HEALTHIEST DIET IN THE WORLD? Rare Dr. Esselstyn Interview

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The passion that keeps me going is I feel that we’re literally on the cusp or What could truly be a seismic? revolution in health and This seismic revolution is never going to come about From the invention of another pill or a drug or a procedure or an operation? this seismic revolution will come about When we have the will and the grit and the determination to share with the public what? Is the lifestyle and most specifically? What is the nutritional literacy that will empower them as? the locus of control To vanquish chronic illness When you eat this way It’s the way people in Okinawa have been eating for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years They live longer than anybody else. There are no gymnasiums. They’re the most strict Draconian severe diet on the planet is the one that you have been eating all your life to have this disease It is absolutely crushed your vascular system But we’re going to turn that all around And this is not only that this is the diet that is destroying the wealth of America 18% of our gross national product is now going into the health industry. That’s insane We can eliminate chronic illness if we can get people to eat whole food plant-based nutrition And what are you gonna do with all that money? tow Pell and Murphy who are economists from Chicago University of Chicago in 1999 reporting in the University of Chicago Press They estimate that the savings in this country was the elimination of cardiovascular disease alone forty trillion dollars No, yeah Pretty exciting stuff when you see evidence of an angiogram, but we have Where the angiogram shows the blockage in the heart they come on our program we repeat that the intagram was repeated and some of those original patients and there you see this reversal and Anybody that wants to challenge us I will simply say to them look We’re delighted with our message because in half the planet it shows that this chronic illness is eliminated when you eat this way and We have experimental data that we took patients who were absolutely seriously ill with triple vessel coronary disease or carotid disease or in their leg disease, and we absolutely Halted, it stopped it reversed it They have to show me the same with their diet And they cause I haven’t seen it So why do you think it sells so many bags? Well, you know people as my friend John McDougall says people love to hear good things about their bad habits you Know a low-fat diet. You’re still eating because let’s face it. The Western diet is the way it’s kind of cocked It can be quite delicious but also So a whole food plant-based nutrition your pet taste buds changed and it’s just delightful I’ve been doing this now for 34 years. I grew up on an Aberdeen Angus beef farm in a dairy farm Can you imagine how I felt when the research clearly shows that these products? That we were raising when I was growing up. We’re destroying people’s health. Let’s say that you take a thousand people and they all eat plant-based and You take a thousand people and they all eat the Western diet. Okay starting In the thousands who are eating the Western diet There will be some where somewhat genetically disposed predisposed don’t have their heart attack at 30 or 40 Well, maybe they’ll have it at 60 or maybe they won’t have their heart attack until they’re 85 or 90 On the other hand these thousands who are plant-based Are never going to have their heart disease because they are not injuring The capacity of their endothelial cell to make nitric oxide. I Mean when it was interesting when Bill Conner Went down to to study the Tarahumara Indians So I think there was some 583 0 obesity 0 heart disease Pretty exciting stuff Yeah and zero hypertension But what happens to the targa mara, the minute they crossed the border and started heating our diet. This whole thing is really based on Rock-solid scientific data, it was never gonna sell if it’s hype or hyperbole all it takes for any physician even those that are devoted to this low-carb business If they take one patient of theirs who’s sick and you really get them to do whole food plant-based nutrition And they suddenly see huh how powerful and wrap it and enduring this can be They’re hooked. They’re absolutely hooked You know how many articles had to be published before the Surgeon General of the United States put out a warning against cigarettes 7,000 studies, right Before they would be alerted Do you think that there was a tough Lobby in Congress against? Killing the tobacco industry. I mean it can you imagine the power something like well here we are trying to kill the meat dairy egg pork and Sugar industry. I think there’s any power against this, huh? listen, it’s the challenges in life that are exciting and The word is the word. Is he going to get out there? Yeah, and There’s been a basic covenant of trust since the days of Hippocrates That whenever possible the caregiver will share the patient. What is the causation of their illness and sadly today in Cardiovascular medicine that’s not happening. Not through any malice of forethought on the part of the cardiologist It’s just that they have never had any training in nutrition either during medical school or during their cardiovascular training So it really is pretty dismal to think that we are we have created a specialty To take care of this disease and they do not understand the causation of the illness now every officer in the USDA has previously been a president or officer in the Cattlemen’s Association The dairyman’s League The pork board the Egg Board. They are enormous ly conflicted enormous ly conflicted So that’s a problem then there’s industry The statin drug industry is what’s 30 billion? Now do you see them tripping over each other trying to get and delighted with every elimination? of heart disease there goes 30 billion And then there of course, there’s my own profession. I mean how many Persons who as livelihood depends upon stents and bypass surgery how many of them are Urgently looking for fewer and fewer patients well industry Obviously is involved heavily with medical schools industry involved with individual doctors Always trying to and look at the advertising on television Every time you’re getting another drug It’ll tell you what it does in about 3 to 5 seconds The other 40 seconds tells you about all the hideous side effects That may occur you take this drug Well, there’s another side effect. If you just treat the causation of the illness it goes away When I was starting on my main concern was cardiovascular disease and it still is but there are some other things that have happened along the way where I have begun to develop relationships with other physicians Who are finding that? Cardiovascular disease isn’t the only disease that Has turned around by this we mentioned diabetes. We mentioned hypertension. We mentioned strokes we mentioned vascular dementia Ulcerative colitis Crohn’s disease Rheumatoid arthritis lupus Multiple sclerosis Allergies asthma renal disease the list goes on never before in medicine Have we had a tool so powerful in our toolbox No, nothing Trump’s food. I have had so many patients who will call me and say dr. Esselstyn I just don’t understand this I go to the gymnasium every day and yet I’ve had to have this stent or I’ve had this bypass Wait a minute. This is foodborne How many people in Okinawa? Go to the gym every day or in rural China or the Papo Highlands. Come on They eat whole food plant-based nutrition The reason I take all these phone calls and stay with it is it? It’s so exciting to me To see these patients who were ill After a 20 or 30 minute conversation Begin to recognize that they themselves Have the power to vanquish their illness and that is For people who would feel that they’re doomed That physicians have told there’s no way to stop this You’ll just have to take these drugs and do the best with it How can it be more exciting than that? 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Thank you so much for watching

