HEALING: Finally healed of Asthma.

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Before we listen to our brother, let’s first watch his prayer. This is Br. Lawrence being brought at the emergency section… he has difficulty in breathing because of severe Asthma and is under attack now. The pain is so much and he’s wheezing. What is going on? I can’t breath well, Man of God. Say, Jesus- Jesus. Touch my lungs. I want to breath well- The way you are breathing. Jesus I want to share your breathing. Thank you Jesus. Be healed. That is Br. Lawrence sharing the breathing of Jesus Christ for him to breath well and be free from Asthma. The holy spirit is now uprooting it- Out… In the Mighty name Jesus. Asthma out. Blockage out, in the Mighty name Jesus. Watch brethren the pus that he has vomited out. All the asthma. The Man of God has commanded all the Asthma to come out. The holy spirit entered his lungs , the entire system and he is now vomiting out. Out- in the Mighty name Jesus. Watch brethren, he is continuing to vomit out all the Asthma. Whatever infection in his lungs is all coming out. Watch the working of the holy spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ. He is vomiting out the pus, and whatever poisonous fluids within the body system is all coming out. Watch brethren, How the infection, the pus is coming out of the nose continuously. Out. In the mighty name Jesus Christ. Brethren remember, he has suffered for 28 years with this Asthma. This is what scientists don’t understand and what nonbelievers confuse because they don’t know what to believe, but for us who believe, we believe Jesus. The word and power of God. We know what to believe. Look what He has done for this man. Some people may think that these people are just paraded. Look at that pus. Can you parade and put pus in yourself. It is a pity! Give thanks to God. Give thanks to Jesus for healing Br. Lawrence. Ok take this water. How are you feeling now? Man of God I feel very fine. I thank Jesus for healing me. Go you are free and give your life to Jesus. Praise Jesus, brethren. My name is Ssemazzi Lawrence from Wankulukuku. I came Asthmatic for 28 years. While I was waiting to be prayed for, I found myself in an asthmatic attack. Just like you saw that’s how I was brought into the prayer zone. The Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande prayed for me. Brethren, I had Asthma for 28 years and… during this time, I went to various hospitals. By the time I would complete a year, you could find like only four days I can say that I was better. Brethren, I suffered with this Asthma. Sometimes I used not to go to work. I could not sleep. I would normally sit in the corner of the house. Day and night I have to make sure that I am leaning straight. My chest used to bulge hence difficulty in breathing. Just like you saw me, whenever I would try to breathe it would be through the mouth because the nose could not breath. In a full year I could get only four days where I was a little bit okay I went to witch-doctors but what surprised me brethren- to every witch doctor they used to take me The witch doctor would tell them leave him outside. They would say that; we cannot manage that one’s case. The witch doctor would administer the witchcraft in his shrine and then send it to me out side the shrine. Then chased me away. One time they were worshiping demons at home and I was the major issue because they couldn’t understand what kind of Asthma I had. Brethren, they worshiped demons thought the night. I was in a very serious attack but still there was no change. By morning, the condition I was in from the start was the same condition I was in, in the morning. Brethren, I went to every witch doctor. Every thief used to con me, they would tell me that they also suffered from asthma and this is how I they got cured… That one would give me witchcraft, I would drink it but I didn’t get any difference. Until I came here to the Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande. Brethren, witch doctors chased me but I thank Man of God because when I came he didn’t chase me. Remember, whenever I went to any witch doctor, he would say; don’t bring such a man to my shrine. That’s so surprising. Believe that we have Jesus. Believe that Prophet Kakande is a Man of God. Brethren people stay out there and say that when we come here, we get paraded, but if you have never gone to Mulago Hospital, you can’t know that people are sick. The situation I was in , if you have never gone through it, you can say people are paraded in church. When I was brought from outside. I was in a very bad condition. I had very serious difficulty in breathing. I could not breath. So I was brought in just supported. Time came and I would only open the mouth to be able to breath. These nostrils whether during sunshine or during any weather they would be blocked. After the Man of God praying for me, Just like you saw on the screen. When I went back home I started coughing for a whole week and all the chaff that was in me just like you have seen. I continued vomiting. Pus was coming out of the nose like you saw. Until time came, It took one week, I continuously vomited out all the remaining blockages. Today brethren- When the Man of God was praying for me, he gave me these two bottles of Holy Water. He said; use it. I kept on drinking it. Asking Jesus that my Jesus, that let this water The Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande has given me- I ask you let it heal me. I used to pour it into my bath-water and I used to bathe it until I got healed. Brethren and all the Ugandans out there, let no one lie to you. Come to the Man of God. You know we don’t like good things but what God put in Prophet Kakande, I urge you all Ugandans, all those suffering from Asthma, whatever sickness you have, If you have a chronic sickness like I had, come to the Man of God for prayers and you will be free. Today I am free. I have joy because Jesus healed me. The Asthma that had spent 28 years, every witch doctor would chase me away, Prophet Kakande didn’t chase me, I thank Jesus. I thank the Man of God for praying for me. Glory and honor be back to God. Let’s clap for Jesus the wonderful healer.

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  1. Anthma out of my lungs in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Jesus I want to breath with you infection and blockage all out of my life I believe in the power of God I will be healed I take faith prophet I'm praying with you on YouTube I'm in Dubai .

  2. Lord heal my brothers son Moses from hania he has to be operated but his mother don't have money and his elder son has a diseas which eats the bones the doctors and it has caused him to be lame..heal my cousin's, my big sister and their son's from AIDS virus…God of prophet Samuel kakande intervein into my situation struggling for school fees for my kid's, equip them with wisdom Lord sit with them in there exams let them pass with first grade in Jesus name I pray.Man of God thank you for uploading this video I believe I'm heald from anthma completely .. thank you for your endless prayers, Merci beaucoup papa long live proudly scoun.your daughter ingabire in Dubai…love you synagogue church..

  3. my Brother and my Dad also let the powers of God touch them. .me I thank God this year I hv not suffered from Asthma …I pray for my Dad too plus my Brother …thks God and man of God. ..I love yr smile Nabbi. wen ever am down I look at yr smile and smile too

  4. YESU Omunazalesi mponya obwavu buno obumaze ebanga , YESU mponya leero si nkya , gwe wekka gwanesiga , webale nnyo YESU kubanga okikoze.

  5. nange saba katonda amponye ekintu ekijokya munda mumubira naye kati kimanze emyezi ebira nga tekijokya saba mukama kugedere dala

  6. Really There's no Healer like Christ Jesus and May His Name be Glorified and Honored forever in our lives Amen! !!!!

  7. Praise the JESUS nebaza Yesu ayingira mumbera ensejufu baganda bange temufila eyo jangu ngabwofanana nawe obe omujulilwa

  8. thank you Jesus the healer by your word that call for miracle to our life n man of God for your endless prayer s

  9. Nze ewaffe twalina omukozi eyali alunda ente zaffe yalina bulwade bwolufuba naye nga ayita mubulumi bunji simanyi oba akyali mulamu yonna jeyalaga naye nga kituufu bwo obulwade buluma nyo

  10. Lord Jesus I want to share wd the riches
    I want to be like u lord
    Touch my pockets
    Touch my account in Jesus holy name I pray

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