Healed from Eating Disorders and Allergies – How to Cure Eating Disorders #TestimonyTuesday

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I’m Charlsey Hare – I’m from Oxford
Mississippi so in 2009 I came to For My Life with my mom. I was a freshman in
college and so I just went home over Christmas break and she was like “We’re
going to be in health.” I’ve had allergies for my whole life; had to get allergy
shots from the time I was like I don’t know five or six until I was ten and
then was on allergy medication at least twice a day and sometimes three times a
day depending on like what weeds were in bloom and everything so I had allergies
and then I’d also developed Acid reflux during high school
my dad’s a pharmacist and so we would just ask him you know what medicine do I
need for this and didn’t really think that there could be a spiritual cause
for it so I didn’t know anything about Be In Health…my mom had read the book A More Excellent Way and she asked me if I wanted to read it and it was really big
and I was like no that’s fine I’ll just go and so I went and I was very
resistant to the teachings at first because I’d been raised in church my
whole life until that point and never had heard anything about evil spirits
honestly and so I thought it was a little weird but I was willing to admit
that I did have fear which was behind allergies and acid reflux so that year
while I didn’t embrace all the teachings I was healed of the allergies and acid
reflux so I was really excited about that and I went back to college and I
wasn’t on medicine anymore at all and so that was very exciting but I didn’t
really take the teachings with me so I was away from my mom and didn’t know
anybody else who knew the Be In Health teaching so I didn’t really apply them
for the next four years so then I was graduating from college and in 2013 and
I was getting ready to go overseas to serve and I never was really diagnosed
with this but I had something resembling an eating disorder or maybe it wasn’t
eating disorder I don’t know but I know now that it was an unloving spirit and
so at I guess it was really as a last resort before I left to go overseas that
summer I told my mom we have to go to Be In Health because I can’t go to the
field like this so we went and and I just was kind of at my wit’s end
and I remember sitting at the I think it’s called the Hope Inn now it was
called the Crestview Inn at that time but I remember sitting in there and just
being like Lord I don’t know what else to do like I’ve got to go overseas and
it was like just a couple of weeks from then and I just remember crying out to
him and being like please help me give me an answer and that was the first time
that I’d ever really felt His voice in my spirit just heard Him speak so
immediately to me so that was really really cool and He just said “who told
you that?” so it’s kind of like in the garden like who’s been telling you these
things and where are your thoughts coming from and so that really just was
a big big step in my freedom and so that’s really what I wanted to share
today was just that while the the physical things you know I’ve been
healed of those things and it’s really awesome and I’m so thankful
but what really means more to me is just that now I’m so close to my Father I had
no idea that I was so separated from Him but really if I wouldn’t have if I
didn’t have this knowledge then I would be accusing God of all these things that
He hasn’t done that He hasn’t said and with the Be In Health teachings I’m
able to recognize that the enemy wants to cover up his character and
wants to just occlude everything about him so that’s what I’m really thankful
for is just being able to have a really close relationship with Him and just
walk in freedom with Him I’m a teacher and so I teach it Ole Miss and on Monday Wednesday Friday I have two classes and I just remember thinking at
the beginning of the semester without the Be In Health teachings I would be so
scared I just had so much fear in my life just a whole lot of fear because I
wasn’t close to the father and I wasn’t trusting him and so now I’m able to go
in and teach I’m 27 and my students are like 18 and 19 and so it can be
intimidating sometimes but I know that like God’s got my back now and I don’t
have to go and they’re afraid so that has just been it’s made a world of
difference in my day to day life I would just say to go I mean I think
people can make any kind of excuse not to go because it is a week long but a
week is such a short amount of time in the whole scheme of eternity like this
matters for the rest of time and so if you would just take a step and go for
seven days or maybe it’s even five days I think just five just invest in
yourself and invest in your life and yeah you won’t be disappointed

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