Haiwan Episode 20 – 19th December 2018 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

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Who is it? Postman I have a registry for this address For who? For Maan Hameed That’e me, give it over here Sign over here Thank you Oh you’re here Maan. What happened? What is that? Look what that woman has done with me. She has filed a case against me for the custody of my own daughter I can expect anything from her These are the court’s orders son You will have to handover your daughter to her now Absolutely not, never But how? These are court orders, what are you going to do? If she wants to take this matter to the court, be my guest Look son, such matters should be resolved within the house rather then taking them to court. Try to resolve this matter within your home so that it stays inside your home The matter is already gone out of our home father We will be humiliated a lot son, every other person would be discussing you both, don’t do this She wants to humiliate all of us doesn’t she? She doesn’t know yet that after doing all this she is only going to humiliate herself Maan, you are angry right now, think about it with a cool mind, whatever happens, it’s about your own child But Momina is also the mother of that child. If the child lives with you or with her, what difference does it make? What are you talking about father. I will not hand over my child to her at any cost Just wait and see what I do with her What should I do? What all is happening because of me Mother? She would go to school like this if she was here Do you remember how much fuss she would make to go to school You would get annoyed as you would get late because of her Open the door Masooma or else I will not take you along She would sit inside the washroom for so long Tell her to come out quickly, I’m getting late because of her This girl, Masooma come out quickly Masooma, I’m going to leave without you I’m coming Masooma, come out this instant Masooma, come out or else I’m going to leave you here I’m ready, look mother, she is always after me for no reason You know already, don’t waste your time and go on I’ve been getting late because of you a lot. Now leave this and come quickly What was my innocent child’s fault? Jaweria? Yes? Have you prepared for the test? What test? Oh so you don’t even know we have an english test today The English test? Yes I know about it I thought you are talking about some other test Don’t lie, you haven’t prepared for the test today? You’ve been failing in every test lately What’s your problem if I fail or not? Are you my mother? Remember Masooma? Jojo’s father murdered her Oh, who told you this? Masooma used to live close to my house What happened was very wrong You’re telling lies, stop talking nonsense. My father is not like that, he did not kill anyone, stop talking nonsense What happened Momina? I can’t understand anything We’ve been trying so hard. We’ve been repeatedly visiting the police station Brother has talked to various people but no one offered any help You’re the one who said to me Instead of looking for help on this earth, seek guidance from God. That’s what I’ve been doing as well Who has shown any concern towards us during the past three years? Nobody in the family checked on us I don’t need anyone’s help. These worldly relations have no worth or reliability. They have no guarantee They let you down at any given moment. What’s left is God, who never leaves his creation alone That’s enough for me. Am I right Momina? Am I right? Yes Then stop worrying Father? What happened to you? Just get me some water I’ll go get it right away Water father I’m fine. Nothing to be worried about. All is well Look father, you’re sweating so much I think your blood pressure is quite high, please let;s go to the doctor When do I get high blood pressure? My blood pressure is usually low. It must be because of the weather, just felt a but dizzy, nothing to be worried about If it gets any worse I’ll go with Maan, don’t worry Father, there’s still time till brother comes back. I’ll take you to the doctor, I’ll go and get your purse and then we’ll go My dear, come to father. Mother? is father back from his office? Yes he came back early today Really? Everything okay? Where is he? I don’t see him around He has gone out somewhere Where? He didn’t tell me that What’s wrong, why are you getting so angry? There’s nothing to be angry about son. What else would I tell you when he didn’t tell me where he’s going? Come inside Father, what happened? I’m fine, she’s just getting worried. Blood pressure was slightly high It was’nt slightly high. Your blood pressure was very high Father, why are you getting so worried for small issues? I’m with you, everything will be fine, don’t worry about it Doctor said that his blood pressure was high because he is taking a lot of stess Father, you are not going to worry about anything from now on I’m fine, you people do not need to worry Get a hang of yourself father, nothing’s going to happen Come I’ll take you to your room No I’ll go myself Father? I want to go to my mother Will I find my Masooma If God is willing. They say that God listens to every prayer made by anyone at this shrine Our prayers will slso come true, if God is willing My God, my daughter was lost for three years. How do I ask Masooma for forgiveness before my culprit doesn’t get punished for his crimes? I’m regretting that moment when I stood up in front of my father And I’m regretting the moment I got married to you Anyone else in my place would have kicked you out of this house Momina? What has happened to you? Brother Rustam? I want to talk to you Go ahead, what’s the matter? Your Momina has filed a case against me for the custody of my child. So please her your darling my message What message? I will not be affected by all that she’s doing. She’s the one who will have to face the consequences I beg to differ. I think you’re the one who’ll be at loss. You have become so blind that you can not see something right in front of your eyes What do you want to say? Eactly what you want to listen to. And if you want to give Momina some message then give it to her yourself, this is your personal matter I don’t want to get involved Oh really? Usually you’re involved in all her matters but on this occasion you don’t want to be involved? Listen, please come with me. I got a call from sister Azra, she told me Momina has fainted for some reason I don’t undertstand what’s going on, please come with me What happened? Are you okay? I don’t know, I felt dizzy and nauseous all of a sudden We should go to the doctor No need to go to the doctor, I’m fine now No, let’s just go to the doctor Ask father