Health Corner: Asthma

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♪MUSIC So, Pediatric asthma is a
major healthcare concern in recent years it’s been
reported that asthma may account for up to
13 million missed
school days, 750,000 emergency room visits
and 200,000 pediatric hospital
admissions. About 1/3 of children will
wheeze at sometime during
the first year of life but this does not mean
that all of those children will go on to be diagnosed
with asthma. Overall, about 13% of
children are diagnosed with
asthma, which means recurrent epiodes
of wheezing. About 60%of those
children will eventually outgrow
their asthma by the time they reach
adulthood Many children who wheeze
as toddlers or infants don’t wheeze very much
after reaching 3 years of age. However, inherited tendencies
toward allergies like many people in the family
who have asthma eczema or allergies or
household exposure to
cigarette smoking can be indicators that
asthma will persist.

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