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Jack has severe asthma and in June of
this year he suffered the worst asthma attack that he’s ever had since he had
his diagnosis at four years of age. It was terrible to watch. No attack is ever
nice to watch, ever. He was then picked up and ran out of this house by a
paramedic into the back of an ambulance where unfortunately, Jack then took a
further nosedive and stopped breathing. Jack’s heart rate had slowed down so much that it looked as though his heart had stopped. Because he was so poorly it did
mean an induced coma. Asthma’s given me a lot of restrictions
in life but I have learned to deal with it. But, when having an asthma attack, it is
quite scary and traumatising. Especially when I was little, because I didn’t know
what was going to happen to me. I didn’t know if I was going to get any better.
And I often would worry whether I would live to be older. You know every time
Jack is admitted we document it. And it was just phenomenal the amount of
footage that I’ve got. You know when everybody was sort of saying oh you know
we didn’t realise that it could be this bad, we just, you know, we didn’t
realise that asthma was that bad. I put together this little sort of video and
I initially just shared it on my on my Facebook page and one of my
friends said to me, “Fi, change your privacy settings I want to share this.
I’ve got some friends whose little ones have just been diagnosed with asthma, and I’d really love for them to see this.” Getting the message out there about my asthma will help me a lot, because I am at the age were I like to go out a lot, like
into town and places, on my own and with friends. And if I have an
asthma attack, and people don’t know what to do then that will be
bad for me. So, I want to like spread the word about how bad asthma can be so that
people know what to do if someone’s having one.

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