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My name is Nabunya Robinah from Muyenga. I am a midwife and this is my certificate. I started suffering from asthma when I was in Masaka for training. That is when the asthma started. The final paper of my exams was brought to me while I was bed ridden in hospital because I was under asthmatic attack. Having completed the training in Masaka I came to Mulago Hospital. I started working but even then, I would get frequent asthma attacks and I was taken off the night work-shifts. Everytime the weather would turn to coldness, I would get an asthmatic attack. I have suffered from asthma for 30 years. I was put on treatment. Whenever I would get an asthmatic attack, I developed severe cough. For instance if I am the way I am now with no cough and I get am asthmatic attack, sputum would gather in my throat and chest. These tablets that you see, were given to me to treat the cough. Everytime I would get an asthmatic attack, I would cough for three weeks and the sputum was endless. These tablets, helped me whenever I had a problem of wheezing. This is ventrine, whenever I would swallow it, it would cause me heart palpitations and I would tremble! Then I was told to stop taking the ventrine. I was given this inhaler. This inhaler, they told me to stop the tablets and use this inhaler. I was supposed to use it every time the attack starts. I was told that once I feel the asthmatic attack I should start using the inhaler. I would use it three times but when the attack would be severe. I was told to use the inhaler every after four hours. I used it, I would exchange and use them alternatively whenever under serious attacks. If I would use this one, another time I would use this other one but still they would not help me. I was told to add this one also. I would use this one every after four hours. I had to take in a deep breath to unblock the lungs but still in vain! When doctors saw that this was happening, they advised me that because of the attacks I was getting, I should buy a machine and this is the machine I bought. I used this machine, I would get an injection. This is the medicine I would get and insert it here, Then I would get this celin and put it here. Then I would cover, then fix it on my nose and mouth like this. I would make sure the nose is well covered and then switch on by pressing the button. So that the air can go into the lungs and unblock them. Whenever I was on this machine, I would feel some relief and could breathe. Even though I did all this, there was no change. The asthmatic attacks would even become worse! I have used this machine for three years. I have used this medicine for 30 years and the attacks were becoming more severe. I had severe wheezing, that at times I would collapse all of a sudden. These are the medical reports to show that I was sick. This was before prayers by the Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande. Brethren, every time I would risk to go out of home, I had to cover myself all over. During cold whether I would never leave the house. I was worried of getting an asthmatic attack. That is when my friend saw me in so much suffering and she brought me here to be prayed for. Prophet Kakande prayed for me. This lady is receiving a prayer for her healing. She has asthma with difficulty in breathing. Healing is going on for her in Jesus’ holy name. This sickness of 30 years is been put to an end in Jesus’ name. Be healed in Jesus’ holy name. Rise up. Thank you Prophet for praying for me. You are free from now. Remember, before you got this sickness, you lived in a place that had flowers. They had a strong smell. My name is Nabunya Robina from Muyenga. What the Man of God has said is true. I know the place he has talked about. When I was training in Masaka, those flowers were there and this is where this sickness started from. They were long flowers . Ever since that time, I was attacked by this sickness. So the Lord has healed you now, it is ok with you. When you are coming back to give your testimony, you bring this bottle. Thank you, Jesus. What the Prophet said was true. Surely, this sickness started when I was in Masaka for the training and the flowers the Man of God talked about where there. That was the cause of my sickness. After the Man of God praying for me, he made me drink the holy water which was in this bottle and said that I should come back with it to give a testimony. I am now giving a testimony when I am healed, ever since I left this place I have never swallowed medicine. I have never got an asthmatic attack. I am free. I can now walk. You can clearly see me putting on an open dress but before, I could cover myself so much. I thank Jesus of Prophet Kakande and the holy spirit. I thank the Man of God who prayed for me that I got back the hope of life again. I had lost all hope. I knew that any minute I would die. I stopped using this machine. I no longer use any medication, I am free. Clap for Jesus Christ. My second testimony concerns the uterine fibroids. When I conceived the pregnancy of my first born, they found out that I had these fibroids. Right now my first born is 25 years of age. The pregnancy was six months and when the doctors examined me it showed that I had fibroids. Brethren, I started bleeding. I had nonstop bleeding. When I went to hospital, I was told that the bleeding was a result of the fibroids. That is what causes the bleeding. Then a friend called Jane brought me here. The Prophet prayed for me. Brethren, I got healed. The bleeding stopped. I didn’t feel any abdominal pain again. Then I went back to hospital. This was after prayers by the Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande. Clap for Jesus for this miracle. Brethren, the doctors examined me because they were two. The first one examined me, he then called a colleague who re-examined me and didn’t see anything. The doctor asked me, have you still been using the medicine? I said no, I haven’t been using the medicine but Prophet Kakande prayed for me, I thank Jesus of Prophet Kakande. I thank him for praying for me. I thank Jesus for healing me. I thank the Holy spirit for being in this place. The message I give to all the people out there, don’t cling on sicknesses and don’t be ashamed. Jesus’ work is in the light. Come and be prayed for, do not hide your sicknesses. Stop listening to peoples’ words. Here, prayers are free of charge and you get a big package. I got healed. May glory and honour be back to Jesus. Let us clap for Jesus. My name is Joyce Nantege from Kanyogoga, Kalungu district, Masaka. Next to me is my son, Paul Kasiita. My son fell sick and had a sickness in the abdomen. He got intestinal obstruction. My son was critically ill for four days. This is his medical report. This photograph shows that he was very sick with tubes inserted in his nose. Brethren, all this was before prayers by the Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande. We can see the critical condition he was in while admitted in hospital. The time I brought my son here, he could not eat, stand, we brought him here being supported by me and his brother. The Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande prayed for my son who was at the verge of death! Next is brother Paul, Rise up and go. He has come with severe abdominal pain due to partial intestinal obstruction. Open your mouth. He has come with constipation. Rise up and go, you are healed. Thank you Jesus. Once Prophet Samuel Kakande prayed for my son, He got instantly healed on that day. He rose up and walked by himself, remember before prayers, we were supporting him. Let my son also speak. My name is Kasiita Paul from Kanyogoga Kalungu Buddu. Next to me is my mother Ms. Nantege Joyce. I have come to testify to Jesus of Prophet Samuel Kakande for the good things he has done for my life. All that my mother has said is true. She brought me here in a critical condition like you saw on the screen. I was extremely sick that whatever I tried to eat, I would vomit it out. I was just being supported. I could not even stand for one minute without support. After Prophet Samuel Kakande prayed for me, brethren, I got healed. I got healed. I thank Jesus of Prophet Samuel Kakande; long live Prophet Samuel Kakande. May the Glory and honour go back to Jesus. God bless Prophet Samuel Kakande and grant him all his desires.