100 thoughts on “HEALTHIEST DIET IN THE WORLD? Rare Dr. Esselstyn Interview

  1. He never ever talks about what exactly is his recommended Whole Foods diet. He has spoken about his diet for people with heart problems but he has not talked about how much fruit, how much fat, how much greens, How much for regular people not heart patients. Yes, I'm aware of the okinawans 67 % sweet potato and one cup of rice a day and some miscellaneous stuff. But it's very disappointing he doesn't get into specifics ever. Yes, if heart patients should eat 5 servings of spinach or kale cooked that's about as far as he goes. We already know oil and animal foods are bad.

  2. If you want to see people radiating with health, check out the carnivore channels. This guy looks old, wrinkled, frail and emaciated. Of course if you cut out sugar, pasteurised dairy, mass produced processed food you are going to do better, even if it is on a vegan diet. But try eating raw dairy, grass-fed meat, raw butter (and tons of it) and organic, pasture raised eggs and watch how you radiate with health. Check out all of the "why I am no longer vegan" videos on Youtube so that you don't put yourself in a brainwashing echo chamber. The vegan diet does not work and so many people (including myself) have just about destroyed their health in trying to make it work. It's only a matter of time before you start running into serious health issues.

  3. Great interview as usual with Dr. Esselstyn. Not sure why it says “rare interview”. I get an email weekly an interview with Dr. Esselstyn. Such a wonderful man with an important message.

  4. Is Donald Trump in cahoots with Big Pharma? What's the agenda here with his lowering the price of pharmaceutical drugs to make them 'more affordable'? Is he pushing ill health for profit??!

  5. So happy you are still strong and healthy and young at heart to see that people are finally listening and doing your life work. Thank you for everything. I hope one day I can meet you in person and shake your hand….no give you a big hug for helping us see your way…the right way of eating and becoming healthier. Your d best!!!!!

  6. I have parkinsons. Have beening on a plant diet for more than a year still no improvement don't know what else to do. Any advice?

  7. I’m 66 yrs. Old. It is more than 3 years now, since I change my diet. After so many experts with such convincing arguments, I tried it myself. All that time, I had the plant-based diet. Nothing else but vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits. No sugar, no salt. Nothing from animals. Everything in my food is organic. I drink only water or green tea with herbal. Walking a few km. each day. Unfortunately, after such a long way, I still have high blood pressure. It is convincing but it does not work well.

  8. If Dr. Esselstyn started lecturing at every Medical University in this country, they would start a war against him to discredit his name in every way possible.
    I had a mastectomy two years ago at a teaching "University Hospital." I did tons of research about Cancer and nutrition before and after my surgery. I was horrified by the menu they gave to the patients. Nothing but unhealthy foods, everything that I – as a recovering Cancer patient – wasn't supposed to eat.
    Healing starts in your gut. Thank you for this great video.

  9. He is living proof to the effectiveness of his diet. When I am 85, I hope I am as active and healthy as he is right now. I have noticed that most of his critics are less than half his age. That is a point of tremendous significance.

  10. By looking at the person vibrant,luscious hairs,silky smooth radiant skins,sparkling eyes are we witnessing the true meaning of the right diets and lifestyle,seeing is believing,all promising talks are just talks,so who deserved these titles,ANNETTE LARKINS AND DR.DAVID WOLFE.See for yourself how wonderful looking these two individual are,what is their diets?

