacher didn’t say anything at all Alright, then? Sister, it was our first day in the new class okay, so what? From today we our in different sections, now we will study in separate classrooms That’s the only issue? This problem will be solved in a second Really sister, is that possible? No way, how can it be possible I’ll go and talk to father and he’ll get your section changed I’ll go and talk to father today to go and talk to the school so we can study in the same section So is it possible to request for separate sections as well? Why? I’ll tell you clever Momina. Come on let’s go Do you know? My father got me new toys Will you let me play with them? Yes, but just stop talking to that other girl in our class Nimra? But she’s really nice No, I don’t like her Okay fine, but you talk to your father today Yes, I’ll talk to father today He’ll be at home for lunch Bye Bye Stop it now Sister, I’m going to play with them Masooma, you know very well that you’ll get an asthma attack if you eat that ice cream No sister, why would I have ice cream. You know I don’t like it Come inside. Mother would have made Ice lollies for us Masooma come inside. You’re saying you don’t like it but your staring at it like that Clever Masooma, let me get my hands on you. You were trying to ring the bell and run away? No aunty not at all I got you today. What do you think, you would fool me every day and I keep getting fooled? Masooma? I’m coming mother Run! She’s very naughty. Rustam? Masooma Coming mother Come here I’ve told you so many times not to irritate aunty. You have made it a compulsion not to let her go But mother I enjoy irritating her What? It’s not nice to have fun by iritating someone. Don’t do it again Mother That’s it. I don’t want to listen to anything else. Go and change your uniform, it’s time for dinner Mother, have you made an ice lolly for me today? You won’t get any ice lolly unless you go and change your clothes first Hurry up, wash your hands and face Don’t have any sense of how to talk to elders. You’re going to make our tenants run away Come to my place with me after tuition Why? Brother is going to video call. I’ll ask him to talk to you Really? You’ll let me talk to your brother? Yes, I’ve told mother as well. I’ll ask brother to make you his sister as well So will your brother make me your sister too? Javeria and Masooma will you two just keep on talking? Talk less and concentrate on your work Ahad, did you memorize it? Javeria? Yes? If your brother really makes me his sister then I will give you my mickey mouse eraser to you. Remember the one sister Savera got for us but you lost yours? If you give me that eraser my brother will definitely make you his sister So you two will not behave yourselves will you. Get up Javeria. Go sit over there. Ayesha? You come over here So my dear mother tell me what should I bring for you from here I don’t want anything my dear. My son is coming home even that’s more than enough for me Tell me what do you want? I’m very serious I told you I don’t want anything. If you’re insisting so much then just bring whatever you feel like Ok I’ll bring something Mother is it brother’s call? I want to talk to him as well Here talk to Jojo Hello brother Hello my dear, how are you? Brother this is my friend Masooma. We study in the same class Hmm, that’s very nice Brother, Masooma doesn’t have any brother. I told her you will make her your sister, won’t you? Oh why wouldn’t I make her my sister? When my pretty little doll has said it then definitely Masooma will be my sister from now, no problem at all I told you, my brother listens to my every wish Okay so tell me, what do you want to become when you grow up? Brother, I want to become a doctor. Do you know, my father was also a doctor Oh really so you want to become a doctor, and your father was a doctor too? That’s very impressive Masooma Brother? Masooma’s father has passed away Ok, listen to me, Masooma can you hear me? Tell me what you want from America and I’ll bring it for you. After all you’re my sister now isn’t it? Brother please bring me a doctor set Okay, so I will bring a nice doctor set for my pretty little sister Masooma, alright? Jojo, give me back my phone Good bye brother, mother is screaming Momina? Coming mother Yes? Go and find out where this girl is. She went in the evening, it’s late at night and she’s still not back I’ve told her so many times not to sit at their place all day long, she doesn’t listen Okay mother, don’t get angry, I’ll go and call her back How can I not be angry? You know how bad people are outside. Let her come, I will give her a lesson I’ll go and get her Masooma? Come here How many times I’ve told you not to stay at their place all day long, why don’t you listen? Mother I made a mistake What mistake? Get away from here. I’m sick of this happening every day Now you’ve made mother upset. I told you to come back early Oh really, wait I’ll tell her right now Greetings uncle Greetings dear, how are you? I’m fine uncle. Have you come to get our section changed? Yes dear, where is Jojo I don’t see her? Jojo’s in the library upstairs Okay I’ll go see Father you’re here? I was waiting for you since such a long time. What took you so long? I’ll told you to come early I was stuck at work dear. Come let’s go to the office Father I’m really tired Why it’s just a little bit more No father, I’m not able to walk any more I know all your tricks. You want a