  1. Glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ of prophet Samuel kakande👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. God of prophet samuel Kakande thanks for allowing me praise and faith in you because am blessed to be in your kingdom

  3. I also had Asthma but am
    Heal cos prophet prayed for me after that I never experienced that thank you Jesus glory to Jesus. Thank you man of god live long for people like me.

  4. Ohhhh not good to use ventoline .ekumbye ettunisi. Lord I pray for my brother Tonny is in that Asthmatic situation

  5. the healer is Jesus thank you my friend for healing us man of God l hope through your prayers in Jesus name mukwano yesu wampade contract empya naye nga bwowonya bano bona nkusaba yesu tukole babiri kuba nasabirwa da

  6. Jesus is the healer
    To GOD be the Glory.
    Thank you Jesus Christ, thank you Man of GOD for your endless prayers to us May the Almighty GOD in heaven bless you more abundantly and long live Amen.

  7. God I'm before you I tap on this anointing right now heal my daughter and me from asthma she's at school but she weezes all the time and she experience heavy cough.. prophet pray for me and my children for hearing in Jesus name I pray

  8. Naye banauganda banange,ensimbi ezononebwa nebiseera ebitwalibwa mukunonyeleza kumisango ejanagomora nadara gunno ogwokutta kawesi lwaki omusumba kakande tatuyamba namutubulira nekiyamba abantu abavundira mumakomera okutebwa kubanga bavunanibwa bwelele.kunokwekutesa kwange

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