Healing Eczema & Allergies to Water. First Swim in 20+ Years | Ep.229

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so some of you know for 10 years I
couldn’t even touch water my skin eczema was so sensitive it’s so reactive that
water was like acid on my skin I literally burned through and eat through
my skin and I’m like you know start leaking it’ll start boiling and start
popping literally within a couple minutes so to recover so far and
actually be you know again in our pool now it’s just amazing at the time you
know for ten years it’s a long time so I basically assumed that was my life that
was my future some of you guys are suffering for you know like a year or
two or five years and just not being able to handle it so managing living
with any condition for over ten years and having to be so careful at any time
I’m around water when it’s raining when people are splashing something around
just have to be so protective of myself of the environment but with all the
treatments you know like eleven twelve years of difficult treatments and
experimenting with medications that isn’t really for eczema or allergies you
know Here I am! Dupixent obviously has helped a lot for those of you guys with
eczema and skin conditions and also allergies. Dupixent has reduced my
allergic reactions a lot has reduced my IgE count from about twenty five
thousand to you know twenty seven hundred so that’s like a more than a ten
times decrease so just want to put this out there that no matter how impossible
and how hopeless it might seem things life is pretty long and things that you
didn’t think would happen possible things can suddenly become possible
faster than you think so just kind of try to hang on and keep
exploring keep trying options and yeah really grateful that I’m able to do this
today even though it’s a salt pool where you saw the salt pole because easier on
eczema skin but still took 11 or 12 years for me to be able to use it
alright one last swim now I’ve been able to take baths for the
last couple years that’s what I was able to do the bathing tutorial and some a
bathing tutorial about how to do that but being outside in the pool even a
salt pool still quite a bit different because even though I feel like the
waters free safe it’s just you know how reactive I am to the air and where I
live ly area it’s basically always polluted
so or it’s too cold and you know I’m successful I’m susceptible to getting a
cold due to the amino sir precedence that I take so today’s a very rare day
where it’s hot enough that it’s like 96 degrees so that I won’t get a cold but
it’s also the air is actually very clean today I don’t know why it’s probably
just like the direction the wind is blowing actually on any hot day my body
is basically destroyed anyway anything above 80 85 degrees Fahrenheit I am
destroyed the whole week I can even sense the weather coming in so if it’s
gonna be hot next week I’ll start reacting this week and just be
completely fatigued have migraines have heart problems breathing problems
inflammations everywhere so there’s no way you can even feel well enough to be
outside let alone be in the pool but such a rare opportunity for me to be
outside so yeah it’s the problem I guess was mostly just being outside not really
being in the pool so much but um it’s great to be able to do both
alright now that I’m getting dressed I remember another reason why swimming
outside it’s it’s harder on the skin and cause more damage it’s not so much the
water but it’s just like taking the bath people like me with eczema the skin
loses the water very quickly once you get out
of the pool or once you get out of the bath a lot of that moisture evaporates
and the skin starts cracking very fast so you know just being out of the pool
for like five seconds my skin is already starting to feel stiff like it’s
cracking so but at least – the healthier the skin
is the more is able to kind of hold on to that moisture so with the pics and
I’m able to do that with enough time to get up to my bath and get back into the
water so I stopped my skin stops losing water moisture and then after the bath
I’ll be able to to do the put on the creams and all the ornaments and stuff
that I like I talked about in the bathing video whereas before when my
skin was so damaged if I got in the pool I wouldn’t have time to make it to the
bath and the skin would just start cracking from just being a little pole a
couple minutes to getting inside the house and get into the the shower or the
bath it’s just not enough time that’s how fast people with severe eczema
that’s how fast we booze moisture so as my skin’s gotten better and be able to
hold on moisture a little bit better I just have more time to you know wash off
the pull water and the dust and whatever from being outside and then put on the
the creams and ointments like I usually do so I end up doing file lapse and now
my legs feel like jelly I’ve been exercising quite a bit trying to get my
strength up this whole summer just walking on the treadmill just about
every day for about two miles and trying to build that up the man swimming really
is a full-body exercise and I guess it just takes a lot out of you also the
salt pool for those for those that you don’t know using salt instead of just
chlorine increase the buoyancy but also increase
the resistance so that means you float easier also the water is softer and
smoother silky smooth but it’s tougher to move through the water to get some
momentum and move forward so swimming you know it just takes more effort to
move forward when you’re swimming but it’s great I do need a full body
exercise to make up for basically a lifetime of being sick in bed and not
exercising at all so hopefully this won’t be the only day
this summer that the Wat the air is clean enough for me to be outside will
see fire season is coming up so I’m really worried about that California is
known for pretty bad wildfires in September October and sometimes even to
November so we’ll see all right a quick update so about two
hours after I finished the swim I noticed I had we aggravated my cervical
spine injury the cervical spine is basically the spinal cord in the neck
area I actually have three discs cutting into my spinal cord
you know compress this that are pushing in and one of them is compressing my
spine a lot in the two other ones are just starting to press against the two
so you know initially last year I really thought I had to get a triple neck
surgery – to get those discs fixed it would require fusion and there was a lot
of complications all the medications I’m using so even though the surgeon
definitely thought I was at high risk of basically getting body paralysis below
the neck so everything below my body could have problems because of how much
medications I’m on and how risky it is for me to even be often for like half a
day we just literally can’t do the surgery so I’ve been trying to do
physical therapy and things and some of the symptoms of the spinal cord being
damaged my neck has subsided it’s gone away but I felt like I just be hyper
Veda yesterday the the biggest problems have been just like the numbing of the
hands and also on my feet and my toes on my left left feet and mostly on my right
hand but a little bit on my left hand – so this losing sensitivity in touch and
on my right hand and it’s also feeling a little bit woke up not a little bit is
feeling quite a bit numb even after a day it’s a day after the swim
and I’m still feeling my hand is being weird just because of the spinal cord
damage up here is leading all the way down to my hand so I’ve decided just not
gonna swim I guess just looking back at this footage of me swimming I’m trying
to lift my head up above the water because I don’t have goggles I guess if
I do get goggles and I have better posture putting my head down maybe that
will work or you know I can just paddle on the side without you know doing a
full swim but just I just really have to protect my neck my spinal cord because I
can’t do surgery there’s basically no other options other than just trying to
be as safe as possible so that’s just gonna be the plan for now it was great
being back in the water but as far as just exercising go there’s other things
I can do so yeah I’m just not going to you’ll go all in on swimming when there
are other options and at least for now until I figure out a better way so I
mean does seem to be dangerous for this neck injury that I have

