Health & Nutrition : How to Live With an Allergy to Soy

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My name is Christine Marquette and I am a
registered dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about
how to live with an allergy to soy. Soy has actually become quite a bit more popular in
the United States in the last several years so it is starting to show up in more and more
products, for example, cereal, a lot of cereal that says it is high protein cereal uses soy
as that protein source so you want to make sure that what you are looking into the ingredient
to see if you see anything that says soy. A lot of times if you see the word texture
vegetable protein, that will contain soy so if there is any product that has TVP or textured
vegetable protein you want to be very cautious and avoid that product because it likely has
soy in it. Also powders, protein powders, protein shakes that are getting very popular
on the market often have soy as a source as well so again you want to check the ingredients
and look to see if you see soy protein listed. Another area of concern would be supplements.
Often times supplements will have soy in them as well so once again you are going to look
at the list of ingredients and see if you see soy in it. Of course other items that
are soy based, soy sauce, tamari, tofu, edamame, those are all soy products. Topa is another
soy product. A lot of vegetarian products will contain soy products in them. Vegetarian
burgers often have soy in them. So anything that is a vegetarian product you definitely
want to check the ingredients because the vast majority of times it will have soy as
the protein source. If you are unsure about an item and you are looking at the list of
ingredients the best thing to do is to locate the number, the 1-800 number to the food manufacturer
and call them directly and ask them if they have any soy in that particular product. So
those are just some tips about how to live with a soy allergy.

9 thoughts on “Health & Nutrition : How to Live With an Allergy to Soy

  1. Thats all nice and stuff but where is the list of foods I CAN EAT? I find lists of products that have soy in them but can't find a list of SOY FREE food Im stuck with mac and cheese and thats all I can find that dont have soy cause I am so discouraged after hours of looking through ingredients and finding it in EVERYTHING I pick up to look through. Thank you for any direction I can't live like this anymore I cant live on Mac and cheese alone…I know I could call but I know they will say yes

  2. My kids and hubbie are intolerant to soy including the oils like margarine and shortening. Enjoy Life is a product line that keeps the top 8 allergens out of it's food and facility. We LOVE Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips! We've also tried Coconut Aminos as a replacement for Soy Sauce. This is the closest to Soy Sauce we have tried and we have tried 7 different replacements so far. I've heard there is a chick pea Miso available from South River Miso. Try these out and good luck

  3. i had a reaction to sherwin williams paint. also today Maricle grow potting soil. neither have warning labels

  4. Ironically I’ve heard soy sauce does not cause an allergic reaction due to how it’s gone through a chemical change in the fermentation process

  5. I’m just allergic to soy PROTEIN but not soy lecetin so I hate it when they just write soy because I don’t know if I can eat it

  6. I went into anaphylactic shock last week after consuming a single glass of soy milk before running off to work….My vegan diet consisted of different forms of soy, I was unaware how powerful my negative reaction was. I almost died an hour after consumption…. it's safe to say, I'll never ingest soy ever again.

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