Haiwan Episode 18 – 12th December 2018 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

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Jump, oh, well done Now tell me, is grandfather better or grandmother? Tell me Why have you come here? I’ve come to take my daughter She’s not your daughter, she’s my son’s daughter and my grand daughter You should be ashamed of yourself. What time of person are you? Give me my daughter This is my Rania, she is the daughter of this house You couldn’t respect the daughter of another house and here you are talking about the daughter of your house. Leave her, this is Masooma This is Rania, my grand daughter. Listen to me My son has already left you. If he gives you a divorce then what right will you have on her? I don’t care if he gives me a divorce. My relation with her will still remain She’s my daughter and always will be. But you better watch out. You end is near Listen to me, as long as my son is standing by my side, no body can cause any harm to me What did you say? That means that you have no……. Yes you’re absolutely right, do you have any evidence or witness? Go and and get one then we’ll talk Have some fear of God. Don’t you have a heart? Don’t you have any fear of God in you? Stop lecturing me and give me back my daughter Look at her Sawera, she’s making false accusations on me What’s your problem? What did I say? Say what you were saying before. I don’t know why she’s after me. Why are you doing this to us, what harm have we done to you? Father please stop crying and calm down What can I do besides crying dear What do you want? Sawera, you’re my friend, at least you should……… She and her mother have already humiliated me in front of the entire neighborhood Maan, look at this Sawera, it’s nothing like that, he’s telling lies, in fact, he just challenged me to do whatever I can, and now he’s blaming me, don’t lie One accusation on top of another. What kind of woman did you get married to? I don’t know what harm have I caused her Maan I’m not going to give my daughter Get out of here What do you mean? She’s my daughter, give her to me I don’t know what she’s going to do with us now Please stop crying father She can’t do anything father, even if they want, they can’t do anything How can you say that son, they have filed at FIR with the police The FIR that was filed against you has been cancelled. Nothing going to happen Don’t give my daughter to anyone. Come here to you grandfather I want to go to my mother I want to go to my mother No dear, we don’t want to go to mother Momina, why are you crying? What’s the matter, tell me? Did you go somewhere? My daughter Did you go to your home? Which home are you talking about? I don’t have a home Why did you go there? I was missing Masooma a lot My daughter was so happy when she saw me Did you meet her? I had only met her when that lousy man created such a big scene Do you know what Hameed said to me? He said we can do whatever we want but we can’t hurt him Mother he has no fear of anything, he says prove it that I’m the culprit. He has challenged us mother Will we actually won’t be able to do anything mother? Will we really get justice? Say something mother This test of patience will go on much longer What do you mean? My FIR has been cancelled Why? Because I’m mentally unstable I’m feeling very disappinted. This was the last thing I had my hopes on We kept our hopes higher then the reality, that’s why this has happened I have decided never to trust Maan ever again What strange times we are living in. Lies have become stronger than the truth You need evidence to prove the truth but nobody asks for evidence to prove a lie? Everyone asks the one telling the truth to prove it Truths and lies are not the reason behind this. The problem is in us humans. It is us humans who have made these norms Brother Rustam, we have come to take your advice. What should we do next? Sister, I have an idea in my mind but I don’t know if you will find it appropriate or not Tell me I think we should get help from the media, media takes a lot of interest in such matters You’ll see that he will be behind bars within an hour How? Well, we will tell them the truth. And when they will highlight this issue the law enforcement agencies will get active and our problem will be resolved quickly Yes mother, brother is absolutely right, this way Hameed’s real face will be exposed and our Masooma will get justice at the same time No, I can not do that Why sister? Don’t you want the culprit to be punished for the crime he committed Who would want that more then me. But not like this. After the way my daughter left this world, this would cause her a lot of pain My daughter will be discussed by every other person I don’t want to cause her any more pain Sister, I’m sorry if you were hurt by anything I said Please don’t apologize, you have helped us so much Listen? Can any member of the family file a police report against someone? Yes, any family member can do it Then we should file another FIR against him What are you trying to say? Well, if sister Azra is her mother, then Momina is her sister You’re right, I didn’t even think of that Brother Rustam, I don’t understand what she’s saying Sister, we will again file an FIR against him. And this time Momina will be the proponent Can it be done? Yes absolutely, and we will also file an FIR against Maan Maan’s report? Yes, under the law he can not separate such a small child from her mother No, please don’t do that What he may have done, I consider him as my son But he didn’t consider you as his mother When he didn’t regard anything then even we don’t need to care about him Amna, listen to me Don’t touch me What’s wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? Why are you talking to me like that? I’ve been tolerating it for quite a while now You’re crossing your limits you ordinary woman You’re going to tell me what my status is? You yourself don’t have any status Don’t think I’m an ordinary woman. I’m not an ordinary woman Hameed Its my favor to you that you’re sitting comfortably in this house What do you mean? What are you trying to say? If I even utter a word, all your pride will be crushed under your feet Are you threatening me? I’m telling you the truth Hameed, don’t test my patience any more. Enough That innocent girl’s face keeps coming in my eyes. I see her blood on your hands Do you think I have kept quiet to save you? I have kept quiet for the sake of my daughters. They would not be able to face the disgusting truth about their father And you’re reminding me about my status? Mother, I will go to the police station today What happened? What are you thinking? I’m thinking about calling brother Your dear brother? He hasn’t come in three years, why would he come now Mother forget about him, we will handle it ourselves You don’t understand. This world is only for influential people Haven’t you seen how that man is being supported by his family. That’s the only reason why he is roaming around freely in this world He know’s that we’re alone and can not