5 thoughts on “Healing Eczema & Allergies to Water. First Swim in 20+ Years | Ep.229

  1. My daughter also on Dupixent and has helped her tremendously. My daughter is a Registered Nurse and she has to use gloves, handwashing all the time and both just killing her. My daughter and entire family we were so stressed out and I became depressed because of seeing my daughter so suffering all the time. I feel a failure as a mom and a nurse but could not help her. She has been on Dupixent for 2 years now. She suffered from Eczema since she was 6 months old and she is 26 years old now, can you imagine. People don't realize not only the person with eczema is suffer and depressing, but the family also go through the same thing. Thank you for sharing your video, Jeffrey. LOVE you.

  2. Skin got Super better for the past 2 days dude because of a Chinese vegetable and its awesome plus with a lot of water was helpful so much. Love the pool btw, I haven't swam in 5 years ;-;

  3. Hi Jeffrey, so glad to hear that you are improving with the dupixent. I have had moderate to severe eczema all of my life and thought there was no cure. I just had my first dose and I can't believe how much of a change my skin has gone through for the better. I had some fatigue the first week I had the entry dose but I didn't anticipate the benefits from this drug. Who would have thought the cure would be found in Chinese hamster ovary cells? Haha! Thank you for sharing your personal journey it helps me to not feel so alone.

  4. I commented a while ago, I'm not gonna lie I was on my last hope. I found some pills you can look it up its called tri-factor formula by 4life you should search it up. I'm not promising anything cause I know how it was for me people recomend things and none worked it just depressed me, but it's worth a shot like I said i dont promise anything but i took it for around 2 months in the beginning and my skin is already healing.

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