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God keeps healing today! She had asthma and God healed her. They told her that the asthma was incurable because it was hereditary. Pastor Emmanuel Oppong: And what happened to you today? God healed me! Halleluya! This type of weather was not good for me, my nose would close up and it was difficult to breathe. Pastor Oppong :Now can you breathe? Pastor Oppong: Again,again Pastor Oppong: You couldn’t do this before? she says no I would feel pressure on my chest and now I dont feel the pressure. Pastor Oppong:How long have you been going through this? She says for about four years. Pastor Oppong: four years with asthma! Pastor Oppong: I was saying that if you have asthma believe God that you are healed today! Pastor Oppong: Did you hear that? She says yes. Pastor Oppong: And what happened to you? “I felt something had changed in me. Pastor Oppong:Oh im happy for you. You will never be the same from tonight you will never be the same. God bless you! This is not the work of man this is the work of the holy spirit! Just run all the way to the pole! Now tell me whats going on now? She says I dont feel tired. Pastor Oppong: Halleluya glory to God! For four years, four years look at her she is crying This is not the work of a man she is crying Jesus hasn’t changed. The curse is broken from her family. And so will be yours. God bless you God bless you God bless you. God keeps healing today!


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