for forgiveness I should ask forgiveness from this disgusting man? Mother, what are you doing? Can’t you see I’m cleaning? She won’t be coming, I fired her What happened mother? Is everything okay? Nothing is right. Do you feel anything is right? Whatever happened with Masooma, what is my fault? Did I want this to happen with her? I have had to face your fathers humiliating remarks all my life. Why do I have to suffer for what he has done now? Sawera just leave me alone, for God’s sake Hello Sir. I can come sir, but do I need to bring my mother as well? Right sir, we are coming Maan dear, what do we have to do with this incident? Why have they called us? Don’t worry, let’s go and talk to them But why have they called me? I don’t know anything, then why am I being dragged into it? If once you get stuck in these police related matters then they don’t let you go that easily I’m feeling very worried and scared. You go and talk, I’ll wait for you right here Nothing is going to happen mother. I’m here with you, come let’s go Something is going to happen Maan Something very bad I need your statement okay A statement for what sir? You have forgotten so soon what it’s about? The case of Masooma’s murder is not that old yet THe case had been closed sir, the FIR had been cancelled, isn’t it? The FIR got cancelled but now a fresh FIR has been registered A fresh FIR? I’m sorry sir but I don’t understand The FIR has not been registered by Madam Azra this time but by her daughter Momina She has filed this FIR against your father and according to her, the witness to Mr. Hameed Haroon’s confession is your mother Me? That;s why we need her statement I don’t know anything. Tell him we don’t know anything Sir, that girl is telling a lie. My mother does not know anything. Those people are big liars, why are you listening to them? You stay quiet and let us do our job Sir, you are misusing you authority my calling my mother here Look, we know very well about the limits of our authority It would be better if you don’t interfere in our job What are you talking about? She is no stranger, she’s my mother We have equal respect for all mothers and sisters Masooma was also someone’s sister and daughter wasn’t she? Tell us in detail, what happened that night Look madam I’m asking you, what did you two talk about that night? Nothing, I don’t know what happened and what did not If you don’t know anything then why would your daughter-in-law mention your name? So go and ask this question from that girl, why are you asking my mother when I’ve already told you that my mother and father have nothing to do with this case You stay quiet, let me do my job, please Yes, so tell me now, what did you discuss that night and how was the girl killed? I’ve told you that I don’t know anything. Maan, I’m not feeling well, I want to go home Sir what are you doing? When she’s saying she doesn’t know anything then why aren’t you believing her? I have heard everything clearly, but I think you have not listened clearly to everything She did not once say that your wife is telling a lie When I’m saying that I don’t know anything, that means that she’s telling lies Fine, you people can leave. We will call you again if it is required I never saw the inside of a police station in my entire life. Today I got to see that as well, thanks to your father What are you saying mother? What is father’s fault in all this? It’s that Momina’s fault. She’s the one who has filed an FIR against us this time She has also filed a case against me for Masooma’s custody. Her own father. There’s a limit to everything I received the court notice just yesterday. Just watch now, I won’t let her get away with this Momina? What’s the matter? Where is she? How did she even dare taking my mother’s name in front of the police Just because of her my mother had to go to the police station today Who does she think she is? And why are you people after my father? What harm did we cause to you? She wants her child’s custody doesn’t she? She wants to go to court? Tell her then that we will only meet in court now And I swear to God, she will gain nothing from all of this, just wait and see She isn’t gaining anything right now either. Me and my daughter have fallen inside such a deep ditch that we will never be able to come out it But we can’t just sit over here and wait to die. We will at least try to come out of it. You can not stop us You do what you have to. We will do what we have to do Fine Listen Sawera? Greetings father Greetings Do you know what your father did to Masooma? He killed her You were saying something father? What happened? Do you have a headache? Why are you looking at me like this I went to the station today Why did you go there? Don’t worry, I did not go to testify against you Then why did you go there? Because your days of comfort are over now What do you mean? The days you’re spending here in comfort because of cancellation of the FIR? It is only temporary What are you trying to say? Your daughter in law has filed an FIR against you again What are you saying? They called me as a witness What did you tell them? If I had said anything would you be standing over here? Jojo? Yes mother? You had an english test that day didn’t you? Show me the result Mother, actually…… Actually what? Show me the paper Mother, it didn’t happen It didn’t happen? And what if I find it Jojo? I’m telling you mother it didn’t happen Just keep quiet. The test didn;t happen she says What’s this? Mother, actually You have failed in all your tests? And then you’re telling me lies? Where did you learn how to lie from? Sorry mother What have you done dear? Sorry father What do you mean you’re sorry? Amna that’s enough I’m not talking to you Please forgive me mother Shut up. Where did you learn how to lie from? Already you’ve learning how to deceive someone? You will have to tell a hundred lies just to hide a single lie You will live in humiliation for the rest of your life and never find peace if you’re a liar What’s wrong Amna. What is this drama? First you scolded her so harshly and now you’re sitting over here. What nonsense are you doing? What are you lecturing everyone about telling the truth? Are you the only honest person left in this world and you’re lecturing everyone else? What do you want to do Amna? If you want to go and tell everyone the truth and destroy this house then go ahead You can do that and find peace for yourself, and leave me and this house in ruins, and then just go to sleep over here Why are you looking at my face? Go and tell everyone, go on Go and tell everyone whatever you want Fine Fine Amna? What’s going to happen now? What have I done?

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