piggyback ride don’t you? Yes Come here You don’t feel ashamed making your old father do all this Father got us back in one section again Really? Yes It’s going to be so much fun now Yes really it’s going to be a lot of fun Thank God. You know Kashif’s sister Anam? She went to the other section You know what? She stole my pencil from my bag That’s so wrong, she does that with everyone Hey I forgot to tell you. My father’s going to take us shopping today Really? Let’s go Masooma, what happened? No, it’s nothing no, tell me what happened? I wish my father was with me too Come with me, let’s go. You haven’t done this work yet? Miss had told us to do it Uncle, give me an ice cream Do you want the twenty rupee one or two ten rupee ones? Give me the twenty rupee one Uncle is this the twenty rupee one? Yes Come Masooma let’s play Catch me Masooma? Masooma get up Masooma get up. What happened to her? I think she had an ice cream. She’s allergic to ice cream Pick her up from that side, quickly Aunty doesn’t let her eat ice cream Masooma? Go and check if there’s anyone at home. Get the door open, Masooma? Hurry up Masooma get up Why didn’t you stop her from having ice cream? I did stop her. You didn’t. It was you who made her eat ice-cream. I did. Quickly get the door opened. Why are you scolding me? Mother are you upset? Don’t talk to me. You know how worried I get. No one cares about me I won’t do it again, I promise Your hair is very beautiful. Just like before Mother? Open the door I want to sleep with you. Father? Javeria? I want to sleep with you. Father open the door What are you doing here? I want to sleep with mother Don’t speak They must be sleeping now. Let’s go back to our room I’m sleepy Come I’ll pick you up We’ll talk to mother in the morning okay? If you don’t care about me, at least care about your children. Why do you create this drama every day? Is that something to discuss right now? When you talk romantically they come up with these excuses. Then they say you don’t love me or care about me Ice cream, Ice cream Uncle please give me a ten rupee one You want a ten rupee one? Yes Here you go Hey what happened about my money? Every month it’s the same excuse put sprinkles on top, and extra chocolate too Jojo? Jojo? Uncle where is Jojo? Jojo is not at home dear But uncle where is Jojo? I want to play with her Please leave right now, come back later Please uncle, tell me where Jojo is. I haven’t seen her since morning Uncle is this Sandal juice? You still haven’t left? Uncle, do you know that I got full marks in science and Jojo got two marks lesser than mine Uncle please tell me where is Jojo, I want to play with her Jojo? I will go check her room. I haven’t met her since morning Where is Masooma? I don’t know What? She must be at Javeria’s place. Even she has not come for tuition yet That’s a surprise. She’s always on time. Go and find out where they are My students are sitting outside, I’m teaching them. I can’t go right now Go and get her, what will they think that we’ve left our daughter with them all the time? She won’t think like that. Aunty Amna is really nice. Besides, Javeria comes to our place as much as Masooma goes over there Momina Alright, if she doesn’t come till half an hour I’ll go and get her Masooma can’t digest her food till she meets Javeria. She’s always at her place, this is not the way Momina, make me a cup of tea then go and get Masooma Okay mother It’s very late Very good, you’ve written the right answer here. Now go and write it again properly Hurry up your time is almost over. You have’nt finished your work yet I’m coming okay? Hey Momina? Greetings brother Greetings, what are you doing here? I’ve come to pick Masooma. She’s been here with Javeria for very long. Mother is calling her But these people are not at home Not at all, they were here in the morning. Who told you? Definitely you have some misunderstanding No I don’t have any misunderstanding. Hameed told me himself. Someone passed away in Javeria’s grandmother family. They have gone over there But what about Masooma? I’m telling you the truth dear. You should go and look for Masooma somewhere else Yes I’m coming right away My dear, please go and check why sister has not returned yet Okay aunty, I’ll go and check after finishing my work Momina where were you? Did you find Masooma? Masooma? Where is Masooma? Where is she? Reply to my question. Where are you going? Why aren’t you telling me? I’m asking you where is Masooma, first tell me? What are you looking for? Where is Masooma? Mother wait a second Momina, tell me straight, where is Masooma? Why don’t you speak? Tell me where has she gone? I knocked their door many times but they did not open it. Mother, brother Rustam told me that they went to their grandmother’s home since last night What nonsense are you talking about? Have you lost your mind? You don’t know anything, Masooma is at that place, I’ll go look myself Mother where are you going? I’ll go get her myself Momina? What happened? Masooma, open the door Brother Rustam told me there is no one at home What happened sister? Open the door She’s lying, she’s talking nonsense. She’s here Where has she gone? Javeria open the door, for God’s sake There is no one at home You’re lying to me I know she’s here Sister I had told Momina already that brother Hameed’s family has gone out of town this morning I will not be satisfied till I find out myself We can call and