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let’s talk a little bit about being
afraid of getting worse and so you’re afraid to do anything that includes
stuff that you should do and try to get better and just in general just gaining
experience and living a life okay now from the beginning hey guys what’s up
it’s Jeffrey Lin. Welcome back to my channel where I discuss my personal
experience with multiple chronic illnesses and just some life hats of how
to deal with that when you’ve suffered as much as I have with multiple chronic
illnesses you’re just really afraid of getting worse and anytime you get a
little bit better you’re you just hold onto that so hard because you don’t want
to feel that pain again and you’re also so use of things getting much worse that
anytime something gets a little bit worse
you start thinking the worst you start thinking that the things are just gonna
spiral out of control again which it’s probably going to happen so that’s part
of the reason why worrying about it wouldn’t really change anything and
instead you should focus on the things that you can do which is learn how to
take the correct amount of risk and don’t be afraid to try things including
medical things therapies that could help and as well as going out and doing
things or going to school because learning information and educating
yourself and being able to plan with that information that you get it for
yourself that is really important too but anytime you go out and try to do
something you increase your chances of your health getting worse just like I’m
doing right now I’m surrounded by all these people and there are smokers
around here and I don’t have my mask on don’t freak out about that coming out
and doing stuff physically is necessary to just gain experience and just also
push yourself to see how much you can handle without breaking and that brings
me to the main point of how much risk should you take the amount of risk you
should take is how much your body can handle where you’ll get worse but you
won’t swallow out of control and just have your disease to sort of turn into a
very extreme version of it that you’re basically like treating another disease
so you don’t want to have face let’s say like a very light case of allergies with
runny noses and go to like MCAS mast cell activation syndrome just not being
able to smell anything not being able to eat anything just reacting to everything
in the environment that would be too much but if doing something will trigger
your reactions and you’ll be debilitated for a couple days or even a couple weeks
but you’ll be able to go on with your life again even though it’s probably in
a miserable state and you still have reactions going on but if you can go on
again that’s a proper amount of risk in my
opinion because if you don’t go out and do something or if you don’t give a new
medication to try you won’t ever have a chance to get better
a lot of people are trying to not lose they’re not trying to win and winning in
this case for those of us were sick winning is getting healthier getting
better but you have to take risks you have to try certain medications
sometimes you have to stop certain medication a lot of people are afraid to
do that too just because again they’re afraid to get a little bit worse they’re
afraid to go through that withdrawal symptom and so they are addicted or
dependent on a certain medication just because they’re afraid to get worse so
you should be so used to being sick by now that yet being worse sucks but at
least you have a lot more practice than other people do so you already know what
that feels like you probably even know how to plan around it but it’s a risk
you got to take otherwise you won’t really get anywhere you won’t really
have a chance to improve because if you have a chronic illness resting isn’t
gonna help you’ve rested enough you probably rested your whole life or
however long you’ve had the disease the disease is just so strong that the body
by itself resting or even cleaning up your diet or all those holistic natural
typical lifestyle changes isn’t gonna work so you’re gonna have to be brave go
out in price other therapies or even experimental medications or go off of
the medications that you have now or add a medication to whatever it is that
using now which can cause drug interactions that you might not like but
those are necessary for you to give yourself a chance sometimes even if a
medication is working you’ll feel some bad symptoms and you
will think your condition is getting worse and so a lot of people lose an
opportunity to get better just because they don’t like the feeling or certain
side effects of medications there are a lot of great medications out there that
sometimes initially feels bad because the body is actually healing itself just
like it’s the first couple days of a flu you might be sweating a lot but that’s
your body getting trying to fight the virus to get it out so don’t be afraid
of getting worse don’t be afraid of taking chances don’t be afraid of
getting a little bit hard working hard for a good education and information
that can help you with your illness and just your lifestyle in general so I’m in
the city of Utrecht right now in the Netherlands and just a couple years ago
I didn’t even know the city existed just the fact that I’m here is just me doing
what I’m telling you guys to do in this video because I found that being the
Netherlands has helped my health condition so much just somehow the
environment here reduces my informations and my allergic reactions by several
times it hasn’t cured me it’s not really close
to cure me but it’s done what a lot of medications haven’t be able to do just
something with the environment here is good for me personally a lot of people
here feel better somewhere else so I’m not saying this is the place you should
be I’m just saying that sometimes you have to get out take some risks to get
to the place or the medication that you need
and you’re not gonna be able to get it just being locked up in a room stuck in
your bed suffering away even if you get a little bit better take advantage of
that and like the how I got here is you know I was working from home editing
videos and then eventually I connected with enough people that I started my own
fashion entertainment magazine I have no idea about anything related to you
fashion but it was just like the full production for photography and video
that I loved so much in the fashion industry they really take it to the next
level and eventually I connected with other
people on Instagram and bloggers and through the them wanting to be in my
magazine also me doing consulting from I connected with people all around the
world and eventually work with my good partner friend Murielle and she’s from this
part of the Netherlands and Here I am and without actually coming here and
doing all the work and taking the risk of flying overseas to a country now and
never been before without taking that risk I would never have known that this
is where I feel the best no doctor can tell me that there’s no tests that could
tell me exactly like what part of the world I should be in a what city I
should be in it’s something that you know I have to put myself out there use
my own body as a experiment to test it out so that’s just a little inspiration
or story for you of how what I’m explaining this video has worked for me
alright guys again my name is Jeffrey Lin if you felt this videos useful
please subscribe and leave a comment below let me know if this has helped or
what strategies have helped you to get yourself out there and what
benefits you have had of not just trying to hide and not just trying to hang on
to any little improvements that you have that you’re afraid to go for the big
improvements the big life changes you

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