  11. Is it ok to start a vegan diet late in life someone asked and I can't find any literature on it? Thanks.

  12. Triple bypass and 4 stents later.
    At the later stage having started plant base with only the ocassional fish and chips may be ones in a couple of months. Still drink coffee with milk and have some cheese and eggs too.
    Hoping it will be fine with that. So far so good after about almost 2 years on plant based. I know plant based diet won't do me any harm and i take vitamin b12 also. Still i am cautious in claiming anything at this stage. I simply need more time to be convinced that i no longer be needing any further future heart operations any time soon. So? I keep at it hoping i don't need to also stop skim milk, cheese and eggs? 👍🤸‍♂️🇦🇺

  13. I think it's a little plant BIASED to downplay the small amounts of fish in the Okinawans diet. When we weren't over fishing and polluting our waters, it was a near perfect source of protein, Omega 3 DHA fats, iodine etc. Although I know it was mostly sweet potatoes, rice and vegetables, I believe fish was also a factor in their health that's brushed aside due to vegan ethics. Still plant based, just not fully vegan.

  14. Interesting how according to 99.9% of all cardiologists, that this guy, and guys like him, are frauds.

  15. just thinking in the fact that if everyone in america follows this and star doing a healthy diet the country may save 40 trillion is literary blowing my mind!

  16. So here’s the elephant in the room. The doctor gives Okinawa Japan as an example for the whole food plant based diet when in reality, people living in Okinawa Japan eat a lot of pork and pork fat. 50% More pork and pork fat than anyone else in Japan. So what you’re saying Dr. is people in Okinawa Japan eat a lot of meat? And they live a really long time? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

  17. Heart disease is caused by processed foods, sugar, and grains. Eat meat, dairy, and eggs for health! Check out Health Coach Kait on You Tube for great Carnivore diet advice. She looks amazing!

  18. I guess the Japanese don’t eat Kobe beef or Sushi. I guess the Chinese don’t enjoy pork, chicken , beef, fish , cats or dogs.


  19. Okinawians definitely eat meat and include oil in their diet. Many studies suggest that there is no relation between consuming dietary fat and blood cholesterol increase. In fact, recent studies show correlation between high cholrsterol and LDL and high life expectancy and low infection rate. low cholesterol is linked to depression, low cholesterol is also a risk factor in suicide attempts. It's the trans fat, sugar and refine carbs that cause heart disease.

  20. 7/8/2019, I started eating a whole food Plant Base Diet , already my blood pressure is down and I am feeling so much better. I believe.

  21. There are pills that can help, they are called probiotics, when taken in right combination can improve the health of the body and mind. Including weight loss.

  22. With all that money, we could pay for illegals instead of our homeless and mentally I'll citizens roaming the streets. 🤣

  23. Japenese love fish , healthiest people in the world , so this vegan nonsense is a load of shit compared to the meat eating japenese

  24. Vegan as of two days ago, after all the joe rogan controversy. It opened my eyes to the true facts and science. I’m extremely disappointed in my role model for being so blind an arrogant towards the matter

  25. Oh, here we go, another BS vegan push. The Okinawa diet study was done just after WW2, when they were eating very little meat because most of it was killed during the bombings of Okinawa. Look it up. But I know you won't because you're all lemmings following idiots like this off the proverbial cliff. I'll stick to meat and be healthier than every vegan out there.

  26. Please tell me if only eating plant based diet how to get vitamin b12 which is very important for our health

  27. Of course the western diet ( American is garbage) burgers and everything fried ….. but there's nothing wrong with a meat diet …

  28. The big picture is that, the evil people are destroying the food that we eat for a long time before it get to this point. Almost everything is contaminated, misleads people into bad eating habits by education and media for profit. That problem is what needs to be fixed first, educate people with the fact.

  29. “Plant based” does not mean much. It’s the new myth like “low Fat”. We don’t have a digestion system like a cow so we can’t eat like one.

  30. Great video! My mantra is no restaurants!!!…'s all crap and if you listen to patients that had cardio procedures you will also hear their love of restaurants, vending machines, packaged foods from grocery store. This video is needed in this country!

  31. So why doesn’t he tell us what to eat and what not to eat.Every lying YouTube video you are probably being misled just for subscriptions

  32. I'm 72 years old and I eat only meat and animal products. I used to be a raw food vegan and lost my teeth and almost my Life. Now I have my dentures to remind me to never eat anymore fruits and veggies … ever.

  33. I have the most respect for Dr Esselstyn over the other plant based doctors. Dr McDougall's reputation is badly damaged largely due to his censorship on his message board "the lounge",which has become a group of religious like fanatics. Discussion is strictly censored. He is damaging the plant based message,so we have to look to Dr Esselstyn for real support.