check Greetings We are knocking the door since such a long time, why aren’t you opening the door? Sister I was taking a bath, what happened? I came to ask about Masooma, she came over here I’m alone at home and Amna has gone to her family home with the children Sister I had told you No, she’s here, she doesn’t go anywhere else. Please let me have a look otherwise I will not be satisfied Sure, you can check for your satisfaction, please go ahead. Its your own home. My child, you go with her. Masooma? What happened? Masooma? She’s not there Mother, she’s not here Be careful mother Mother let’s look upstairs I was passing by in the afternoon, I saw Masooma was buying ice cream Come mother, let’s go home. Masooma will be over there Didn’t you listen? She was eating ice cream in the afternoon She gets unwell if she eats ice cream. She starts to suffocate for which she needs medicine. If she stops breathing she’s going to die No mother please Go and find her Nothing is going to happen to my Masooma, please don’t say that mother Please explain to her Please sister keep your hopes high. We will find Masooma very soon I think we should check for Masooma at the hospital We can have it announced from the mosque as well We should try to find the girl as soon as we can. The poor girl would be helpless by herself Where did my Masooma go? Brother used to help everyone so proactively. We should try and help his family She was sleeping right next to me, where has she gone away? Where do I go look for her? Please keep your hopes high. We will go and announce from the mosque just now. If God willing you will find your daughter very soon Momina do you have any picture of Masooma? Yes brother I do. I will go and get it right now Bring the slippers too Keep faith in God sister. We will find her Sister please be strong. We wll find Masooma Please explain to her dear. Everything will be fine. You go and at the hospital. You go announce from the mosque, alright? You won’t join us brother Hameed? I’m going to get my purse. It could come in handy. Wait for me Okay Attention please. This is an important announcement. A girl aged 10 years who is called by the name Masooma is missing since this afternoon. Whoever finds her, please bring her to Aqsa mosque. Brother Hameed, we’ve been waiting for you since quite awhile I couldn’t find my purse You took so long that we thought brother Hameed has gone to sleep. Why would I sleep? Then come let’s go Yes, let’s go Slowly mother, slowly and gently Just sit over here mother. Shireen, go and get water for mother Mother, what’s happened to you? What has happened to mother? Wait I’ll call Rustam What has happened to mother? Please call brother Rustam. Mother I’m telling you nothing has happened to Masooma Mother, I don’t want to lose you after already losing father. What is going on? Brother Rustam? There’s nothing to worry about. I’ve given her an injection, she will come to her senses soon. If you still need any help just give me a call, good bye We’ve checked the entire neighborhood, checked all the hospitals, announced from the mosque. It’s midnight and still there is no clue of the girl, what should we do? Brother tell me, if you see the ice cream man again will you be able to recognize him? I will brother Hameed. But I don’t think he would have kidnapped Masooma. O brother, why can’t he? You can not trust anyone these days. His intentions might have gone wrong. I agree with brother Hameed. Oh they’re not stupid enough to kidnap a girl from her doorstep in a broad day light He might have gotten a chance. Street was empty and girl was alone, he would’ve thought to take an advantage of the situation. Whatever the case, I think we should now file a report with the police Yes you’re right, absolutely We’ve looked everywhere. We couldn’t find her Brother what do you think? That’s also what I’m thinking. Whatever you people think is appropriate Yes, absolutely So brother Hameed you can come with me to the police station? Police station? Yes. Look. The girl used to come to your place a lot and you live in the neighborhood, so you should go with me Yes, it makes sense that I should go I’m just going to tell Shireen and coming back Come quickly Okay then brother Hameed, we should leave now. Just keep looking for her You don’t worry about it Okay. Make the announcement in the morning. Sure! Momina? What happened? Did they find her? What did brother Rustam say? They have all searched for her And? They have looked every where. In the house, hospitals. But they haven’t found anything. But they’re saying that…. Momina, don’t lose hope. We shoould file a police report. We will find her They’re all saying the right thing. We will have to go to the police station. You stay with mother I will be back soon Don’t worry madam, I have got all the things you had written on the list. I will bring it to you on the way back I will talk to you later. Yes I will bring them on the way back Yes can I help you? Sir we want to report a missing girl. Her sister is missing since morning I’m her tenant And who are you? Neighbor. I live across the road So tell me who is missing? My sister, we can not find her since morning It might be possible your sister has gone somewhere with here friends? No sir, we have asled about her in all the nearby homes, she is not there Is it some case of love, you know how it is these days My sister is ten years old Find her. Her mother is