cause him any harm If Javed was alive I’d see how he would roam freely then It’s a fact that father is not with us. But we are still not alone mother. God is with us Don’t search for help on this earth mother. Just seek his guidance and watch how all your problems are solved You’re right Sawera what are you doing? Nothing mother, I woke up early so thought I’d make breakfast Did you wake up early or were you awake all night long? What difference does it make mother Where’s Masooma? She’s sleeping Does she sleep with brother? The poor girl doesn’t have a mother so she sleeps with her father instead Mother what’s happening to our house? I don’t know what’s happening and what’s about to happen Mother, can I say something to you? Go on? Please don’t think that I’m calling father wrong or Momina right Sawera? Mother, I know Momina since a long time, even before we shifted to this house I’m worried because she’s not this type of girl. She would never falsely accuse someone without any reason, then why is she doing this? I don’t know Must be due to the grief of her sister’s death Mother? Did you sleep upstairs at night? No why would I sleep upstairs? Mother, I was walking outside at night, I felt like you went upstairs No I didn’t go upstairs I won’t take too much of your time. I just want to ask one question. You’re a woman and a mother just like me Just once think about the daughters you have given birth to and then tell me if what you’re doing is correct? I can see it in your eyes, I’ve got my answer, my daughter does not lie Wait for the day when your lie will be exposed in front of your children And for once think of Masooma as well. What happened with her was right? Was her life so worth nothing? I woman can recognize her husband and even protects him when it is needed What is the worth of living with a man who consumed an innocent girl like a beast Who are you trying to save? we all have to go in our own graves and will be judged according to our own deeds Will you be able to give a false testimony? You will give a false testimony after placing your hand on the Quran? You will ruin your after life to protect a liar Do you want to go to your mother? Come let’s go I don’t understand how did you come here, didn’t your mother stop you? Aunty, we came here secretly That’s very wrong Jojo. Brother and mother will be so angry if they find out about this Okay leave it Momina? My daughter has come, Masooma? Maan sent her? She secretly brought her here Secretly? I won’t let my daughter go anywhere. You did a very good thing that you brought her here Sister, can we go now? Where? Home No, she won’t go home now, she’ll stay with me But if brother or mother find out they will be very angry They can be angry if they want to be. I will not let my daughter go anywhere now, she’s my daughter Why are you putting her in trouble? Let her go And what about my problems mother? Momina, don’t insist and let her go Mother Sister, let us go right now. I’ll bring her back here tomorrow You’ll bring her won’t you? My daughter will come to mother won’t she? Give mother a kiss Bring her tomorrow okay? Where did you go? Nowhere sister, just outside You’re telling a lie. I saw you coming out of aunty Azra’s house with my own eyes Sister, actually Masooma was crying that’s why I went there. Please don’t tell brother and mother about this Alright, then tell me the with complete honesty Fine That day when aunty Azra came home, what did she say? She was shouting and saying that father killed Masooma She even hit father. Sister, has father actually killed Masooma? Why would father do that? No, father can’t do that Really? Yes, our father is not like that. He could not have killed her Take her inside Why would he do that? I’m regretting the moment I went and stood up in front of my father And I’m regretting the moment I got married to you. I made a huge mistake If you made a mistake then pay the price now After doing everything herself, why is she crying now? You have left me stranded in the middle of nowhere Maan. You broke your promise Sawera? Yes mother, I’m bringing it right away No need to come in front of her Why what happened? She has only come to sprinkle salt on our wounds and enjoy it Sister Amna, we are very sorry to hear about Sawera’s divorce Of course, we all know what pain parents have to go through if all of a sudden the boy gives a divorce to their daughter The question is, why did he give divorce to Sawera? He was married to another girl and also had a son from her. He divorced Sawera when she found out about this But we heard something else What have you heard? That he divorced Sawera due to that incident of a dead body being found at your house What do we have to do with that dead body? Who knows who hid that dead body in our house Then what is this matter going on between you and Azra and her daughter? Your husband is being blamed for all this Oh forget that, did you see the drama Azra did on the street the other day? God forbid, the way she was cursing your family we were really worried I think it was because of her curse that Sawera got divorced the very next day Of course That’s it, you’ve said enough now please leave from here Mother? We’re leaving. We didn’t come here to sit, we came here to tell you, truth always tastes bitter Why would we want to get involved in your mess. Look here she is, the reason behind all this. Go and handle your mother Of God please take away my life What are you saying mother Didn’t you hear what all they were saying? Oh God please have mercy on this house Greetings father Greetings, where is your mother? She’s inside, should I call her? No I’ll have a look myself Father? Yes? Mother remains very worried these days. She remains very quiet Please take care of her What happened Amna? What happened you ask? Amna has gone mad. She’s become mentally sick My mind will explode in trying to hide your secret Look Amna listen to me Amna’s dead for you You’re asking me what happened? Amna’s dead Brother, what’s going on? I can’t understand I’ve never seen mother and father fighting, then why are they fighting now? Mother is worried Yes, maybe because of me May be Brother? At least you should not think I’m wrong. I had no space over there Not in his house and neither in his heart We should be thinking about mother, she needs us So brother please you should talk to mother and father. For how long will things stay like this? I’m really worried. I’m telling you I’ll commit suicide if things don’t get better in our house What nonsense are you saying? Don’t you dare say something like that ever again Then please talk brother Okay fine, I will What happened you ask? Amna has gone mad. She’s become mentally sick My mind is going to explode while trying to hide your secret This is not some usual argument between mother and father. Something is definitely going on What’s father’s secret? Amna is dead for you. What happened he’s asking me There’s something very big Who is the murderer? Hameed Will his wife testify?

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