  34. Yes, the message is getting out there, specially with films like "What the Health" (2017). Very educational with the extensive research. Thank you for the wonderful information!👏👏👏

  35. Meat, normal meat, doesn't make you fat. Sugar does. Processed carbs etc. A little of what you fancy…EDIT: a quick look at Okinawa diet on Wikipedia shows pork is popular and a part of local diet. Maybe pace of life is also very important?

  36. My grandparents on both sides lived well into their 80s. They lived on fresh meat, fish, dairy, vegetables and fruit. The problem is not with meat or dairy. It’s sugar and processed crap.

  37. I sure hate to be the party-pooper, but I went on Esstelyn's diet for 5 months-even bought his book – and had to have 5 additional stents placed in major coronary arteries. In my case, it's the carbs that are killing me. No smoke, no drink, and I exercise 6 days a week. If anyone can figure that out, I'm all ears.

  38. Deseo tener más información me fascina todos los temas científicos sobre una dieta a base de plantas por favor pero que sea en español les ruego me puedan ayudar

  39. 62 vegan two years. Lost 48 lbs, no more asthma, gout, sleep apnea, migraines, and very happy. Thank you 😊 so much.

  40. As of Tuesday, August 13, 2019m the weblinks under "Plant Based News" are not valid anymore. Corrected ones available?

  41. Watch Netflix documentary called “ Forks over Knives. He is the main researcher in this study that he is talking about . Watch it !!

  42. They said Dr. Sebi was a fraud, a quack for telling people to eat plant based diet and herbs for sicknesses not drugs well let's hear what they have to say to a qualified highly educated doctor!!!!….

  43. He mentions how the okinawans eat and he is talking about eating plant based foods yet the okinawans eat pork…alot of pork…every part of the pig is consumed…every part… be healthy we have to eat healthy grass fed meats or pasture raised chicken like man has been eating for thousands of years…wild caught fish (not farm raised) lots of vegetables, fruit…whole natural God created foods. What we should avoid are man made and processed refined carbs…sugar (an item that our body doesnt need…I know because I stopped eating sugar and refined carbs…gluten etc) keto is great too. A natural way if eating.

  44. Sry please no offense but you don't look like you have any idea what the healthiest diet in the world is in fact i am going to eat the opposite of what you eat sry no offense

  45. Hi I got vegan about 2 years ago and I became a loser! I lost my extra weight naturally. I lost all my medicines and doctors visits. Every thing else improved.

  46. I haven't lost weight because I am already on the low side weight wise at 71 but I am feeling so well on the plant based way of eating. I feel so much more satisfied after each meal.

  47. This is nonsense. The healthiest diet is the one we are genetically programmed to eat. We were not born vegetarians or vegans and it is completely natural and healthy to eat a very reduced portion of (raw) meat every once in a while. We have been genetically programmed to do so eversince we separated from the chimp 7 million years ago.

    From that time up until about 2.5 million years ago, we were exclusively pickers. We didnt have the ability to stock up foods or hunt since there were no tools yet. Our diet was composed of easy to find foods mainly, like leaves, wild veggies, rodents, insects, and the occasional eggs or shellfish. We also had seasonnal foods like fruits and nuts. And we had random findings, which were extremely rare for us to find, like honey, sundried fruits AND animal flesh, organs and fats, when we were lucky enough to jump into a carcasse that wasnt yet completely rotten.

    Anyone who slightly understands evolution will understand that the fact that we have eaten this way for the huge majority of our existence (5.5 million years) has genetically programmed us to keep on doing so. And our genetics has not had enough time since then to adapt to any other form of eating. We are not carnivores, we are not herbivores and we are not frugivores. And we for sure are not programmed to eat grains, and even less all the meat imitating grain sludge that is sold to brainless meat craving vegans these days. Anyone who doesnt get that they should eat the way evolution has programmed them to, should take a paleoanthropology class, or even a basic science class for starters.

  48. some say the elite is eating humans and they r in charge. flesh is part of the human nutrition. as well as carbs and fat. we should eat it all. but it does not matter what we eat everything is poisoned.

  49. Its called eating any damn thing you want …….just not fifty pounds of the crap at each sitting. I've been doing that my whole life and low blood pressure , never been sick in my life and have less than ten percent body fat…..healthy as a horse, and can still run a 200 yard dash in under 20 seconds a hundred in 9.2. And I'm sixty one years old ..but I do construction work and it helps me stay in shape. much for the tofu crowd. I eat what I want just not eighty pounds if it ..duh


  50. i think not the problem of plant or meat but the process food. in ancient time, people ate real food. they were healthier than us. meat and vegetable have to be in our meal but in a moderation. balance always wise

  51. Eating carbs is deadly , all the points here are no good for dietbetes, I tried it 2 years lost 30 lbs, but still on insulin, went Keto Jan 1 , lost 74. , Do no more insulin, so I have a different way of looking at things

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