being very much worried. Okay! Have you brought any picture of the girl? Yes! This is Masooma. Masooma! Zeeshan, file a report of a missing girl. Mother! Father! Mother save me. Mother! Father! Mother! Masooma? Masooma? What happened? Lye down. We will find Masooma. Where has my daughter gone? Where? Which cruel man has kidnapped her? Have strength, sister. Nothing will happen to her. We will find her. If you will give up, then how will it work. I will die if I would not find my daughter! Look, take care of yourself. Let me bring food for you so you can take medicine as you are falling sick. My daughter has been missing since so many hours. Who knows if she has eaten anything or not. How can I eat? I wasnt meant to say this. I’m just worried for your health. Where is Momna? Where is she? She has gone to police station with my husband. Let me bring water for you. Get up, have some water. At least a little. Come on. Go my child and have some rest. It’s too late. Goodbye. Momna, have some courage. You have to be strong. Your mother is already very tensed, she will get more tensed if she sees you in this condition. Wipe your tears and take care of your mother. Hello, yes? Dead body? We have found a dead body of a child while patrolling. On examination it turns out that the child has died hardly 2 hours ago. She resembles with the description that you gave. If you can identify her then we can proceed with further investigation. Please show this body. Please identify the body. We have to investigate further. No. She is not my Masoma. She is not Masoma. No, she is not my Masooma. Something has happened to her. Something really bad. Mother. Where are you taking this? Have some water. What did the police say? Momna. Dont cry. Mother. Where is mother? She is in her room. You should go home. Listen. Let me know if you need any help. I will come back. We will find Momna? Will we? Yes. We will. God will definitely listen to me. He can not be cruel. But people is His world are brutal for sure. And one of those brutal people took away our peace. Ruined us. Masooma. Dont know if we would ever find her not. If found, dont know in which condition she would be. But there will come a time when her culprit will have to pay for his evil deeds. I want my Masooma back. I want her back. Mother .. Masooma.. Mother please bring her back. I have brought dinner for you people. I am not hungry. Sister in law. I have made your favorite beans and bread. Should I bring it? Please put it there. I dont feel like eating it right now. Mother please have some little. You have not eaten anything since morning. You have it. You have not eaten anything either. First you please eat. My heart is dead. When the heart dies, one doesn’t feel hunger or thirst. Please have some food otherwise you will fall sick. I am having some bad vibes. I want my daughter back in whatever condition she would be. Everything is going to be fine Mother. She would be fine. She would not be fine. If she was fine, she would be at home. Something has happened to her. Something really bad. We need some information regarding the missing report of your daughter. Could you not find anything? No. Nothing is found yet. Who are you? Sir, I am their tenant. I need to ask you few questions. Yes please. Do you have any rivalry with anyone? Or do you have any doubt on someone? No. Where are your relatives? Sir we have informed them. As soon as they get time, they will come here. We have investigated the ice cream seller as well. According to him, the child was at door after buying the ice cream. Your tenant Mr. Rustam also gave the same statement. There could be two possibilities, either she forgot her way to home or someone kidnapped her from the door. Please don’t get worried. We are trying our level best. Hopefully your daughter will be recovered. Miss where is your husband? He is at home. I have to go now. Hopefully your daughter will be recovered. Lets go. Mr. Rustam, we have to search your home regarding Masooma’s missing case. Do you have any objection? No. Thanks. Go inside and start searching. Since how long have you been living here? It’s been almost 3 years. Masooma’s father was alive when we came here. During this time did you feel that they have a rivalry with anyone? No. Sir we couldn’t find anything.
No. Sir we couldn’t find anything. Thank you for your cooperation. This was my duty. Who is there? Police! Yes Hamid Saab please come out. Yes okay. Yes. Tell please? We have to search your home. Why do you want to search my home? This is part of investigation and I hope you will fully cooperate with us. Yes sure. Come. Come Search all the rooms properly. Zeeshan? Yes sir? Did you find anything? Nothing sir. Yes! Alright Mr. Hameed. Thank you! Its my duty. Let’s go. Who are you people? Mother! Where are you taking this? Mother.. Where are you taking this? Entire night is gone. No news about her. Oh God, what kind of mother am I? My daughter was away all night and I kept sleeping peacefully? In what condition she would be? How would she be feeling? Which cruel person would have caught her? What would have happened to her? what would have happened? Nothing. Nothing would have happened to her. She would be fine. When all day and night is gone. How come nothing would have happened to a missing 11 years old girl? I am telling you. If I don’t find her, I will die. I will die.

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